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Capabilities of Social Media

Communication’s global growth and its continuous expansion. Communication can disappoint too.

We all know communication has come far a ways to fulfill its reputation as world wide phenomenon. Going from only being able to talk to one another by walking outside of your home, the racing home so you could beat your sibling to the landline days. You know the pager and star sixty-nine days. Having to memorize your best friend’s phone number or being solely dependent on a phone number written on your hand days. The communication in which we use to socialize or to get our points across shapes our societies’ social structure. How we share our beliefs and values to another is ultimately what makes the term communication.

Advancements have led us to having the capabilities of mass communications options right from the comfort of your own couch. We can now use social medias and platforms to convey messages to loved ones, family members across seas and even professional business related peers. The cons of social media quickly surface. For if there is a platform to express your values and interests amongst others that share the same values, there of course has to people on the platform who necessarily don’t. With this, hostility can be important factor to consider when regulating and painting the site. There are many ongoing, changing policies and regulations to acquire to the need of the site’s many users. Communication has come so far away and has so far along to go.


What do you do to Self-Care?

Self -care is often times abandoned or delayed. September is the month to appreciate the act of self-care. Self care should not be preceived as selfish or egotistical. Many situations require the need to care for others before caring for yourself, however maintaining proper self care can sometimes be overlooked. I know it can be time consuming and in most cases vastly spendy. According to, you should use the month of September to observe your daily self-care practices and to be good to yourself. Outside of taking morning breaths, there are several ways to practice robust self-care.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care can be defined by maintaining a regular sleep routine, eating healthy, reading on Sunday afternoons in the park or even having a cup of cocoa after a cold day out. Self-care is limitless. reminds us to keep ourselves the focal point of your own life. A birdie once told me that it only counts as self-care if it produces happiness and health. Self-care should be looked on as taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others. It should make you feel good about yourself and should show to others. It should promote happiness within your heart and within communities.

I hope in respect to the Evolve of Life non-profit organization, don’t forget to hashtag #SelfCareAwarenessMonth when you show how you self care.