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Making a Movie (broken into simple steps)

When we watch a movie we sometimes wonder, “wow how could this be done?” or “how in the world did they come up with this?” well for every movie made there is a process with an order that needs to be followed for the movie to be done properly. These steps might help you understand how a film came to be.

  1. Treatment 
    You have an idea and boom you write it down! After that you develop a story. Usually a treatment is the story of the movie. It can be up to 30 pages long and the whole purpose of it is to allow discussion and evaluation of the proposed project. The treatment is not a screenplay!
  2. Screenplay 
    So you know the story by heart and you want to vision the movie word by word then here you have the screenplay. The screenplay is written in conventional film script format and its purpose is twofold. You as a writer use this form to communicate the story in a type of guide for creating the eventful text that is not written but is dramatized and filmed.
  3. Financing and Packaging 
    In this part you will submit your treatment and screenplay to someone who will invest and produce your film. This part is mostly good luck because this is where the money talks. In this part of the making of the film its where it can get hard. It may go to many people but it has to fall into the right hands at the right time. Who ever says yes and seals the deal, is where the movie will fall into the next step…
  4. Pre-production
    Producers begin to prepare financially and make the following arrangements: Casting, locations, renting cameras and other technical equipment, securing transportation, catering services, and other arrangements that will be needed for certain types of movies. Before they do all these arrangements they will need a budget and a production schedule for sure!
  5. Production
    In this part is where the film starts to grow, and starts being actually recorded. Not till step five is where you get to see a camera recording! Here all the arrangements are done and the director takes lead into making the film.
  6. Post-production
    after the completion of the production the long journey of post-production begins, this is where director and editor become one. They sit and spend hours and hours, putting all the shots together. In this step the Rough, Fine and Final cut come to be. The final cut is then used to make trailers to be used for marketing.
  7. Marketing, Distribution and Exhibition
    The final goal here is to make it to a lot of exhibitors. Ideally you wish that with the closing deal package you get this included but in some cases, and in most you have to go door-to-door looking for whom will show your movie. it has to get tho the right eyes, a great distributor who will recognize the work to its commercial potential.

You see making a film is not as easy as we thought it would be. I like to say film making involves a small army of people who must communicate and collaborate with each other no matter what individual vision or temperament  and who must work under the pressure of limited time budget and constraint.

resources: An Introduction to Film by Thomas and Vivian Sobshack.

“That’s PR!” ( it really isn’t)

Title: “That’s PR!” ( it really isn’t)

By: Camila Mercado-Michelli

As a public relations student I have to learn many tasks and skills to be able to perform the daily life of a great Public Relations professional. I have come across a lot of misconceptions of what do PR people really do? For example my friend asked me “Camila what are you going to school for?” and I replied “Communications, Public Relations Major” and then she said… “Oh so when you graduate are you going to be throwing parties and booking hotels for celebrities all day long?” Then that’s when I noticed that I need to make sure people understand that PR majors are very serious jobs. I would like to make clear of what a PR professional really does at their job.

  1. Public Relations people are all day on Facebook!”Networks are an important key when it comes to PR but PR professionals do not spend all day on Facebook. They may be posting events, monitoring likes and checking exposure on various social networks but they are certainly not on Facebook all day while at their desk. Many of the times we aren’t even the administrators of the site, we most likely provide the important content, and make sure it is all correct before it becomes public.
  2. Advertisement and PR are the same thing” this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions of them all, many people will make negative comments about a commercial and then blame it on PR. PR had nothing to do with it! If you pay to have it out there I assure you it is not PR. Paid advertisement is not PR, and it will never be! There is earned media, paid media and then owned media… Many times when you see an ad that was mind blowing and you want to thank the PR team, we PR people are happy you thought about us but hey we cannot take the credit for it.
  3. All PR people do is throw parties…” yes we are party people (well some of us are) but the truth is we are not your 24/7 entertainment party company. PR people do create and coordinate events, but it is not the everyday PR work load. Most of the time if we are the head coordinators of the main social event/concert/fundraiser we are not “partying’ we are checking that everything is going according to plan and are most like behind the scenes in order for it to turn out nicely.

