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How Cremation came About

Ever wondered how cremation came about? Cremation is the practice of reducing a corpse to its essential elements by burning, although most religions and cultures are against the practice of cremation and feel that the dead should be properly buried, things have changed a bit.


The practice of cremation on open fires was introduced to the Western World by the Greeks as early as 1000 BCE. They seem to have adopted cremation from some northern people as an imperative of war, to ensure soldiers slain in alien territory a homeland funeral attended by family and fellow citizens. Corpses were incinerated on the battlefield; then the ashes were gathered up ad sent to the homeland for ceremonial entombment. Although ground burial continued…… cremation became so closely associated with valour and mainly virtue, patriotism, and military glory that it was regarded as the only fitting conclusion for an epic life.

The Romans on the other hand, observed all the properties. They covered the pyre with leaves and trotted fronted it with cypresses, after it was ablaze, troops shouting war cries circled it and cast trophies taken from the slain Latinos into the fire. The poured the blood of animals on the flames and when the fires were quenched, they washed the bones in wine and placed them in urns.

In India and some other countries where the custom is ancient, cremation is considered very desirable. It is the wish of all devout Hindus to be incinerated in Varanasi ; The waterfront of that holy city is lined with concrete and marble slabs on which pyres are erected. The remains are then deposited in the Ganges River. In some Asiatic countries cremation is available to only a favored few; in Tibet it is usually reserved for the high lamas; the Laos, it is for those who die “fortunately” (natural causes at the end if a peaceful and prosperous life). Cremation ceremonies in Bali are Colorful and gay. On a “lucky” day, bodies of a number of worthies, which had been temporarily buried or embalmed are carried to a high and decorative tower made of wood and bamboo and crenated. Forty two days later a second tower, which is burned to assist the soul on its journey towards the highest heavens. The ashes of the bodies are scattered on the water.

Modern Cremation

Cremation in the modern manner is very different. More than likely is a family is getting a dead loved one cremated its for two reasons, either it was the wish of the deceased, or the family doesn’t have enough money to pay for a proper burial and cremation is the cheaper rout. Cremation today is done placing the body in a chamber where intense heat transforms it in an hour or two to a few founds of white powdery ash that is disposed of in accordance with law and sentiment. Scattered in a garden or some other preferred spot, placed in an urn and kept at the home, or taken to a small pot or placed in a columbarium.

The revival of interest in cremation in Europe and United States began in 1874, when Queen Victoria’s surgeon Sir Henry Thomas, published his influential book Cremation, The Treatment of the Body After Death. Although it was not until 1884 that a British court first ruled creation a legal procedure, it won immediate support on both side of the Atlantic.

As the shortage of cemetery space in urban areas become more acute and as objections are answered, cremation may becomes the chief form of burial. Many protestant churches have actively supported it; the Roman Catholic Church has announced that it is not prohibited. The Orthodox Jewish religion however, continues to declare it forbidden. Legal objections that it would allow crimes to go undetected. Cemetery owners and undertakers have also minimized their opposition since cremation has proved no less profitable than more traditional method of burial.

Benefits of Exercising!

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We all now that there are amazing benefits from working out, such as losing weight; but what some people don’t realize though is that 85% of what you eat is based on weight lose while the other half relies on working out. Rather its H.I.T work out, lifting, or cardio what you eat is just as important as exercising and exercising is just as important as what you eat. In this blog post I will be sharing a few benefits I’ve noticed on my own as well some other benefits based of research form MedlinePlus .

