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Keanu Reeves is a staple in global pop-culture.

I’ve grown up with the movies. Some of my fondest memories are heading to the ancient video rental store and feeling like Charlie felt in the chocolate factory. So much candy (movies) at my disposal and I wanted to soak it all up. We can’t forget about television. Network or cable I was very familiar, watching everything from Nickelodeon to Cinemax – From Richard Scary’s A BUSY WORLD to THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE with Keanu Reeves. Which, I guess, brings me to my point. Keanu Reeves.

I am a very passionate person when it comes to the art of film making – acting, writing, casting, etc. I hope to gain a career in screenwriting and casting someday. I’m saying that I feel confident in my ability to critique acting and actors. I deserve to, seeing how much I watch their work. I’ve grow up with actors and actresses watching them on screen. Watching different actors fade away or prosper. One actor that has not gone away is Keanu Reeves. With many criticizing his work and considering him to be an average actor – I’m happy to see he is still going strong even at after turning 50 years old. Most recently starring in the action movie JOHN WICK.

The Year is 1994 and the first movie I have ever seen with this actor is SPEED. I was only a wee lad but I knew right away that this movie was special and the star, Keanu, was going to be around for a while. SPEED became one of the biggest movies of the 90’s. With a strong supporting cast, and a stellar performance from Reeves that proved he can be an action star. Reeves showed the world consistency. In subsequent years, I’ve seen POINT BREAK, DRACULA, and RIVER’S EGDE, all good films, consistent, but SPEED put Reeves in the spotlight and he has never looked back.

One of my favorite films of his is called FEELING MINNESOTA.

Set right here in the state of Minnesota. This was a film that didn’t receive much praise. But that is a test to the stars willingness to focus on his craft. The majority didn’t like the film, but it was well made. Movies like FEELING MINNESOTA, CHAIN REACTION and JOHNNY MNEWMONIC were panned by critics and deservingly so, (I personally did like FEELING MINNESOTA) Reeves keeps going m – trucking through the 90’s with his best acting role to date in then horizon .

Most people know Reeves for his work in the MATRIX franchise. For me, it was SPEED, and my personal favorite of all his movies THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE. this was Reeves best acting role in my eyes.

Reeves plays Kevin Lomax, a young ambitious attorney that receives a job of a lifetime when he is ask to move from Tennessee to the big city, New York. Low and behold Lomax’s new boss is the Satan himself. And now Lomax must figure out how to stop him. A great blend of supernatural with star studded performances (Al Pacino and Charlize Theron co-star) made this a must see movie in the 90’s.

Throughout the years, Keanu Reeves has been panned, praised, and all the above. But the most noticeable thing about Reeves is that – HE IS STILL HERE. He is one of the most consistent actors we have. He makes good movies (A majority of the time, CHAIN REACTION was a real stinker.) that people want to see. People pay to go see him. The purpose of this writing is to acknowledge Reeves and his longevity. Despite the heavy critics and doubters, Reeves has made blockbuster movies we have all seen, he is an international name that we will keep hearing from.






PRESS RELEASE – “Can Henry Make It” by Darion Harding – Something we can really hold on too.

Meet Henry! Uplifting New Children’s Books by Darion Harding Take Flight; Proving that ‘Being Different’ is Awesome.


‘Can Henry Make It’ and ‘Henry’s Best Christmas’ introduce young readers to the world’s most inspirational and heart-warming Kiwi bird. While Henry cannot fly like the other birds on his island, his steadfast ability to overcome external pressures and stereotypes teaches an invaluable lesson to children about realizing their own potential. With a Christmas book also just hitting the market, Henry and his good character are poised to resonate with children around the world.

For Immediate Release

Maple Grove, MN – While most adults appreciate that diversity really is the true spice of life, being ‘different’ as a child can have a profound effect on confidence. However, a whimsical yet vitally-important new series of children’s book by Darion Harding is helping young readers relish and embrace everything that makes them unique.

‘Can Henry make It’ and ‘Henry’s Best Christmas’ use the guise of a lovable character and an enchanting setting to empower children to pursue their dreams, realize their potential and make the most of their unique quirks and ways.


Can Henry Make It – Can Henry Make It is a story following a young kiwi bird that lives in New Zealand and his efforts to understand why he cannot fly like the other birds on the island. Henry is in somewhat of an identity crisis, he is a bird that cannot fly? He is not sure who he really is, or why he isn’t who he is expected to be. With his friend Cable the bat by his side, Henry starts a journey through the island of New Zealand to find the answers to all his questions! Ultimately understanding that he is just fine the way he is! And he doesn’t have to live up to outside expectations. This book is not only for children, but for any age, because it so relatable being in an “identity crisis”. So many of us have gone through them. Henry is here to make that process a little easier.

Henry’s Best Christmas – Henry is going to Dollton the Sea Lion’s house for a party and Henry’s bringing some new friends. It’s time for you and Henry to find out what Christmas is all about! In this story Henry and his friends come to realize how important Christmas is, not for the presents, Santa Claus, or anything material. Christmas is about that one time of year when you know you will see the people you love. Christmas is about being with the ones that mean the most to you. Henry, Cable, Dollton and the rest of the gang are ready to enjoy Christmas, their way, in this story I call….Henry’s Best Christmas.

As the author explains, his books were written to push two very bold and important agendas.

“The first is to create literary awareness. I want children to recognize that reading is a valuable life-tool through which they can be educated, informed and inspired. While statistics show that more and more children are taking up recreational reading, we as adults can still do more to meet our responsibilities,” says Harding.

Continuing, “Secondly, I want children to recognize their dreams and understand that nothing should stop them from following them. My narratives were purposely written to inspire young minds and focus them on developing self-assurance; while finding the positive things in life and holding onto them for good.”

Since their release, both books have garnered a consistent string of rave reviews. For example, Samantha spoke very highly of ‘Can Henry Make It’:

“This is an amazing book! Great message, the characters are adorable…and the story just captivates your hear. Good book for a family reading,” she said. was equally as impressed, adding, “The characters (Henry and Cable were our favorites) are heart-warming and have quite the lesson to teach about being different.  You won’t be able to stop flipping the pages of this light-hearted show stopper.  The book is a fun read for kids and families alike and teaches a valuable lesson all the while.”

With an abundance of new stories in the works, children can expect many more adventures from Henry and his friends.

Both books are currently available from Amazon:

‘Can Henry Make It’ –

‘Henry’s Best Christmas’ –

They can also be purchased from and Barnes and Noble.

Click here to get the books 🙂

For more information, visit the author’s official website:

About the Author: Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Darion Harding holds an Associate in Arts from North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, MN. Harding has published poetry with the World Poetry Movement becoming a semi-finalist in the international competition. In his early 20’s, Harding began writing poetry, screenplays and short stories. The author’s most recent work in theatre was in 2013. The Other Me, a short play performed at the North Hennepin Community College Theatre in a student play festival.

Harding will be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in screenwriting at Metropolitan State University in 2013. The young author not only participates in theatre productions, but also earned a “Minnesota Campus Compact Award” for student leadership. Darion lives in Maple Grove, Minnesota and enjoys spending time with his two young nephews, participating in extra-curricular college activities and creating writing projects.

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