I think that these three misconceptions I have mentioned here will help people a little bit when it comes to understanding what a PR professional does at work. PR people do work, and they work hard. They plan and plan and plan and then plan some more. Next time you hear someone talk about PRs let them know the facts!

Public Relation Basics

The PR Coach

Poor Killer Whales by: Camila Mercado-Michelli


Since I was a young child I had a passion for animals. There was an immense curiosity in me for animals I can’t quiet explain. I admire how animals live in harmony and don’t create wars and kill for land, and how they accept life just the way it is. Humans in the other hand are very different. For many humans success means the failure of others. Some humans have even developed ways in where they can use animals to make money for themselves.  One of the ways they have decided to make money is by providing “Animal Entertainment” for high prices. Animal entertainment is when humans can incarcerate animals (until they are unable to perform anymore, which sometimes means death). One huge example and pretty famous in fact is Sea World. Sea World right now is the company that has more orcas captive than any other company in the world. They have 23 captive orcas at the time all scattered throughout three of their locations; Sea World Texas, Sea World Orlando, and Sea World California. From the 23 captive orcas, five of them are wild caught. Wild caught means they were captured, stolen from their families and then placed in a tank isolated from their home for ever. These unfortunate wild orcas will never be exposed again to their loved ones or ever swim free in their waters again. To me this is heart breaking but to others this is a money making machine. Tons and tons of people go each year to Sea World with their families to watch these magnificent creatures jump and splash right in front of their eyes. These events are truly mind blowing but at the same time they are cruel and inhumane. A lot of us do not know or even begin to comprehend the magnitude of torture these poor marine mammals go through in order to perform. Their whole life is taken away from them. I’ve been reading a lot about Orcas and how they behave in the wild and to my gathering of knowledge I have come to the conclusion that there is no way that a tank in Sea World could even get close to what it would feel to live in the ocean. A tank cannot mimic the wild standards of the ocean, not in this life or the next; tanks are just pools that have the basic necessities to just keep them alive, alive enough to make them perform until they die. Is this the way these animals should live? All their lives confined to a tiny space, a space that will never expand, a space they will never be able to leave. Imagine a human confined to his/her room for the rest of their life, and then been thrown raw meat to survive and supplement vitamins to substitute the lack of food that they can’t provide. How would this human feel? We don’t know he/she only interacts with the team that keeps him/her alive; he/she is only permitted to be exposed to those who “care” for him/her. That’s exactly how Sea World and other companies function, they say people express feelings for animals and they talk for them, but if you think about it, no one can go interview a Killer whale, no one can go up close and see how the killer whale feels. We all follow facts, scientists have placed facts out there for people to read, and people can inform themselves that the healthy living of these creatures will never be justified in captivity. A lot of people won’t agree with me or will try to find some justification to the practice of having animals’ captive, but no matter how you phrase it, animal captivity is horrifying. Just merging myself into that situation makes me shiver, being stolen from where I was born, and forced to perform for the rest of my life just sounds horrifying to me. Not only does this impact wild caught orcas but it also affect the ones that are a product of artificial insemination;  created in captivity. The killer whales that are conceived in captivity suffer a lot as well. So now that I have written about this, I want people to reflect and think about not just the whales but how are humans being allowed to do this. Who’s is given them permission to have animals in captivity in order to provide animal entertainment? Humans have to come together and boycott companies that provide these services, companies that make profit by keeping animals captive for the rest of their lives. The companies rely on us to survive, so if we the customers make the right choice, we can help the whales and shut these companies down. #killerwhales #orcas #captivitykills #seaworldmustclose #iloveorcas #freetheorcas (pdf file of orcas held captive)