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Gen Z

We hear constant banter and micro-aggression about millennial, but how about Gen Z? We hear about how much social media is constantly changing and how we continue to use it more and more. It is such an integral part of life and everyone uses it. When you look at it though, Gen Z is getting driven away by social medias. For all social media does, it has negative trends as well. Social Media is something that can be overwhelming, all the information that is getting pushed into the eyes of Gen Z may be harmful, especially considering the young age.

In Social Media is bullshit, it is stated that ” if you’re considering using the social networks and publishing tools on the Web to create something… use them, but remember, not using them won’t harm you in any way” (Mendelon, 2012, p. 154). It’s a word of caution. Social Media is a tool, not the end all be all. So when you see that Gen Z is quitting social media, make sure you cater to them.

Gen Z is in a world were everything revolves around the internet and social platforms, they know no diffrent. I grew up with something like Myspace, still new and unsophisticated. Most importantly, it wasn’t bombarded with ads and companies that fit an algorithm  to connive it’s way to consumers.

Social Media is a tool, but it can be just if not more overwhelming with the level of information being fed to Gen Z.



Rising of Podcasts

The audience is those interesting in new media and podcasting. The goal is to show the rise of podcast.

Podcast are amazing! I love podcast. I love love love podcast. So many diffrent podcast with different topics. As we continue with new media, podcast are a growing medium from the individual to the people. It helps with car rides, waiting for the bus, waiting for class to start and so on. It’s a way for information or entertainment, probably both.

The rise of podcast is real. Mark Trainer stats in a recent study that 40 percent of Americans have listened to a podcast and 24 percent have listened to one within the past month of the Survey.

Podcast are great. It is an amazing way to get information and be entertained. It’s also relatively easy to start one. David Meerman Scott list some fundamentals of starting a podcast in The New Rules of Marketing & PR: show preparation, record when near computer, mobile recording gear, phone interviews, editing your audio files, postproduction editing, tagging audio, hosting and distribution, promotion, and companion blog.


Should Charity Work Be Public?

How do you feel about charity work or giving back being public? Should it be done anonymously? Is it okay to say you’ve made a huge donation? Do you think it’s capitalizing on a situation? Does it matter?

This is all relative, everyone has an opinion, but it doesn’t matter too me. Intentions, are important to the issue, no doubt. Although, charity work as long as it helps, it should not matter too much. As long as it helps and there is no ill intent. There have been people in the public eye that have given back, but with diffrent responses.

This past fall, Tim Duncan asked for support and donations for hurricane relief in the Virgin Islands. He donated 250,000 dollars to the cause. He ended up raising over 2 million dollars for the efforts. He leveraged his donation for good. He used it as a way to get more people to donate. He is also from the Virgin Islands. In this case, it comes off as sincere, it was public, but was for the better of the situation.


In this case, Logan Paul pledged to donate 1 million dollars toward suicide prevent.  The narrative on this is much diffrent. He made the donation and video after his own controversy. He uploaded a video on Youtube with a man that committed suicided, laughed, and uncomfortably joked about the incident. He only took the video down after being heavily criticized. This situation is blatantly a public relations move. His apology for the incident was made about him and not the issue at hand. From the energy and method he used it does not seem genuine.

Overall, whether charity work is public or not, doesn’t necessarily matter. It is how it is done and the intent. These two instances have similar actions, but evidently diffrent priorities. Publicizing charity work can carry a message further and impact people positively, or used as a self promoting tool, maybe both. What’s most important is the help that is given, but intent does matter. What type of person are you?

Shut Up and Dribble?

Laura Ingraham (who?) told LeBron James to shut up and dribble. She’s referencing his interview with Uninterrupted. LeBron criticized Donald Trump… which he can do.

“[Trump] doesn’t understand the people, and doesn’t give a fuck about the people… it’s scary”.

I understand, I’m a minority, it’s not comfortable having a president that is so willing to down ethnic people.

Laura Ingraham saw diffrent, downing LeBron and Kevin Durant, not with perspective, but bully talk.

