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Why Reputation Management is Important for a Company

Managing the reputation of your company or brand is extremely important. To a lot of companies, that means just responding to negative comments, and that’s where it ends. The importance of keeping up a good reputation all around on social media can elevate a brand to a healthy social presence.

According to Social Media Today, 90% of consumers look at online reviews before buying something from a company. That could mean you could be losing 90% of your potential customers if your online reputation isn’t groomed well.

Reputation management is a necessity to not take such losses. The writer of the article suggests that “reputation management is the process of taking your online reputation into your own hands.” And utilize strategies like creating your own content and interacting with people reviewing your stuff. Ultimately its about showing your customer base that you care about feedback, that you want to improve your process and offer better service every day.

It’s such an easy way to protect your brand image online, as well as to build relationships with customers that will come back because you thanked them for their feedback.

Ultimately, keeping up and maintaining a good reputation is important to show that we care about our relationship with our customers and deferring from all the negative responses that could turn away so much business. It’s kind of interesting to see how many people will make a decision based on reviews.

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Social Media Boosts Travel Among Millennials

It seems like nobody travels more than millennials these days. I’ve noticed myself through social media that this generation loves to travel. Of course, everybody loves to travel, but if you think about it, our parents and grandparents didn’t travel as much as millennials do today. But what is it that gives millennials that extra itch to travel that generations past didn’t have? Economy? Technology? Or just the adventurous spirit millennials possess? Well I think it’s all three.

Forbes did an article about how social media makes millennials want to travel more. And I believe that that is the case. They talk about how millennials don’t just use Instagram to look at pictures anymore, but to determine where they are going next! They also state that “more millennials indicated that social media was an influencing factor in travel choices than travel agents.”

Using social media for travel inspiration combines the three reasons why millennials are traveling more; economy, technology, and adventure. Because this generation is so immersed in technology its incredibly hard to avoid seeing your friends traveling and sharing their adventures. And with so many apps that make travel so much easier like Uber and Hotel Tonight on the rise, Millennials are finding it easier and easier to get out and see the world.

But also, the culture among millennials is to adventurous while you’re young, and see the world as much as we can. And ultimately its becoming more and more accessible, and social media plays a big role in that.

I’ve been blessed to be able to travel quite a bit the past four years through my job. People kept asking me for tips on travel and where to go in the cities I visit frequently, so I started documenting my travels with Instagram a year ago, and called it @KarasevTravels.

So now that this class is done, get out there and explore the world. You only live once!

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Leave the Music Alone

This past March, the country of Ukraine banned a Russian Eurovision contestant (Yulia Samoylova) from entering their country to compete in the contest. For those that don’t know, Eurovision is a song contest across all of Europe, and this year it happens to be in Kiev, Ukraine.

As many of you know, there has been a lot of tension over there with the Russians invading and taking Crimea from the Ukrainians. But that’s not what this blog post is about. I’ll let CNN and Fox talk about that topic. This post is about the music.

Being part Russian and part Ukrainian myself, I think all this drama is stupid. Like I said I’m only here to talk about the music, so I’m not choosing a side, or condoning improper political behavior on this blog post. Being a musician as well, I have seen first-hand how music and the arts can connect people of all backgrounds. Music is supposed to be uniting and inspiring. Not a political ploy to get back at someone.

Per an article by the New York Times, “roughly 180 million people around the world tune in to the contest, which features contests from around 40 countries.” With so many people tuning in all over the world and 40 contestants, I don’t see why they aren’t all fighting this. Surely there are people who share my feelings on this crime against the arts. If I could suggest a call to action for the contestants it would be to boycott the Eurovision competition. And they should all band together and do a “We Are The World” type of video, to show the governments that tampering with the arts has no place in politics. And ticket holders should not attend the event until this has been fixed.

I think music is one of the few things on this planet that can bring all kinds of people together, and I don’t think we should let anyone take that away from us.


Air Travel: You May Know Less Than You Think

Flying, the thing that the average American does a few times a year, and is immediately an expert. Working for an airline for the past 4 and half years, I’ve learned that the public is extremely un-educated about how airlines operate. And, why should they? I mean with flights being so expensive and so highly secure by TSA, how could someone get a full glimpse into life of an airline?

