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How are you using your Social Media?

When we think of social media, I believe most think of Facebook. Although before Facebook we had Myspace and Tumlr but Facebook changed the dynamic of social networking and how we communicate and connect with friends. As many of you may know, Facebook was originally created for college students, if you did not have a college email you could not create an account, that soon changed when Facebook became a publicly trade company. Facebook was now available to any user that could create an account and it changed the dynamic of social media. Not only were people using this blue app to connect with friends and family, but it was used as a way to express social concerns, people were able to create groups and business pages that would promote a product or cause.

This paved the way for other networking sites such as twitter, Instagram which is now owned by Facebook and Snapchat. Each platform has their own unique element that makes people navigate back and fourth frequently from app to app. On twitter we would see more political tweets, funny videos and statements from celebrities. Twitter allowed you to follow these celebrities and get a peace of their life and re -tweet their post. This is something Facebook had not implemented outside of fan pages where most celebs didn’t control or rarely posted anything outside of promoting their music, movie or products.

As Instagram was introduced, it was different from Facebook, if you got tired of listening to peoples opposing views or post about “what’s on their mind” you could go to Instagram and enjoy photos of people out with friends and family. People found it appealing to post when ever they were at a fancy restaurant or traveling or at a music festival. The more intriguing content you posted the more followers you obtained. People began to understand the influence social media had on peoples to react to certain things. A 26 year old entrepreneur found that he would not just use his social media to get the best picture of last nights steak, but he would promote his business. In 2016, John Elizetxe launched a teeth whitening business called snow on Instagram which made him a millionaire.

many business spend thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing but with social media, you can reduce the amount of advertising cost. Business owners who are selling products have used individuals with a massive following to promote their product. If your favorite celeb says they are using this teeth whitening product, chances are you will consider the product or purchase it as well.

Social media has changed the way businesses market and the way social networking is done. You don’t have to have a lot of money to start a business you just need a good product or content and to strategically market on social media to gain buyers or supporters.

Public Voice Blog 5

Since the top of the year the topic of conversation has been about the unexpected pandemic. With the coronavirus said to have spread from China, as recent, the U.S has confirmed over 1 million cases. The spread of this deadly disease as many know has forced the president to call for a state of emergency which has led many states to completely lock down cities to reduce the number of infections. The issue with this is, many small business that were not considered essential had to close their doors, but the question many are asking is for how long? Although The SBA offered low interest loans to help small businesses as well as that advancing up to $25 thousand to some businesses to stay afloat. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to get a piece of the pie; either they were not approved or registered too late. With only 13 days of the government offering $349 billion in loans for small business, the money ran out. Big companies like Los Angeles Lakers and Shack Shake took advantage of theese loan while many questioned why.

The government also offered the payment protection program for companies with less than 500 employees but reports say 90 percent of minority owned businesses were not qualified for the program. While mom and pops stores were unable to take advantage of any of the funds, over 200 publicly traded companies received over $750 million in small business loans. This is what they mean when they say the rich get rich and the poor gets poor. Small business that are serving the community are forced to temporarily close their business which impacts revenue which can ultimately lead to downsizing.

As many states remain closed some establishments are reopening under limitations. businesses such as restaurants, fitness centers and hair salons are still restricted from opening. If this prolongs, many businesses will not survive this crisis. I believe many small business owners will be forced to go out of business or file bankruptcy which will leave opportunity for those in power, or who have funds to buy the businesses or reap the benefits of their absents.

I find this very frustrating as a small business owner myself. I am unable to apply for loans because there are no more funds and the Paycheck Protection Loan applications had an overwhelming number of businesses apply so I am subject to wait to see if I was approved. Meanwhile, my business continues to lose money daily.

There has to be laws implemented that will govern small businesses especially business of color. Hence, but this too explains how systemic racism still exist in the land of the free.

Protect and Serve Blog 4

Although social distancing is heavily promoted all throughout the U.S, that didn’t stop a California officer from striking a fourteen year old black boy while he was pinned down. Video surfaced the internet while the cop tried to detain the boy because he was smoking a cigar. The boys sister shared the video on twitter and the video began to circulate getting the attention of authorities who stated the incident is “under review.” However, they also added that the boy was resisting arrest while the officer was trying to detain him. Although you can see in the video, the boy is lying on the ground while the officer is on top of him struggling to arrest him and punches the helpless teen. This is something America is all too familiar with, the boys in blue using their power to hurt instead of protect. Many blacks have lost their lives to the hands of the very people who are trained to protect and serve the communities but if you are black, protecting and serving doesn’t apply you pose a threat.

With technology and the easy access to mobile phones, police brutality have been caught on video more than we can remember. Although the boy was resisting, that does not give the officer the right to act in such fashion. We have somewhat become desensitized to the injustice against blacks. If you wear a badge and feel your life is threaten you can take the life of innocent people. You aren’t considered a murderer, you are just doing your job. Although you cops have taken the lives of unarmed blacks, they are welcome back on the force and back into the community with no sentence or accountability. We have seen countless cases such as the case of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland. The list goes on and cops are not prosecuted as a regular citizen would be if they would take someone’s life; their actions are justified and the victims family is left with grief and loss.

In the mist of this pandemic, there was another shooting caught on tape where an armed man happened to pace the streets with a gun and pointing it at officers. Officers repeatedly asked the suspect to drop the gun, he refused and continued to pace the streets while many people watched. Many witness were angry that the cops were being so patient with the guy yelling, “if he was black y’all would have been shot him.” Other witness screamed to cop to shoot the armed man. As he continued to carry the weapon, the police were left with no choice but to release fire.

