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Legalize Marijuana

“Weed is bad for you. It’s a drug!” I’ve heard this God knows how many times, and I probably won’t ever stop hearing it, and whenever I do I think of this, cencored, quote from comedian Katt Williams,

“Don’t give me that [crap] about “It’s a drug” cause it’s no mother[heckin’] drug. I did done the research it just a plant. It grow like that and if you just happen to set it on fire there are some effects but that’s not the same drugs, drugs, you gotta do [crap] to it chemically you gotta add baking soda, water, stir it up I don’t know the recipe, I’m just sayin'”

Reason number 1 I’m giving is that the majority of America now believes that marijuana should be legal. In a 2013 poll by, 58% of Americans thought marijuana should be legalized.

Another reason is how safe marijuana use is. Not once in history has anyone died from a marijuana overdose. In fact, marijuana is far safer than a lot of legal drugs that are readily available to everyone.

Another astonishing fact is that the compounds found in marijuana demonstrate ant-cancer effects. Since cannabis-related studies do not get legal support, it’s been up to peer-related studies to discover this. You can read more about this here.

In the first half of 2017 legal marijuana sales in the state of Colorado reached $750 million, earning that state $116 million in tax revenue and licensing fees. So not only does this business make enormous amounts of money, but will also create jobs, which will further stimulate the economy.

And last but not least, keeping marijuana illegal isn’t going to stop people from using it. With 45% of Americans, that 112 million people, admitting to trying cannabis once in there life, it is clear that keeping it illegal it not a good deterrent.


“Future” President Trump

The first thing about this article is that it’s clearly outdated, and Michael Moore’s worst fear has become a reality: Donald J Trump is our 45th president. However, this blog posts is a good example of clear bias.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love everything about this blog post. From bashing Trump, to clearly stating why he shouldn’t be our president, this post is very good. I especially like the section about how our brains have tricked ourselves into thinking that there’s no way Trump can win; I’m sure most people can relate to this.

Through Moore’s writing, it is very evident that he takes an anti-Trump stance, so obviously he’s going to bad mouth Trump. You would never find one sentence in any of his blogs about how great Trump his. This is where he loses some credibility. If he’s always going to bad mouth Trump, he’s only catering to one audience; those that also want Trump impeached. He’s missing out on the audience that may not hate EVERYTHING Trump has done.

My criticism for Moore would be to write from the other perspective. It’s okay to talk about how bad Trump is (and encouraged at that), but if he were to talk about Trump in a positive light even just a few times, he could also pull in readers that want to see both sides, or even some Trump enthusiasts. Although I can imagine how hard it’d be for someone like him to praise anything Trump has done.

Need Help Studying?

Do you find yourself stressing when it comes to tests? Feel overly anxious when you try to sit down and study? With the help of and you can overcome your fear, and be better prepared for test day!

One of the most important concepts is to give yourself enough time to study. It’s better to study 1 hour every day for 5 days, then to study for 5 hours 1 day. By studying the same content repeatedly, your brain has an easier time remembering it.

Another key tip is to organize your work space and steer clear of distractions. By focusing solely on studying, you will be more apt to remember what you are studying, and do it in less time! If you stay off YouTube for 2 hours and study, you can go on YouTube all you want after.

Another big tip is to study using old test, if this is possible. This will allow you to see questions that are similar in nature, so you can get a food feel for what the test will look like. This way there’ll be less surprises come test day.

Organizing a study group is another great idea. By working together with your fellow peers, you will be able to better understand the material. You will create a vivid memory of the things you studied and will be better able to recall the information you learned at the time. Also, helping and teaching others will solidify the information in your brain, making it easier to recall that information for a test.

The final tip is to take regular breaks and to snack on brain food. By taking regular breaks, you allow yourself to fully process and store the new information you have just learned. By snacking on brain food, you are refueling your tired brain after it’s been working so hard trying to remember all those vocab terms!

For the full list of tips, check out the links, and good luck on your next exams!

Coaching Ice Hockey

I coach the Eagan Junior Gold A ice hockey team. The team consists of most high school seniors, with a few juniors on the team. I am a relatively new coach, so my post is about my experiences, and what I’ve learned/am learning throughout the process.

My audience is any other hockey coach, hockey player, hockey parent, or anyone with an interest on hockey. You the teacher are also included in my audience.

The goal of my post is to inform others of what I am doing as a coach, and to receive feedback/criticism from other more experienced coaches.

A normal post would include some of the things I’ve done/am doing with the players, and my reasoning behind it. A post might also include a record update, or any other piece of relevant information. I am usually asking for constructive feedback because, again, I am pretty much new to the whole coaching thing.