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The Restoration of DACA

ICE Reopening Long-Closed Deportation Cases Against DACA Recipients With  Minor to No Record | KTLA
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Donald Trump has done a lot of harmful things during his presidency. One of those being ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals that was created by the Obama administration in 2012. This program protected young immigrants brought to the United States by their parents from deportation and gave them a social security number, work permit and driver’s license so they are able to get a job and attend school to name a couple things.

About 74% of Americans would favor a law that would grant DACA recipients a pathway to citizenship according to Pew Research. A big factor of why Americans support DACA and want them to have a pathway to citizenship is because of how they contribute to society. They contribute to the economy, education and more. This article goes into detail about the positive impacts of DACA.

When the Trump administration announced that they were terminating the program thousands of people were left devastated. It’s so sad because many of these young immigrants don’t even know a life outside of the United States. They grew up here and have a mix of their culture and American culture but often see America as a place they call home. It’s cruel to not give them a chance to work or go to school as without those two things a lot of people are left struggling.

Sigh Of Relief' Or 'Slippery Slope': Advocates and Opponents React To DACA  Ruling : NPR
Credit: Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Thankfully as we enter the last month of Trumps presidency, a federal judge has ordered the restoration of DACA. They are going to be accepting new applicants for the first time in three years.

This is a huge win for undocumented immigrants. There is still a long battle to run in order for DACA recipients to have a pathway to citizenship but hopefully with Biden’s presidency being right around the corner that will be achieved. But for now we celebrate the fact that over 300,000 young undocumented immigrants could be eligible to apply for the program!

The End of Go Radio

Go Radio is a radio station that was created in 2015 and consists of two stations 96.3 which plays alternative rock and 95.3 which plays hip hop. Last week they announced the sad news that they are being sold in the beginning of next year. You can view their statement here.

This station was a great addition to Minnesota and created many opportunities for local artists. I was lucky enough to be able to work for them for two years. I started at Go Radio in 2018 and had many wonderful memories made during my time there.

Go Radio was my first job in the field that I want to work in. I have always been so passionate about music and found that the only place I could truly see myself working in was the music industry. I had been a fan of the station for so long and when I got hired it felt like a dream come true. I was hired as an intern and learned so many valuable things during my time there.

This job really took me out of my comfort zone. I did things like going to shows to get content for social media by interacting with listeners. I ran the sound for this rap competition that we hosted. At first I was scared and doubtful that I could do it, but by doing this it taught me that I’m capable of anything I set my mind to.

One day I could be setting up a concert and the next day I could be waking up at 3:30am to help with 96.3’s morning food show “Foodie Friday”. Where they would go to a different restaurant every week and the first 96 people in line would get free breakfast. Go Radio was really about the community, their listeners were loyal because they knew that we really cared. We were at the fair, had our own stage at Soundset, had our own nights at a night club and working all these things brought so much experience. I was able to be in the studio and learn from great DJ’s that had been in the industry for years. People that were nice enough to pass their knowledge on to me and give me insight on what I could achieve within the industry if I put in the work.

I went to so many concerts, met so many artists and met some great people in the industry that taught me a lot. Go Radio is something I will always cherish and will hold a special place in my heart. They gave so many artists a platform and a chance to be discovered. Gave their listeners a place where they could go to for great music and to share their opinions and feelings about things. They did a whole lot for the hip hop and alternative scene in Minnesota and it will be such a great loss to no longer have them around.

Why You Should Buy Cruelty Free Products

Animal testing was a common practice that was used around the world to test if products were safe for humans to use. As times have changed, people have acknowledged that this practice is inhumane and there are other alternatives that brands can make in order to ensure that a product is safe to use.

No longer necessary

Animal testing is no longer necessary as there are thousands of ingredients that have already been classified as safe to use. As for new ingredients, there are other tests that can be done like cell cultures and computer models.

Help end the suffering

Animals don’t deserve this type of abuse, they feel the pain when these unknown chemicals are on their skin and it’s such a sad thing that they have to go through. They are poisoned, blinded, burnt and killed in the name of beauty. If more people stop supporting brands that test on animals, real change will be made and animal testing will no longer be a common practice.

There are many great cruelty-free brands

Finding cruelty free brands is just a quick search away. There are thousands of cruelty-free brands so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding them. From local brands to big name brands and you would be making a conscious choice and supporting companies that don’t do these practices. By shopping with companies that don’t test on animals, you are sending a message and if more and more people start to do this, soon most companies will stop animal testing all together.

Ending Relationships Over Political Opinions?

In this article, the author states that it’s not okay to end friendships over political views. That at the end of the day family, neighbors and friends need to get along and politics shouldn’t get in the way of it. She goes on to bring up an example of Don Lemon and how he views people with opposing views on politics. Reading this article made me very confused. Why would I want to be friends with someone that supports someone that wants to take my rights away along with millions of other people.

It’s one thing to have a different opinion, but when that involves supporting a person that is a rapist, homophobe, racist and more than that is just not a valid excuse. I think that people that support Trump forget that by doing so they are saying that they don’t care about their friends or relatives that will lose things or genuinely fear for their lives if he was to be in power again. People had so much riding on the line in this election and it’s a very priviliged thing to say that you can just look past a political point of view.

