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Going Back to School After 50



Attempting to find a professional career at 54 years of age will be no easy task in today’s workforce. There is no surprise that the Millennial have begun taking over the workforce in today’s corporations. The Millennial are now at the age allowing the navigation through careers of their choices. Employers and companies have their sights set on this generation. The Baby Boomers along with some Generation X have begun or getting ready to pass the workforce leadership torch. The millennial are growing and climbing corporate ladders. A large percentage of my generation have begun retiring making room for this younger generation to take over. There are many Baby boomers who are resistant to retiring while holding on to what they perceive as power or their positions. But that reign will soon end. The millennial are here, they are high maintenance but they perform at high levels. As a baby boomer who is now about to obtain my college degree all may not be lost. I think I have an edge by experiencing and learning along with this young generation.

By attending college recently and learning with the Millennial I and began adapting what I call a new way of thinking. My adapting this new way of thinking is the edge needed for me to gain employment at my age in corporate America. I was accustom to working in the era where your manager told you what to do and you did it. Very few questions asked with no grey area. It was extremely one-sided. Very few questions needed to be asked which left you to do as you’re told. There was no thinking outside the box. When I chose to return to college in 2014 I was introduced to the new wave millennial generation. By sharing classrooms, discussions and groups with millennials I began to watch and learn the characteristics of this new generation and how they learned and would apply what they learn in jobs. Initially it was a culture shock and my first thought was to not comply with this new way of thinking while anchoring myself in the box. Being greatly outnumbered I decided to not only conform but learn how they learn and also think how they think. By doing so my millennial acculturation began. I began to adapt this new way of thinking along with my more conventional way of thinking. My adapting this new way of thinking merged with 54 years of life experience will give me an edge while seeking employment and working in today’s job market.


Opioids in American


As the opioid epidemic continues costing the healthcare industry millions of dollars per year while claiming and destroying lives we must turn our attention to targeting an audience for a campaign for possible relief.  This epidemic has no special criteria except for the legal age to receive a prescription from medical professionals. This gives opioids a huge age range starting with children ending with senior citizens. So our challenge is determining a target audience we feel can be reached in hopes of putting an end to this epidemic. For this particular situation it seems practical to divide those most affected by this epidemic in the categories of women /men and adult /adolescent. When we look at these four categories I am thinking the adolescents should be who we targeting hopes to stopping this epidemic. I feel that this group would be easier to reach while being most receptive to a  campaign to reduce or eliminate opioid addictions and deaths. This with the hopes of ending the cycle of the opioid epidemic starting with the younger generation. Either way this epidemic is destroying the lives of many Americans and its not getting better any time soon.


As a child I can remember teasing and being teased. This was part of the growing pains that came with growing up. It seems to me that almost everyone at some point in their childhood got teased. I would guess that the line that crosses over from teasing to bullying is very thin. What ever the case may be we have blown that line out of the water. In America now bullying starts as early as pre-school. This is usually the beginning of a life of grief for the victim as the emotional and physical suffering continues through Junior and Senior High School leaving many scarred for life. So in the title of my blog I blame you and I for bullying becoming and epidemic so allow me to justify my theory. So there are a few factors that are needed for bullying usual to take place. You need the perpetrator along with a victim  followed by an audience/3rd person or as we typically refer to the “bystander”. When a person is being bullied and you witness this bullying then you are a bystander. If its on social media and you see cyber bullying, you’re a bystander. Typically a bully needs a couple things to be effective. He needs a victim along with an audience. The bullies victim is someone they perceive is weaker than them. The victim normally doesn’t have a voice or doesn’t feel they have what is needed to defend themselves. So that leaves the 3rd person or the bystander. When a person witnesses bullying and laughs it gives the bully validation and approval. When a person witnesses bullying and turns a blind eye it gives the bully validation and approval . When a person witnesses bullying and says nothing it gives the bully validation and approval. We the bystanders have to stand up for those who cant stand up for themselves. We the bystanders have to let the bully know what they are doing will not be tolerated. We the bystanders must be the voice for those have none or has lost theirs. It is the bystanders, you and I, who have failed to defend those who are defenseless. Our failure has allowed bullies and bullying to thrive to the point where it has become an epidemic. So, who is to blame?