  1. Benefit number one of course is that exercising helps to control weight lose along with dieting. Exercising plays an important role in controlling your weight and preventing obesity, to maintain your weight it is recommended that the calories you eat and drink must equal the energy you burn
  2. Exercise reduces your risk of heart disease by streangthing your heart and improving your circulation. The increased blood flow raises the oxygen levels in your body , this helps lower your risk of any heart diseases such as; high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and heart attacks.
  3. Improve your Mental Health and Mood! This I know for a fact! Before COVID hit and before I got lazy (rolled eyes at self) I had noticed a huuuuge change in my mood. I was always happy seemed like, I was less stress , and I did not let things bother me as much. It was like I would think so much clearer and all the voices in my head of things that needed to get done had quite down. According to MedlinePluse , during exercise your body releases chemicals that can improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed, which helps you deal with stress and reduce your risk of depression.
  4. Exercising Strengthen your Bones and Muscles. Like losing weight working out can also help you build strong bones and muscles, doing this can help slow the loss of bone density that comes with aging. If you’re like me and you’re trying to gain GAINS! and tone up this is great for you, but if not its still also great for you. Doing muscle strengthening activities can help you increase or maintain your muscle mass and strength.
  5. It Improves your sleep ! One of my favorite things after doing out besides drinking a nice protein shake, eat and checking if my butt has gotten bigger is sleeping! You get one of the most AMAZING SLEEPS EVER! After a good working out!
  6. OKAY! We’re all adults here so don’t be shocked about the next one I’m doing to say. Exercising can also Improve Your Sexual Health. Yes, I said it. Don’t believe me?? Ask a doctor! Or better yet ask me! When I stared my fitness journey and I began to work out on the regular, I started to notice that my legs should withhold the bending and lifting a little longer, and get this ladies…….. IT DID NOT HURT (HAHA) I know you all must be laughing like this girl is crazy, but its soooo true; I was also able to do the cow girl longer to without throwing in the towel complaining that my legs hurt.

The article states that regular exercising my lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men, and for those who already have ED, exercising may help improve their sexual function. In women on the other hand, exercising may increase sexual arousal.

You can read more about the Benefits of Exercising here

End SARS in Lagos Nigeria

A protester poses with a banner reading “End SARS” at the Lekki Toll Plaza in Lagos, Nigeria, on Oct. 18. Nelly Ating for Foreign Policy


If you are unfamiliar with SARS it stands for Special Anti Robbery Squad. This is a Nigerian police squad that has been known for their corruption and brutality on the civilans of Lagos, Nigeria. There have been recent protests due to the harassment and brutality of these police force. They do things such as harass, extort , attack and profile young men who dress well and drive nice cars because they believe they are in gangs or are scammers. They also forcefully take the money of the people of Lagos as well as rape women of all ages and kill innocent people on the street including those who are protesters. And what does the government do? NOTHING! They sit back and watch as the crime continues to unfold. Maybe because they to are corrupted.

I am Nigerian, born and partially raised there, and although I’ve been in Sates since I was five years old that is still my home. My mom, grandmother, unties, cousins, uncles are still living in Nigeria; so this bring fear and pain to my heart to know that this madness is going on around them. It also makes my mind go crazy because here I am in the U.S watching police officers kill young innocent black males and protest fighting for justice as well as watching building get set on fire for justice! And here it is the same exact bullshit happing in my home land all the way across the fucking world! Its insane and its nerve-racking !


From my understanding according to SARS or the hashtag #ENDSARS has been going on since 2017 and has just recently surfaced in the U.S after getting more attention from both Nigerian and American celebrities. Not just them but Democratic nominee Joe Biden spoke on the issue as well stating “The United States must stand with Nigerians who are peacefully demonstrating for police reform and seeking an end seeking to end corruption in their democracy” (Paquette).


When will it end? Not just SARS but police brutality in general? When you are trained in the police force you are trained to detain the threat, you are trained to not let the threat get back up, you are trained to KILL! Although I hate to say this and bring race into the issue but you are trained to kill a black person. Black people are trained to kill their own kind. Once you are Blue you pretty much have to choose, and that’s what the people of SARS have done. Furthermore, the police abuse their power. They get trigger happy or “panic. When will it end? I know not all police are dirty or bad, it the same way not all white are racist and not all blacks are thugs and are in gangs. BUT the system is dirty! The system was never designed to the black community to succeed or strive or prosper! It turns us against each other, it turns the outside world against us!

We have come a long way with the many people who have fought to change the injustice for the black community, and we still have more fighting to do for the black community so that history does not repeat itself. We can all be that change that is needed. By speaking up, doing research, listing, understanding, being empathetic, not being stereotyped the list goes on. Help #ENDSARS help #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY speak up and speak out!