We access the event above, a non-black man with a weapon walking the streets and pointing a firearm at officers several times before the officers fired. You look at the case of Michael brown of St. Louis Missouri who had his hands up and did not have a weapon and was murdered in cold blood. Why is it that cops react so quickly to shooting blacks even though they are unarmed or do not pose a threat?

In 2017 a Georgia cop pulled over a woman and was caught on dashcam stating “we only kill black people.” After the statement, the cop was subject to losing his job but requested retirement which was honored and led to no disciplinary action for the statement.

It is evident that the justice system does not apply to you if you are black or brown. If you are wearing a badge you have the right to take a life and keep you freedom and job. It is clear that racism plays a role in our justice system. We look at Mohammed Noor the somalian officer of Minneapolis who killed a white woman was the first to be convicted of murder for an on duty killing. We ask if the woman Mohammed killed was black would he had been convicted, or if Mohammed was a white officer would the circumstances been the same?

Dr. Martin Luther King and many other civil right activist fought for equality and though America is not as segregated as it once was racism still exist.

The color of coronavirus

As America has confirmed over 1 million confirmed coronavirus victims, 55 thousands Americans have died due to the virus, but when we look at the statistic, data reveals “deep inequities by race.” COVID-19 has had a major impact on the Black community where their has been a health disparity for years. The article gives the number of states confirming those who have contacted the virus and those who have died from the virus by race. The morality rate for black Americans compared to white Americans is 2.7 times higher but that number does climb depending on the area. Of the corona deaths, 28 percent of blacks have died compared to 11 percent of Latino and Asian and under 10 percent for whites. Based on these numbers you can see the disparity between minorities. Most blacks have pre-existing health concerns. Although the article makes it appear that the virus is more deadly among blacks, it does not give the ages of victims of color who have died nor does it exclaim other health issues of those who have died.

I was on social media when I came across a video of a black women who appeared to be in her late 30s. She explained how she had symptoms of the virus and was diagnosed that she was positive without actually being tested. There are other stories out there that proclaim that hospitals are labeling any unknown cause of death as a result of COVID-19. The issue with this is, we truly don’t know the real numbers. many statistics have been falsified. The article also says that data by races is only record for 3/4 of the deaths so how can they actually conclude that Black Americans suffer more without factoring in all the numbers?

We understand that for years, there has been health disparities in the black communities because of lack of resources. It is proven that blacks are more likely to wait longer in a waiting room at a hospital than whites. Black are also prescribed less medication for conditions than whites. We can see that even in 2020 that systematic racism still exist and those less fortune suffer in epidemics such as these.

Another article explains that other countries are reporting their COVID-19 fatalities differently than the U.S. In the U.S, if someone test positive with COVID-19, even if they die from something else, the death is counted as a result of the Coronavirus. This is why I question the first article that blacks are more likely to die from the virus. They are not discussing heart attack deaths, those who are dying of cancer or diabetes, all the focus is on the virus no one even mentions the flu anymore nor are there cases reported of patients having the flu. The main stream media has a way of promoting exactly what they want us to see and believe. When the pandemic first struck, it was rumors that black could not get inflected by the virus and now blacks are among the the most affected. It is said that in Virginia and St.Louis 100 percent of the coronavirus deaths were blacks. At this point you have to question what role the health care system plays in this. Here are the articles below.

Educational resources for kids stuck at home

Since mid March, children have been out of school due to the coronavirus. Teachers have implemented distant learning assignments to keep kids engaged while out of school. Although many parents like myself was hoping this would not last long, Governor Tim Walz announced last week in a press conference that schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. Me personally I am not surprised. In late March my children school ordered we come and pick up all their belongings, I knew at that point they would not be returning. Many of us have no background in education, or being a teacher but we all have succeeded through grade school so the material the children bring home is manageable . I came across an article that gives over 40 free educational resources for children while away from school. I found this resource very useful to keep children engaged but also keep them stimulated and excited to learn. Although it is an adjustment for us all, a lot of resources that typically require a fee are free. Many of these educational websites have put together learning activities that promote the involvement of parents teaching children from outside activities to inside. This is definitely much needed considering walking the dog, riding bikes can become a little mundane after a while. I have attached the link for anyone who would be interested in taking advantage of these resources while home with their children.

Social Media helps Stir Protest over Quarantine

Although some may be embracing time away from work and more time with family, protesters in Democratic cities crowd streets protesting the end to the stay-at-home order. Unlike some, I work for Delta Airlines so I am considered an “Essential Employee.” However, business is nowhere near as busy as usual, flights that are typically oversold are now empty or booked with less than ten passengers. It has definitely been an adjustment going to work in such a quiet environment. My hours have been reduced and I just spend most time scanning social media. In Minnesota the stat at home order was moved from April 11 to the end of April, this caused a small protest outside of governor Tim Walz home with people protesting against the stay-at-home orders. Facebook has had a major impact influencing protest. In the article, it is said that activist on social media have used grass-roots efforts to convey the message, using hashtags expand efforts. Social media has played a major role in the Quarantine, from people creating live videos, games, mems and conversations surrounding COVID-19. Social Media has a huge impact on the world and the messages we see and information that is spread. I am indifferent about the protest. Part of me agrees that we should open the economy back up but the other part says quarantine to reduce the number of COVID infections. It feels like a nightmare that has gone on for far too long.