Is there any shame left in America at all. The thought of a therapist writing about their patients in any capacity is just wrong, at least in my book. I recently read a blog about this Mad-Therapist,  that’s my nickname for him, who apparently writes books using his patients and their problems…as his story lines. Apparently he justifiers this disgraceful behavior by making slight changes and hiding the identities of these vulnerable adults. In his blog the Mad-Therapist talks of the techniques he uses to “pass muster” referring to getting it through the lawyers. Wow, how inconsiderate of a jerk could one be. Aren’t doctors supposed to adhere to a code of morals and ethics? I think this guy missed class when those areas were covered. Anyway I totally disagree with a health professional using their patients for gain of any kind. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What about the patient that reads one of your books and figures out your writing about them. How do you think they might feel? Apparently he doesn’t care.

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16864236_1251021241600146_2635593786777069149_nAround the age 0f 30 I noticed my hairline receding and I had a cardiac arrest. It was like a four alarm fire. It was the beginning of the end of the world, at least my world. Through time I eventually got over the inevitable. Well folks I was blessed to wear my receding hairline for about 5 or 6 years after my great discovery. Then that day I knew I would dread fell upon me. It feels like it was yesterday. It was the day that would forever change my life. I had to shave my head.  I use the word had because I’m a realist. I’m not a half ass kind of guy. Also, I always said to myself and others that I would never sport the Bozo or the old Al Roker bald on top with business around the sides hair-doo. So off it went and over time I eventually accepted it. I guess there are pros and cons to almost every thing in life. A pro of my baldness was I no longer had to pay for hair cuts. Then there was LL Cool J and Mike J. Those two made it kind of cool to be bald so I went with that. So here I am in my 50’s pretty secure with my self image. Looking and laughing at the Hair Club for Men commercials along with all the other hair growing whatever’s have been entertaining. Well folks I have a new hope. My days of baldness may be over. Flaxseeds are going to give me back my hair. Last week I over heard a gentle at the VA hospital talk about how eating flaxseeds has almost given him a full head of hair. That caught my attention so I did a little research on this flaxseed which one of the benefits is hair growth. Well, I have been taking flaxseeds for a couple months now with no hair results yet but I’m “Keeping Hope alive”. Worst case, which will probably be the case, it has tons of other nutritional values that are actually more important that having my hair back. But Hope Still Lives.


I can’t stand it when people don’t pick up after their dog poop. Living in North Minneapolis I can not count how much dog poop I must navigate around while walking through the neighborhood.

Image result for dog poop

These abandoned piles of crap are seen all through North Minneapolis both on our sidewalks or in public parks, which by the way really piss me off when I’m trying to enjoy a public park. I truly don’t understand what people are thinking when they leave their dogs poop in the community. Besides the blatant disregard for everyone else who lives on their planet what about the negative effects on the environment. Dog poop has all kinds of ungodliness in it like Ecoli , roundworms and Salmonella just to name a few. I often say to myself- What possible reasons are their for people not to pick up after their dogs. Maybe they think they are keeping America green? Did they forget their bag? Are they grossed out from their own dogs poop? Maybe they are the only living souls on this planet. Whatever the reason The Shit needs to stop.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms are a “No Brainer”

I don’t understand the fuss about allowing a person to use a bathroom that matches the gender that they identify themselves as. A person’s gender is what they say it is. Long gone are the days when your birth assignment dictated your career choices and marital roles. Here we are in 2017 where equal rights in America are supposed to be for all of us regardless of our gender , sexual preference or economic class. So why is it an issue that transgendered people cant use the bathroom they identify with. We have law makers writing Bills designating people to use bathrooms that correspond to the sex assigned at birth. Well that’s discrimination and downright unfair.

