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I am a full time student graduating this summer and I just started a new job as an office manager. In between these commitments I enjoy hiking, walking my dog, watching movies, attending sporting events, and spending days at the lake. I'm from South Dakota so I drive back quite often to visit friends and family.

Being Your Best You

My next piece of advice for the upcoming generations is to accept failure. I grew up being so discouraged about not succeeding in everything I do and let it get me down. I have quit sports that I loved because I was embarrassed about not being as good as those around me. As I get older I realize you need to fail in order to learn and get stronger at something. It isn’t something to be ashamed of but proud to practice and overcome.

I strongly urge those who come across this to let your curiosity take over and explore new things. Try to think differently and don’t stick to a basic routine. It takes more effort and you may find out you hate some of them but it opens so many doors which you may have never had the change if not willing to be a beginner. I came across this viral video that as really hit home on how to be your best you…through failure! If you haven’t seen it already here is Will Smith’s opinion on the topic:

There are a few different reasons I believe this video has grabbed the attention of so many people. As Mendelson said in “How to Really Make it on the Web”, having a legitimate celebrity alone can capture the audience of fans who already like them and care about what they have to say. Mendelson also stated that what you need to make it on the web is to have the media more than just the audience. I found this video on Facebook as it keeps popping up consistently. Media can help connect the message you want to get out and spread as fast as a disease. Mendelson recommends Twitter more than other social media sites but currently they all can help you keep intact with your audience if that is the platforms you use. The people you want to reach will dictate everything you do.

Our World to Save

Our World to Save

Nobody is perfect and as a population we sure haven’t been making the smartest decisions that we could.  A major issue we have found ourselves in is a planet full of waste. Recycling is an easy and effective solution to keep our planet healthy for future generations. If you create waste then you should learn about recycling.

A single person choosing to recycle does make a difference. An average person could save 1,100 pounds of waste in a year by caring enough to recycle. If 15 people can be reached from this blog and make the switch we are saving 16,500 pounds of waste from sitting in a landfill and harming the environment with toxins. We could be saving natural resources that support wildlife and conserving energy for new materials to be made. When producing aluminum companies can save 95% of energy! It has the potential to save millions for businesses and can then help boost the economy. More job opportunities can be created if the trend continues to grow. Please be aware and take action in recycling.

Items not recycled can and do also end up in the ocean. This can be catastrophic for animals who become trapped or confuse our waste as food. There’s no excuse for not being responsible with our trash besides the convenience of being extra lazy.

Right now is the time to start practicing healthy habits such as recycling so generations following us grow up taking care of their planet without even thinking about it. Just as we want our kids to put their seat belts on automatically to potentially save their lives, we should want them to automatically take care of their world with simple practices.

I am trying to take the approach of mass self-communication by myself choosing the channel of blogging to send my message of recycling in hope that the message will spread. There are a lot of environmentalist around because it is such a vital part of living in the world we do and it could potentially reach multiplicity of receivers. As Castells discusses in Networks of Outrage Opening, it could just be “connecting to endless networks that transmit digitized information around the neighborhood or around the world”. I am using a horizontal network of communication by starting with my classmates and then who they decide to share with. No person is having more power than another.

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Lawmakers ban feeding the homeless

Since when is it a crime to help another person in need out?

People have been getting charged with misdemeanors for sharing food out in public. I understand that the spreading of Hepatitis is a problem, but there are other ways to go about the situation. The lawmakers should be putting their efforts into educating the public to helping in the proper way and how to cleanly hand out food.

Lawmakers are going straight to not allowing people to provide for those who can’t afford it, which isn’t helping those who have been getting Hepatitis because they are taking their meal away all together and additionally punishing those who are out in the world trying to do good and help others. It logically doesn’t make sense. They are concerned about a mess being left behind when there are bigger worries at stake. Solving the problem of having starving people and spreading education should be priority to marking people’s records.

Some of these cities are taking it even further to banning sitting or sleeping in public spaces. I don’t see incarcerating someone for sitting in public doing anyone any good or preventing Hepatitis A. Anybody should be allowed to sit out in public as a part of their rights. These areas are known for common areas for people to collectively be in. Some people don’t have options and if they are cold or starving or emotionally drained in need for human contact they should have the option to be out in public areas.

The key to a stress free life

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Feel like you have a lot on your mind? Do you ever feel forgetful?

I believe as college students we need to do what we can to keep our minds sharp but reduce our stress as much as we can at the same time. Lately I have felt like I can’t remember anything. I have been taking 4 classes and training in a new full-time job. I actually forgot my laundry in the community washer for two days last week before remembering I started the load and left them there. I have been forgetting basic words that I use on a daily basic such as washing machine; I just figured my brain was too exhausted to keep going. Then I researched and discovered that strengthening your brain and mind are just as important as getting physical exercise or sleep. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed or forgetful like me then I have some exercises for you!

Strengthening our mind in different ways can positively impact our lives on so many levels. Not only will it keep our memory but it can aid our body in running more smoothly and keep our body’s systems healthy so we can live longer. From just trying a new shampoo to calling up an old friend, the tips are easy and can be fun!

Our minds recover our bodies and our bodies decreases our psychological pain. Therefore it only makes sense to keep our minds at ease but challenged enough where it has a positive effect on our bodies. This is key to reducing our stress! Sometimes all it takes is perception to trick our minds. My first sign of stress was my forgetful memory followed by headaches and the struggle to sleep. I have found that the more I work on my mental health the more everything else around me improves. One thing in particular was starting a gratitude journal where I found here:

This has forced me to keep a positive attitude and leaves me in a peaceful mood for bed. I have started waking up in a better state and those optimistic thoughts are the first thing that come to my mind when I start my day.

Keep that stress away by focusing on your mental health and the rest will come. Keep positive!

College Dieting #Hacks

An audience for us would be Metropolitan State University or the Saint Paul community around us. The specific public would be the students/teacher taking communicating with new media. These are the people who all have the similar interest in finding communication important if not then either technology or public relations. Why else would someone take this course? Not everyone in the community here or school here would consider taking this course, but we all did. I found this blog easy to relate to being thatwe all have limited time but thrive to be healthy.

Check it out at:

Share and practice these hacks for a better lifestyle! If not, well at least enjoy the comical posts and keep yourself informed.

We first challenge

I support Mainwaring’s ideas on working towards a “creative capitalism” to improve the world for both companies and consumers. Although this topic is way over my head to form a trustworthy opinion, I do have confidence in Mainwaring for his expertise in branding and advertising. One thing I have personally witnessed is the power social media has in persuasion and creating awareness. I think it is brilliant to take advantage of this communication outlet because it is what makes sense for our time. Media such as twitter or blogging have given consumers a new power that can’t be taken back. It has become easy to let the world know how great a company has been and just has easy to spread the word when anything negative occurs. I would like to see social media be used in an effective way to create dependability and profits and overall social change for both parties. Mainwaring wants to change to “we first” meaning we all work together to both get our wants and needs covered. I found it honorable that he notes companies should prioritize helping the world get better just as much as they value obtaining profits. I think if it was this easy they would already being doing this. What consumers need to understand, and what Mainwaring is saying, is that we need to praise those companies who are doing this and encourage the behavior. I support the idea of working together and prioritizing the world we live in and cheering each other on.  I challenge those who also support his ideas to take this part of his message seriously and put out on social media when you cross a company doing good for the community.