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Cycling is Good for Your Health and Your Planet

Did you know that just simply riding a bike cannot only add years and quality to your life but our planet too? When I was in my twenties I didn’t think or unfortunately care about these things. When it came to my health I was playing in sports and had a metabolism that “wouldn’t quit” so weight loss or high blood pressure was the last thing on my mind. As a matter of fact I use to make “Weight Gainer” shakes to try to put on pounds 😊. In addition, the whole “save the planet” thing was (in my mind) other people’s job. But now that I am older and much wiser, I wholeheartedly believe in protecting our planet and bodies inside and out. So,

How can Biking save our planet?

Well, every time you start up your vehicle and the exhaust releases into the atmosphere you are poisoning our planet. Automobile exhaust in addition to other pollutants is a combination of “carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and Hydrocarbons.”  These lethal gases are all bad for the planet and run havoc on our atmosphere and the ozone layer. Which according to the Department of Environment and Energy is a “concentration of ozone that is found in the stratosphere around 15–30km above the earth’s surface. It covers the entire planet and protects life on earth…” So as these pollutants build up, they are creating unhealthy ozone levels and toxins that pollute the air and erode this protective layer endangering our lives and planet Earth. To read and learn more about Ozone click here

Now you are probably asking yourself what’s in it for me?

Well, other than saving the planet that keeps you alive. Did you know that just simply riding a bike 10 mph (which is not that strenuous) for an hour you burn over 260 calories? Also, this exercise does amazing things for your overall core and cardiovascular system. Most of my adult life I’ve always been a runner I would run up to 6 miles a day and participate in races during the summer. And while running was very healthy for my cardiovascular system and also helped me “save the planet” I noticed as I got older, I begin to have issues with my knees from the running on concrete paths and most likely the lack of quality shoes.  

So, to save on my knees and just simply do something different I went out and bought a bike a couple of years ago and just started riding. In the beginning I wouldn’t go very far or fast because I was just getting use to the change in activities but once I was used to it, I began increasing my miles and speed.  Now I do about 100 miles a week and noticed an improvement in my core, cardio, and leg strength. Also, my knee pane has significantly decreased.

The time is now so get involved!

So, now that you know how you can help save the planet it’s time to do your part and start cycling! Minnesota has several paths, parks, and challenges that not only can get you to where you want to go “without driving” but help you become a better you!  

If you would like to learn more and be more proactive with protecting the earth click here

Social Media is a Game Changer!

For my News Media class this week we were required to read chapters 1-3 of our textbook, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR.” In these chapters the author went into great detail about how he believes that big corporations are (sometimes) clueless about what the public truly wants and needs when it comes to advertising. He believes that social media and its ability to speak and learn directly from the consumer is the answer to lowering marketing budgets, getting better understandings, and finding the correct niches. The author Scott, D. M. (2020) said, “The web has opened a tremendous opportunity to reach niche buyers directly with targeted information that costs a fraction of what big-budget advertising costs.” (p.19)

Also, during lecture we discussed the process of communicating and how knowing what happens and how to manage a message once it is in transition from sender to receiver is key to a successful healthy understanding and conversation. We looked at the Hannon & Weaver, “Transmission” Model (1949) that that shows the whole process on a graph step by step with the “senders” message working its way through the many distractions and interruptions that can affect how the receiver perceives or inherits the message.  This Message from Tony Robbins says it well!

I think (and agree) that understanding communication and how to craft the message to adapt to your desired audience or receiver’s needs is vitally important to the success of not only getting what you want but giving respect in return. This is where I also agree with the author of our text that social media really helps to break down those barriers and enhances understanding. I think it does this by allowing people or companies to first research the subject or group they are attempting to reach and then talk to them directly. I think when done correctly it can sometimes give you a direct insight into the receiver’s thoughts and beliefs before the conversation even begins. Entering someone’s page or reading their posts is almost like walking in on an unrelated conversation and being able to make an informed decision about your own topic as to how (or if) your message will be received or relevant to the potential receiver’s needs or beliefs. To a certain extent with the right amount of research you will have “mind reading abilities” !

In relation to this topic, as you will see in the (attached link) I found a great article called “6 Ways Social Media Changed the Way We Communicate” this compelling article does a great job at looking at social media as a whole and how the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc… have taken it to a level that makes it almost impossible to deny that Social Media is not only here to stay but it is a part of and has created a worldwide shared culture! Willis 2017 said, “This means that over a third of the world’s population is using some form of social media to communicate, making social media marketing an imperative tactic ….” It’s ability to entice people to open up, share, and connect is uncanny and when used correctly can be a profound and powerful tool!