I understand the challenges that opponents fear will occur with allowing persons to use bathrooms they identify with. Example being a weirdo that uses the women’s room for some sick self sexual gratification. However, those types will find ways to be sexually inappropriate regardless to the sign on the door. Or a bigger issue with High school athletes/students who are transgender. Finding showers and locker room assignments that are fair and comfortable for everyone. These issues were being worked out.

The new guidelines, that allowed students to use bathrooms they identified with, which were set by our last president have been revoked by our new President. These such actions /behaviors are supported by organizations such as American Family Associations. AFA are strong advocates of keeping values this country once held at our forefront. Values that that take rights away from the American people. Whether they are they are campaigning to boycott Target for allowing gender free bathrooms or Boycotting Ellen because she is gay. I oppose anything or anyone supporting inequalities and unfair actions on anyone.


American Cultural Ethnocentrism

Many of us Americans walk through life with cultural blinders on. America has become a melting pot of diverse cultures. There are vast benefits  from diverse cultures all living in one nation. Besides the opportunity for developing cultural competence, which allows for great communication, we have the opportunities to share in cultures that differ from ours. Personally i am a “fooder” so enjoy ethnic foods. Eating ethnic food is something i cherish and truly enjoy. i am always willing to try a new food from other cultures. Sadly not all of us Americans are willing to enjoy foods that differ from “American” cuisine. I personally know a few people who will not eat any other ethnic, foods besides Chinese and Mexican, other that their own. I relate this to a form of American Ethnocentrism. Even those of us who enjoy cultural foods may place it beneath American cuisine, and refuse to pay for quality, authentic food.

Maybe we should take example from our Commander and Chief, President Donald J. Trump. As the President of the United States who travels and talks with so many world leaders he should surely be enjoying the cuisines of these countries he visits. Well folks I’m sorry to say that our President fails in that category. When he travels to various countries he won’t eat , or even try, some of the foods from that country. While Visiting other Countries our president demands the foods he is accustomed to eating here in America. He eats like a child demanding his food his way.  A childish President missing out on the vast amounts of cultural foods is a sad thing. I’m so sure he doesn’t even have a clue. Way to go Mr President.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump eats a pork chop at the Iowa State Fair during a campaign stop in Des Moines

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Navigating Social Media Can be a Nightmare for us Older Students

v reali understand nothing

As an older student returning to college after thirty years has been a challenge. Learning how to do and submit class assignments electronically has been a culture shocking experience. Depending on your career prior to returning back to school can make a huge difference in your chances to be a successful student and acquire a degree. I will use my self for an example. Prior to my returning to college i was a furniture mover. I was required to know or use zero social media or electronic communication engines. I did have a Facebook  and an E-mail account. These were the extent of my electronic and social media communication experiences. After taking the placement examination i was placed in the classes appropriated from my scores, OK dandy. Where i immediately hit a road block was navigating D2l and understanding the language of the instructions by the instructor. I was clueless and scared to death. But willing to give this college thing a shot.

My first college essay was due in three weeks and I was determined to write it and turn it in on time. My instructor directed us to turn in our essays via Dropbox by a certain date and time. So i work on my essay with vigor and pride. finally I am done and ready to turn in my first essay. I find my professors office but cant find the dam Dropbox. I looked all over for the dam thing but i found nothing. Well i get to class on Monday, paper was due Friday, pissed off because my instructor did not have her Dropbox where i could access it. I approached her stating that i looked for her Dropbox on Friday and could not find it. She looked at me with a huge smile and said “its OK Albert, stay after class and i will show you how to use the Dropbox on D2l”.\

So since that time i have learned how to navigate D2l, write 8 page essays( with supporting references) and even copy/paste, lol. I am 8 credits away from attaining my BA degree in Org Comm. I figured this should be smooth sailing the rest of the way. Well after walking in MDST 485 i realized how smooth was not gonna happen. I don’t know how to Blog, tweet,re tweet or re- Blog. I am hanging on a thread. However i will learn this stuff but for know, Steve Carell says it best for me.