If you have never heard of TSR TheShadeRoom you can think of it as a black TMZ. Like not even kidding! Not only is it a website but they also have several social media platforms, Instagram being their main source of traffic . On TSR they are known for (like the name says) shading celebrity, everyday people, artist and so on and so forth. Not only that but they keep you up to date about the latest news update such as the Presidential Election and more. Despite all the bullshit that they post, they also post good things such as heart warming videos of people getting engaged or married and of course helping people go viral because they have such a large following base.

I follow TheShadeRoom on instagram but I’ve never cared to actually take a look at their website because majority of the post on their instagram page goes directly here to the website which is also linked in their bio.

Now I enjoy TSR because they always know how to give you a good laugh, and if you want to know about all the latest celebrity gossip or scandal you can bet your last dollar that they will somehow have the tea first before anyone else. But the things I dislike about TSR is that they sometimes give fake news! Not only that, but no one knows who the bloggers are! Unlike TMZ where they aren’t afraid to let you know who their people are, TSR only has about two faces who are the “spokes persons ” for the site.

Comparing their website to their Instagram page its all the same mumbo jumbo! A whole lotta messy fake bullshit from people who just want a paycheck in their hands without even getting their facts together first. Oh and the worst part of it all is that they have a ShadeRoomTeen! As if discussing the adults isn’t bad enough now they go after the celebrity kids as well. Overall this page is very toxic both post wise and comments wise. OOOH how crazy the comments are.

Reasons To Create A Vision or Goal Board!!

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Why Making A Goal/ Vision Board s A Good Idea‼️ Lately I’ve been on this Self-Help Journey in my life and one of the things I’ve done to help me along the way was creating a Goal Board, also known as a Vision Board. After having such a shitty year in 2019 I decided that at the beginning of the year 2020 I would create me one so that I’m able to actually see and MANIFEST everyone of my goals and things I wish to accomplish in my life hence forth Despite how shitty 2020 has also been (LOL) I still have managed to stay positive. To some people this maybe cliché or whatever else the negative minds may believe. But to others like myself I find it very helpful and I have most definitely accomplished a few of the things posted on my board. Below are a few reasons why U should or it’s a good idea to create a vision board of your own. 1. I can add ANYTHING U want! 2. You are able to actually see in pictures the goals I wish to accomplish or manifest. 3. You get to call yourself out on your own bullshit when you’re not doing what it is you posted on your board. 4. Seeing your Vision Board everyday pushes you to actually do those things. 5. You hold yourself accountable for the things on your board. 6. You get to actually see your goals come to life. 7. IT’S SUPER EASY!! Seeing is believing! And if you have a hard time sticking to your goals and you need a little help getting there or if you have things you wish to #manifest awesomeness into your life, I recommend making yourself a vision board‼️

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I’m a firm believer of MANIFESTATION! I believe that you can manifest anything in life that you wish to have. I know this is true because I’ve done it several times before, and so have you, maybe you just haven’t noticed. Part of manifesting greatness into your life is either writing your goals down on paper and reading them aloud to yourself both day and night, or creating a vision board also known as a goal board. I do both!

First before creating your vision board you want to write down all your goals you wish or want to accomplish; then you want to print out picture of those things. I recommend pictures because you can actually see and visualize what you want to accomplish, words are great as well. After gathering those things and before posting it to your board you want to have a clear and positive mind. You have to believe that everything you will be adding to your board will be YOURS and you WLL accomplish each and every one of those goals! Clearly you are doing creating it for a reason and a purpose. You can add as little or as many things as you wish to your board; as you can see I still have room on mine to add serval things.

Once you’ve fished making your vision board, I recommend putting it someplace where you can see it EVERY SINGLE DAY so that you have a reminder of the promises you have made to yourself. I keep mine in my living room right above my television and YES I see it everyday and YES! I have accomplished and manifested some of the goals posted on there. I love my vision board and I can’t wait to make the next one for 2021. There still some goals I have not accomplished yet and thats OK. Some are long term goals and some are short term goals, so what I did not accomplish this year I will next year, or maybe even the year after that. The idea is have that reminder and those images in your head that “hey! this is what I wanna do, this is where I wanna go, and this is where I wanna be. How am I gonna get there? What am I gonna do to make sure I make it happen?”

And last but not least, BE REALISTIC!! Add to your board things you know you will do and can do and accomplish. :))

The Beauty Of Road Trips and Why You Should Take One!!!