Things like:
“must they run their mouths like that… this is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA… ungrammatical… unwise to seek political advice from someone.. nobody voted for you… shut up and dribble.”

LeBron can say what he wants, he’s not threatening anybody. He has the right to criticize. He finished high school, so now your speaking fake news. Plus, the wealth of knowledge, information, and perspectives he has gained through life, with his position maybe more valuable than anything else. Who nows, Laura can’t get into LeBron’s mind, who knows what he’s read, what he’s learned, what he knows. Ungrammatical, your critiquing their grammar… as far as I’m concerned, language and it’s correctness is about the place you are in, it is about culture. The right way to speak, technically is where you are. It is the how people speak in that area. Maybe they don’t speak like you, but that doesn’t mean they’re speaking incorrect. We as Americans vote to put someone into office that represent us, if they don’t we can criticize, and Lebron’s criticism are valid, Trump has show that.

Let’s not mute others, lets not speak condescendingly about others, because you don’t like what they say. Lets have a conversation. Shout out to LeBron and KD. We are all people with many facet, so be you and speak your mind, the president is suppose to serve us.

P.S. Kevin Durant has a Masters in Law.

Snapchat Updated and…

What the hell Snapchat,

I’m not a fan of this update. The interface has changed. The people I subscribe to are mixed in with advertisements now. Snapchat has separated friends stories from public figures stories. The public figures are now in the mess of big company stories and peoples Snapchats that the algorithm thinks I want to see. It is apparent that they are trying to attract new users and be more advertisement friendly. More advertisers means more money. It is obvious that audience is very important to them, and rightfully so. Although, as a regular user, what the hell Snapchat… and I’m not the only one.

I get it though. Snapchat needs to grow. If they are not growing, stockholders aren’t happy. They would lose big money and have to make budget cuts. It’s a competitive market. I understand.

Speaking as a regular Snapchat user, what makes snapchat great was its simplicity. Take a right swipe and you have friends stories. To the left you have your direct messages. I loved when all the stories were all together in order of what was posted most recently. Snapchat is more personable. With the 24 hour stories it doesn’t feel like a big risk, you post something small and then it’s gone. It’s small daily shots and videos to share with your friends and whoever subscribes. That interaction is the bread and butter of Snapchat. Those type of personable interactions.  As they grow they will continue to push to get more interactions, more users, and so on. The filters, bitmojis, and special event stories are all superlative. They supplement the user and enhance their bread and butter.

This time though… it just doesn’t feel like they took care of their core audience. With that, I hope Snapchat continues to grow, but please don’t forget what makes Snapchat unique from other Social Media.

Good or Bad?

For me, social media can be a crutch. Constantly scrolling through my timeline, subconsciously going onto apps, and using it as a procrastination tool. It’s a brainless cycle.

Social Media is not always bad though. It continues to grow and is becoming more and more integrated into our lives. It is an avenue to connect to individuals regardless of proximity. Whether it be family, a culture group of interest, or a product. Either way, social media is not going anywhere. So, to anybody hesitant about social media, find the best way to use it. Don’t look at it like an hindrance, but as a tool. If you build good habit on how you use social media, it can be a very powerful tool. It is cutting out the middle man and allowing people to connect without filtration.

Don’t get it twisted though. Traditional media has its place, it is the common tread that links many of us together. Although, the way we communicate will continue to evolve, so don’t be the old head talking about the good old days, grow with.

Here is an article on Forbes of some ways Social Media is good.

We First

So often in society we look out for ourselves and only ourselves. Business is cut through, you vs them. What if we decided to reconstruct the way that capitalism works? It is possible, to be capitalist and uplift everyone too. This will only be possible through a collective effort.

Through a collective effort we can do it. We must define the goals and work towards them. Businesses and companies should look to implement programs and goals to achieve these goals. Implement a level of ethics and standards as a consumer. We can all thrive if we embody a “We first” mentality…

  1. I am taking the angle of Jeff Jarvis. I would be echoing his sediments and build on his ideas.
  2. Person grading, audience, anybody that is looking for change and improvement through capitalism
  3. To inform and inspire a new perspective