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Communication Through Social Media

Audience: Millennials

Through history our communication technique’s and skills have changed and evolved because of social media. There was a time where the internet was not around and the way we communicated was strictly through phone, letter or a face to face interaction. Social media has changed the way  we will forever communicate with people, friends and family from all over the world.

One thing researchers focused on was the personal barrier that is broken down through social media. People venting and releasing their problems on social media has became a normal thing. So before social media people wouldn’t have a conversation with their coworker’s about personals things. Although now with social media and people already having those things out there makes the conversation more approachable. Another point they focused on was how communication has changed though social media and how we short phrase everything. We have developed new words for other words or instead writing out words we abbrievate for example I don’t Know instead we would say idk which would be its short phrase. Some researchers have talked about how these things can actually be negative in the academic environment with performance because this is not the proper communication style. Although should schools have a focus on this new age communication because it may not be going  anywhere? Also a point researchers focused on was the access to communicate with thousands of people from around the world is what makes communication through social media so great. This gives us ability to reach a bigger audience and interact with more people. In Chapter 5 Castell talks about the influence of technology and internet how big of impact it will play into our culture. We have all seen changes that is already happen to our culture and there will continue to be changes for how we communicate through social media we just hope they help our culture in a positve way.


Benefits of Social Media

Audience: millennials and to show the positives of social media.

In my last blog I focused on a negative side of social media and the way it affected children growing into teenagers with the access to social media. Although in this post I have focused on the positives and why social media should be used as a valuable tool.

In David Meerman Scott’s book The New Rules of Marketing and PR he talks about social media being a tool and how valuable it is for so many avenues. In Chapter 17 he talks about podcasting and how this tool can be used to get your message out to the world. In my article they didn’t talk very much about podcast’s so I wanted to reference David Scott’s focus on how podcasts is apart of social media and are very valuable tool. In the article I focused on how they talked about social media platforms like instagram, facebook, twitter, and youtube and how they could be beneficial to people living in a world where social media has huge influence. One of the main arguments in my article focused on how social media allows you maintain social connections and networks. Also about the quick access and how fast news travels on social media and how these are huge components that if we were to take away a lot of opportunity’s and connections would dissolve. The researchers talked about how this idea of social networking that is happening through social media is build skills for people that you can’t get in other experiences of isolation. Social networking services are designed to support users working, thinking and acting together. They also require listening and compromising skills to be able to be effective through social media. They talk about people that grow up in this social media era world having better exploring and learning skills. As well as being more independent and building resilience at a faster rate because of the experiences that social media provides. At the end of the article they talk about how all these skills will develop certain skills at a faster rate to be better at any profession you may choose. 

I believe the article had very valid points about how and why social media is a valuable tool. Although countering that social media still has it’s negative but should never be dismissed as not a valuable tool in a media driven world.Social-Media-e1518208936600

Teenagers and Social Media

My audience is Teenagers and parents of teenagers and my purpose is to create awareness to a problem.

In today’s world social media plays such a huge role in teenagers daily’s life. As this has been a growing epidemic more research has been gathered. Some professionals believe  that more teenagers are growing up with less of a self-esteem and more anxiety problems because of social media. Researchers did surveys and found that teens were showing more signs of these variables that leads to lower self-esteem’s and more anxiety issues. The correlation was that a lot of these teenagers were victims to cyberbullying and said it has affected them mentally how they view themselves.This cyber bullying has happen through facebook, snapchat, instagram, and texting according to the researchers results. Also peer acceptance is such huge component  for teenagers and with social your constantly portraying an image that you want your peers to accept. This has always been a thing for teenagers but with social media it’s an every day thing because of the accessibility to social media. Constantly trying to portray or keep an image can create anxiety because the fear of not having peer acceptance.


Trump Media

In the news today with the internet there is a huge amount of fake media that surfaces around the internet media world. There is a huge nesscessity to be able to establish credibility with your sources of information.

In this article I found the media source did not have credibility and was giving false information to his audience. The article talked about the recent school shooting that had the United States public opinion talking about gun control. There were many different opinions the surfaced in this conversation. In this article the author stated that Trump had made a statement that he was going to stop all school shootings by banning all schools. This authors statement was false from what president Trump’s actually response statement was to the recent school shooting and gun control conversation. The author made no point to establish credibility and made a very irrational comment that logically makes no sense. I believe he should have did his research on what President Trump’s actually response was to the situation and not just making irrational statment that was false. The article creates attention because of the statement but loses the audiences favor because of the false information.

Gender Bias


Gender Bias is a discrimination that often goes unnoticed on a day to day basis. This Bias has been push through each generation from early history when all women would stay at home to care for the family and house while the man went to work to provide the income for the family. For history to have a period of time like that creates a bunch of stereotypes for what boy and girl should be and act like from an early age. It was up until the nineteenth century when women were allowed to partake social life, education, and politics.gender These ideas where pushed through movements like Christianity and the age of enlightenment. It has taken women movements and acts from the government for women to be respected by institutions of the government. Although women are still fighting to this present day to still have equality between men and women. Our history allows us to see there has always been separation of fair equality between men and women. Overall both of these links below talk about gender bias in different and similar ways but both educate you on gender bias in the world today. They both also touch on how gender bias has progressed over the years and through movements.

Friendship Equals Health


Having a friend from a young age could benefit your mental health in different ways. Their original research question in the study developed from another study on child development that had the same idea as them. Which they suggested that relationship bonds from adolescence might have a huge role in a person’s mental health for years.

They found that for the ones that still had those strong friendships they were a lot happier with their social life. The researcher concludes by talking about the how these strong adolescent relationships are building blocks for positive, supportive adult relationships. The author concludes by talking about how his 20 year friendship with his friend has helped him in so many ways emotionally and mentally. He also talked about how knowing you have a friend gave him security a lot of times. He knew he had someone there for him and that he could count on. I think having friends that know you very well are key in life at times. I can agree with the researchers when he talks about the sense of feeling security knowing he has a life-long friend. I think theres nothing but positives that come from having life-long friends.

We First

This article talks about capitalism and how it’s consumed the world. Then the articles focuses on reshaping capitalism in new vision. If I were writing a blog to this article I would first declare my side which would to be agree with the author to reshape capitalism in the world. Then I would focus on the key points from the article about capitalism. The things about reshaping capitalism and the reasons why capitalism is negative in the form it’s in today and needs reshaping. I would create statement about reshaping capitalism in the world. I would then use the key points out of the article to back my Statement and allow my audience understand why capitalism needs reshaping  and how to reshape it in certain ways. Then I would think about who my audience is which if I was take the stand to reshape capitalism in the world. Understanding my audience will allow me to know how catch their attention in my blood and keep them reading it. My audience for this post will be my classmates as well as the professor.  The overall goal of this blogging post would be to inform and call my readers action to educate more people about reshaping capitalism.