My first time taking a road trip was when I was about 14 years old. This was when I was still living in Houston, Tx. My god mom, brother and I drove from Houston to Corpus Christ, Tx which is about a 3 hr drive. My next road trip was years later once I moved here to Minnesota where my ex and I drove to Chicago and back. And just recently my current boyfriend and I drove to Duluth and stayed for the weekend for my birthday.

I love to travel and I love to fly on the airplane as I watch the clouds from the window seat as well as have what seem like a from row seat of the sun setting or rising; and my love for that will not change one bit. But after now taking a couple road trips as an adults see why people love them so much and would rather drive from city to city than fly. You just don’t don’t get the amazing views you would get in the air, that you would get if you were driving. Not only do you get to sight see, but you bond with the people who you are driving with. The sleep in my opinion is way better than the airplane (unless you’re in first class). And you get to eat and snack and so much goodies and so on and so forth. I hope these 9 reasons gives you a reason to make your trip a road trip. :))

Are Vitamins Really Beneficial ?

Although there has not been much scientific studies or evidence that taking vitamins are in fact beneficial or work for that matter , I personally feel that they do. For about a two years now I have been searching for the right vitamins which works in my favor. Thats when I can across the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails vitamin gummies. First of I would like to say that I was very, very, very (emphasis on the Very) skeptical about these gummies. I had gotten two bottles from an old job that I worked, after we hosted an event which we were able to then take what was left over from that event. I read about this product and was just like “YEA RIGHT! OK WHATEVER” and in the trash they went! But then a close friend of mine from high school ( who’s opinion I trust) told me that she has been taking them fo quite a while now (Then) and that she loves them because they do exactly what the company says they do. And that’s grow your hair, nails and keep your skin looking good. But in her case, it really made her nails grow longer and stronger.

So after hearing what she has to say about the product, I then did more research, specifically video reviews before going to purchase a bottle. Once I stared to take the vitamins, without even realizing, my nails were growing and not breaking off like they usually do! (Not even kidding) my skin seemed clearer and glowed more ( I also have a skin care routine so that was probably it). But you want know what else ? My hair grew longer. Now my hair isn’t insanely short but I am natural (meaning I don’t put any heat or chemicals in my hair that may cause damage) and I do a lot of protective styles like braids, hair extensions, wigs (so that my natural hair is protected and doesn’t sheed, fall or break off and stays healthy.) Now whenever I would take down those styles, each time I noticed how much longer my hair has grown. And it clicked to me that it was the vitamins I was taking! As far as the One A Days that you see in the photo, I just started them and hope they do exactly what the company says the do so I to can advocate for them.

Are There Any Real Benefits to Vitamis?

According to researchers at evidence shows that No, there are no real benefits to taking daily vitamins because all the minerals and nutrient you need can be found in eating a healthy well balanced diet such as Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grain, and Low fat dairy products. Researches also go on to say pregnant women are an exception to taking folic acid supplements because ” Folic acid prevents neural tube defects in babies when women take it before and during early pregnancy thats why multivitamins are recommended for younger women.” (Appel)

Multivitamins and Health Benefits

There are mixed feeling when it comes to rather or not taking vitamins can really help prevent heart diseases, (The One A Day multivitamins I have states on it label that it does not prevent heart disease) heart attacks, strokes, cancer or even early deaths. On the bright side, the studies do show that women who do take multivitamins have a 35% lower chance of dying from heart disease. Multivitamins as well can be beneficial for older adults, helping improve memory, brain function and eye health

Knowing you vitamins A,B,C, E,D, K and the Proper dosage

Although researchers say there are no real use or befits in taking vitamins, I like to think that there are, otherwise they wouldn’t have made them and people like myself wouldn’t advocate for them (the good vitamins that actually works). And yes it may not help you live longer or help with heart disease but you still need your important vitamin intake such as vitamin D (especially if you live in a place where you get sunless days and cold winters) vitamin C and others. Its also important to do your research on the vitamins of your choosing as well as READING THE LABLE OF THE SUPPLEMENT FACTS! so you are not over dosing. To know more about the proper vitamin intake and the good and bad vitamins you should and should not take to much of, go to .

Blog Post2; Are You A Good Listener??

