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What is meditation

I am sure you have heard how awesome meditation is and how it changes your mood and overall health, but does it really change your brain? To answer this question, we need to define what meditation and what action is should be considered meditation. If crossing your legs bare footed and closing your eyes is comes to your mind, I suggest you consider your definition of meditation. This is because I have tried crossing my legs to relax to my body and brain countless times and never satisfied once, however, when I do body movement such as stretching (yoga), cycling and so on my brain and body changes. I sleep more and have more energy throughout day. I am not sure exactly why crossing my legs and closing my eyes never worked for and I am sure there are people out there who enjoy crossing legs and consider as meditation. The idea is to find something that works for you and start meditating

Cable News Killing Journalism

I am not old enough to tell you that how simple news media used to be, and I have feeling that you do not need anyone to tell you that either, but lately I have noticing how cable news is killing journalism. Cable news networks want to cover news 24 hour but unfortunately there is no news that is enough to fit 24 hour to be spin off  and they are starting to bring large group of  people from different political affiliation who are not exert at anything except false narrative that can not be verified right away. What happened to real journalism, finding truth about corporation, or disposing government outreach. It seems print news are doing their due diligence and not exaggerating news in order to win audience for rating purposes. For example, in 2014 when Malaysia airplane disappeared cable news media started speculating wild idea and CNN took it to the next level by introducing theory that supernatural might be at play without any shred of evidence. CNN’s Don Lemon asked one of his guests if might be black hole or Bermuda triangle might be involved and CNN’s rating soured through the roof for exaggerating the news which led FOX News to cover CNN’s coverage of Malaysia airplane disappearance. These kinds of stories are the exact reason why cable news killing journalism to reach wider audience and boost ratings

Must watch this video

Bullies are Cowards Proven By me!

Are you bully? If yes, you already know what I will be talking about so read my other blogs. Or have you seen bully person. If yes, what do you remember about them. They are loud and show off other people what they are doing. I can tell you this, bully person is coward in nature because they only target those they perceived as weaker, so long as you remain passive and complaint, you make yourself target. You should never stay complaint hoping that they will come to their sense and one day stop bullying you. Most people will you that to place yourself in a position where you can safely protect yourself and you might ask, how about bully how is bigger than you. I will tell you otherwise, be willing to bully the bully themselves until they know that you are not weaker person. I remember friend of mine who was smaller in size but was most feared person in our group. If older guys bully him, he will start fight every time he sees that person. Whether they are ready for fight or dressed up for wedding, o mourning for their mothers’ grave. I am not suggesting you bully but I will tell you that make bully to never ever bully you because if you let them once, it will be haunting you forever

Don’t Run JOE!

Someone shouted famous slogan “Run, Joe, Run” as Joe Biden was begging to address House Democratic retreat in Feb 2018 hoping to challenge Trump 2020 presidential race. The idea that Joe Biden challenging Trump to restore American dignity in domestic and abroad itself is crazy and wild to me. Joe Biden is the definition of status quo and stands everything that is wrong in this country because of his record in the senate. Biden was opposed federally mandated busing policy designed to end segregation in schools in 1975. His excuse, he was concerned backlash from his white constituency. Imagine if that Biden wants to run as champion for rights of minority in this country.

The same guy who sat silently in Anita Hill hearing as she testified powerful supreme court nominee and recalled horrific memory of assault that haunted her for years. He sat silently acting he cared the victim, but his actions said otherwise. As chairman of judicial committee, he could have called other witnesses to collaborate her story or start investigation to verify her accusation but worried backlash from his committee. The same guy who wrote the crime bill that targeted African American communities and destroyed so many families in 90s for injustice incarceration wants to be our savior for this country. The same guy who touches women without their consent and violates their rights and argues that that is how he connects people, or he is old school. This guy took every short cut in the book to stay in power and refused to do the right. Voting Joe Biden to be president in this country is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same result. There is reason this country did not change for everyone and we are still fighting for same rights as everyone else. This is because the democratic party promises to change every election but never fulfills its promise. They only remember their constituency the election cycle and fail to do their duty. I say enough is enough, we should tell the democratic party to either change or be dumped and for Joe, I say DO NOT RUN JOE!.

Why joe Biden is wrong for democratic party.

Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

Success takes longer

Almost three years ago, I quit my job to pursue my passion of becoming Software Developer which has been long dream of mine since childhood. At the time, I had wife and two-year-old who depended on me to support and any decision of quitting my job to pursue dream was difficult. This is because I had to abandon my personal responsibility of taking care my family, but I also knew that unless I take risk with my life for the greater good nobody would hand me an opportunity unless I seek for it and I will be saying what if for the rest of my life. It had been constant struggle in mind for month until I read how Jeff Bezos left six figure salary to start Amazon and it validated my inner thought of pursing my passion. Two months later, I quit my job and signed up coding bootcamp called the Software Guild in Minneapolis and after gruesome 4 months I landed my first job as developer and I am excited that I took that incridible step of pursing my passion.

 If I had not made that decision, I would be stuck cubical somewhere in Minneapolis counting the hours when the day would be over.

We Don’t choose our passion, but we can choose to follow it.

Racial Biased in Crime Reporting

were they robbing the house with ties

Lately, I have become obsessed how so-called traditional media report crimes differently based on race and identity in this country. This obsession led me rabbit hole to figure out reasons behind this biased reporting. For example, MPR news posted an article on their website titling “Man allegedly flashed gun at Somali-American teens in Eden Prairie McDonald’s” and when I read this article it upset me so much that I abruptly ended my donation to the station. It bothered me not that grown man decided to pulled gun on teens but how MPR news chose to report the news. The title of the article as well as reporting identifies the identity of victims but not the perpetrator of this horrible crime which tells me that the perpetrator is one of us, but these kids are not part of our community. I was confused that what made that man Eden Prairie man but not these kids. If Man was not white or these teens happen to be white, what would the article titled? Would it be “Man allegedly flashed gun at Somali-American teens in Eden Prairie McDonald’s”. This is not one incident that slipped away in their reporting, it is standard way of reporting crime classification at MPR news. If you routinely listen MPR news, you will be forced to become aware the identity of perpetrator or victim if they happen to be part of the minority community. Its calculated decision to label minority communities so dangerous in this country. Studies show that most American’s believe that black and brown people are dangerous, and we quickly dismiss the outcry of minority victims and police are quick to shoot them to contain their so-called violence behavior. You wonder where this cognitive belief that black and brown folk are so dangerous come from? Wonder no more, it come from decades of media wrongly reporting how dangerous we are without shred of evidence.

One study by Color of Change found that 51 percent of people arrested for violent crimes in New York city are black, but 75 percent of news reports are arrests highlighted black perpetrator. In the incident at McDonalds in Eden Prairie in Minnesota, the narrative behind that story is that what made an elderly man to pull his guns at black obnoxious kids, was he afraid of his life? I think the media is driving this false narrate of black people are dangerous whether they are victims or perpetrator to divide the communities in this country.

You have got to listen this amazing audio about how Racial Bias in Crime Reporting by WNYC by following this link.