It’s proving that you’re so privileged that you don’t have to worry about policies that Trump would’ve enacted. This doesn’t make any type of sense to me because the people you surround yourself around should care and want the best for you, not want you to live your life in fear and worry.

This is why I feel so strongly that people have every right to remove others over political opinions. Someone that has said all Mexicans are criminals and rapists, made fun of people with disabilities, made a muslim ban and that is only listing a few of the hundred of terrible things that he has done. He represents hatred and division and if you don’t agree with that then it is totally valid to remove anyone from your life that supports that way of thinking. Don’t feel bad for having to make those decisions, sometimes family and friends just won’t get it and are toxic for you. You’re better off removing them from your life if you feel like this would be better for your mental health.

Why You Should Be Buying Second Hand Clothing


My whole life I have been into fashion My mom would always dress me up in matching outfits and that is where my love for fashion began. As I grew older it expanded and I was able to buy my own clothes. However, I noticed that I would be buying clothes from fast fashion brands like Forever 21 and H&M to name a couple. Of course at times this is most convenient to people because prices are cheap and it’s just a short drive away to your nearest mall.

I don’t think it’s fair to blame working class people for the harm that fast fashion has done but I do think everyone should be educated on the topic so they can make the choice for themselves! You don’t even have to quit shopping at these stores all together, but by increasing your consumption of second hand clothing you are doing wonders for the environment.

Harms of the Fashion Industry

The article by Business Insider states that the fashion production counts for 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. Some fast fashion companies like H&M and Zara put out 12-16 collections a year. The clothes that don’t end up selling end up being dumped in a landfill. The different types of textiles also harm the environment. For example, polyester doesn’t biodegrade and ends up in the ocean. It accounts for 31% of plastic pollution in the ocean. The fashion industry is also the second-largest consumer of water worldwide.

Make the Switch

To start off thrifting is good for you wallet. You can find some great pieces while thrifting at a fraction of the price that you would find them at the original store. You can also find vintage and unique pieces you might not find elsewhere. This article written by a student at UC Berkley goes through the different reasons why thrifting is good for you. By decreasing your use of fast fashion and go thrifting instead you are helping there be less clothes dumped into landfills. You’re also helping water be saved as it takes 700 gallons of water to make a cotton shirt and 1,200 gallons of water to make a pair of jeans. Think of all the water that is being saved by buying second hand. Of course this isn’t going to fix everything but by reducing your own carbon footprint it’ll be a great start to have change within the fashion industry so they switch to more sustainable.

Why Traveling is Good For You

PC: Daniela Hermoza

Traveling is great for your mental health

Although 2020 has not been a travel friendly time, I have always felt strongly about how important traveling is. We are put in this world and grow up with our beliefs and culture. However, there is so much that the world has to offer that we haven’t gotten a chance to explore. Traveling brings you different perspectives, it exposes you to different cultures, and you get a chance to get away and relief stress.

In the Forbes article on “Why Traveling is Good For Your Health” they talk about how traveling has positive impacts on both men and women. It can lower men’s risk of death by 21% and for women, a lack of vacation is associated with a higher risk of heart disease. Traveling also increases your creativity and can make you more productive.

We are expected to work 5 days a week for the rest of our lives and that is just something that I cannot wrap around my mind. Living to work should not be normalized, but somehow society convinced us that having two days off to do whatever we want is enough. We should be open to experiences. Traveling is a great stress reducer while you work a full time job. Working is stressful and a lot of the time it takes over our lives. However, you can find a healthy balance and take trips throughout the year that will reduce that stress and remind you that there is so much beauty in the world. Taking a week to not have to deal with work and spend the days at the beach or trying new food can make the biggest difference in your mental health. People often feel guilty for using their vacation time or paid time off when in reality, a lot of companies don’t care about their employees and look at them as machines. For that reason, I truly believe people should not let their job stop them from living their life and taking 5 weeks out of a year to take some trips.

Expand your mind

Another reason why traveling is good for you is because you get to expand your mind. Only surrounding yourself with one way of thinking and not seeing what other mindsets and viewpoints are out there can be harmful. We are such small beings on this planet and what goes on in one town in Minnesota is drastically different that what goes on in Bali, Indonesia. It’s good to step outside your comfort zone and see other peoples way of life. Every country has something unique to them and we won’t know what it’s like until we experience it. The food, the culture and customs is something that is beautiful to learn when going to a different country. It will give you an appreciation for the world and how different things are depending on your location. Even if you don’t want to leave the country, things differ greatly depending on where you go within the same country. In the United States, experiencing LA and New York feel like two completely different worlds and it’s crazy to think of the beauty that is available within a country. Wherever you end up going, traveling will teach you something new and this will give you many different perspectives and your view on the world could change forever.

Memories will last a lifetime

Lastly, traveling is good for you for the memories. We have such a short amount of time on earth that we must take advantage and live to our fullest potential. Spend the time with your loved ones in different states and countries. This will also show you another side to them and you will be able to bond on another level. I’ve gone on trips with family and friends and made some of my favorite memories that I will always look back on and cherish. Traveling is an escape from reality where you don’t have responsibilities for a short period of time. You have the option to do anything you like with your friends, family and partners and that is something special.