Lots of people feel as though they are good listeners because of the advice they give to people in response of what the person who is speaking said to them, but are they really? What makes a person a good listener? Are you a good listener? Most of us believe we listen well but, the reality is that we don’t. Many of us listen to respond, meaning once the person who has the spotlight on them is speaking, we already have gathered our response in our heads on what we are going to say next. We are not really listening to understand what the other person is saying nor are we listening to be empathetic, we just want to get ur point across. This is especially true when in an disagreement about something , or when we’re talking to our parents, or when our parents are talking to us. The point is, we all want to be heard. We all want to be understood when talking. William Ury does a great job at explaining the important of listing and how you can become a better listener.

The Importance of Good Communication

We all know that communication is key. We communicate on the daily; at work, home, with friends, via phone call text messages etc etc. So why do people find it t be so hard? Well one, because we don’t listen well, we are such in a hurry to give our response back that we tend to block out all of the important things the other person is saying which then leads to miscommunication or a misunderstanding. We as human can communicate in so many different ways; body language, facial expression, tone of voice, all these things lets a person know what you’re thinking and if you’re really there and are truly hearing what they have to say. I personally feel that its not only the communication side of things that people lack, but its also the comprehensive side of communication that people lack.

A short article of CFI gives great tips on how you can better your communication skills.

  1. Listen- open your ears and pay close attention to what the other person is saying, as Ury said “you have two ears ad one mouth for a reason”
  2. Consciousness- explain your words as clearly as possible, don’t use filler words.
  3. Body Language- It is important to practice good body language such as eye contact, head nodding and to slouching. (the link explains more)
  4. Confidence – Be confident with what you are saying.
  5. Open- Minded – Even if you disagree with what the other person has to say, still be open to their opinions, let them speak.
  6. Respect- Respect what the other person is saying. This goes back to body language, don’t roll your eyes as they speak, don’t yawn, don’t be on your phone, don’t make them feel as if you do not care what they are saying.
  7. Using the correct medium- Make sure you are using the correct terms and words when speaking or explain something .

Again, the link goes a little more in depth about these seven practices.

Blog Post 1-Social Media Sucks!

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In an era where everything is in the palm of your hands, where you can access anything and anyone in an instant no matter where you are in the world its no joke that not only have our phones, but social media has taken over our lives. If you’re like me then you probably check your phone as soon as your eyes open in the morning and before you shut them at night scrolling through your Facebook feed laughing hysterically at stupid meme’s and funny post. Or taping through Snapchat trying to see what exciting things your friends has done today.

Although Social Media (or as Mandelson said that Vaynerchuk described it “the Internet”), because lets be real, it is the INTERNET; is a great way to keep in touch with family members and close friends It’s also a place for fake news, clickbait, and of course let’s not forget a place where some people lose track of reality because, not only do they compare there lives to others, but some people even try to “prove ” themselves to a much of people who they might no even know in real life.

Like many people I love being on Social Media and I tend to spend a lot of time on it, but the older I get the more I realize how stupid it actually is! (Rolls Eyes; says the person who wants to be a Youtuber) . I could be doing something way more productive with my time, but instead I’m wasting it scrolling down the blue app we call Facebook. Ooh yea! And thanks to COVD, lets not forget our very new Social Media family member TicToc (Which I personally feel is stupid and deleted after two days of having it) . But on a serious note, what i’m basically trying to say is that Social Media is an addictive place where like I mentioned before, people lose track of whats reality and whats fake.

In an article/ Blog Post Titled Why Social Media Sucks (and What We Should Do About It) by Thomas Lewington

he described Social Media as “Junk Food For The Mind” and I would have to say I love that description and couldn’t agree more! Like the Internet because SOCIAL MEADIA IS THE INTERNET, or as Vaynerchuck said “Web 2.0” it rottens your brains and sometime makes you feel like shit once you get and realize how much precious time you spent on it, in the same way junk food does once you realized you just finished that family size bag of chips in one sitting or that entire bag of cookies. He also goes into details on how you can deal with your Social Media ADDICTION, some which are GREAT and I myself put into practice, although I rather just delete the entire app itself and download it back whenever I need some distraction in my life. He actually give some good tip which some of us should appreciate.