In recent news, United airlines (before the man got dragged off the plane), got flack online for denying boarding for two girls because they were wearing yoga pants.  Now that’s what the title reads. But if you read any article that describes what happened, they just state what United stated, but unless you work for an airline, you’d still probably think that United Airlines is a sexist company.

 Disclaimer: I do not work for United Airlines.

That is Quentin Fottrell writes in his article for MarketWatch. Although the writer does state all the facts from both sides, there is an “anti-United Airlines” tone to the article. Especially all the tweets that were posted by flyers and celebrities, bashing the airline for how absurd they were being for not letting young girls get on a flight because of yoga pants.

But here’s the catch (the part that only people who work for an airline would understand), those girls who got denied boarding were “pass riders.” In other words, they flew for free on some buddy passes given to them by an employee. And the culture that average travelers don’t understand is that EVERY airline in the world has a dress code policy for employees when they use these benefits. As employees, we are responsible to know and inform those who travel on our buddy passes, about that dress code policy.

So here is where I have beef with this writer. He kind of just wrote about the situation and talked about United’s side of the story, but he didn’t explain that these are strict rules that every single airline enforces. In the 90’s, the culture for “pass riders” was to wear suits and ties and be business professional when you traveled on a buddy pass. The airlines let you fly for free, on the condition that the traveler represents the company well.

And because people aren’t aware of this unique culture, you even get celebrities like Sarah Silverman tweeting that she is “changing all my @united flights to other airlines”. When in reality, every airline would deny those two girls in yoga pants if they were traveling on buddy passes.

Air travel is one of those things that people think they are experts on, but it’s a unique world that you can only truly experience from working in it.


Fidget Spinners: Useful or Distracting?

Ahh the fidget spinner. Arguably the dumbest thing ever invented. Or is it?

Promoted as a toy that is supposed to help kids with ADD and autism pay attention better, has caught the attention of kids, and even adults all over the nation. Personally, I think they are an extreme fad, not to mention pointless. I feel that watching from the outside these fidget spinners seem to be more of a distraction than they are helpful.

But who am I to bash on these fidget spinners if they are truly helping kids with ADD and autism focus better. So, I took to the internet to consider both sides of the argument.

According to an article by teacher, Jessica Fear on called the horrors of the fidget spinner, the latest classroom menace, fidget spinners are doing more harm than good. The article talks about how even with the science behind the toy, the people who claim the fidget spinner is helpful, have not spent much time in a secondary education classroom. And that it has a bad effect on those around the kids playing with the toys. While the fidget cube was just distracting and may help some students focus better, the fidget spinner is pure distraction.

Although Forbes gave me a different look the fidget spinner in their article Here’s The Science Behind The Fidget Spinner Craze. This article presents three different scientific possibilities of why fidget spinners can actually help a person focus. The first one talks about how “fidgeting may occupy parts of your brain that otherwise would distract the rest of your brain with random thoughts.”  The second being that body movements are “actually part of the thinking and expression process.” And the third being that fidgeting can offer a sense of comfortability, predictability, and structure to a person.

Whichever you choose to believe, there are always two sides to every story. Spin on my friends. or don’t.


The Power of Social Media

Last month, my best friend Bethany got hospitalized due to immense pain and numbness in the left side of her body. She couldn’t move her left arm or hand. While Bethany was undergoing the many tests the doctors put her through to find out what was wrong, they discovered a benign brain tumor as well.

Well, if you’ve ever seen the show ‘Friends’, you’d know that if that happened to one of the characters, the rest of the gang would be incredible stressed and sleepless. That’s exactly what happened with my closest group of friends. One of us was always at her bedside the entire time she was at the hospital. Especially when her husband (my best friend Wes) needed to be at work. A week and a half went by in the hospital and still no answers, among the stress of the unknown, Bethany who is a professional photographer, had to find fillers for the scheduled weddings she had to shoot. We realized that there was going to be a lot of gaps to fill for us. But we were happy to help.

So we came up with a solution. We launched a YouCaring fund raiser, to help with all the unforeseen hospital bills that would need to get paid. And the next couple of days blew me away.

Not only did we all post this to every social media platform we have accounts on, but we encouraged everyone to at least share the link, and give if you can. The next thing I know, I’m seeing this being posted by all our mutual friends and acquaintances with Bethany, on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and even Instagram stories. And every single person that posted about it on their Instagram story, said the same thing of “Link in Bio.” People that knew Bethany closely or decently well, replaced their Instagram biographies with the link to her You Caring page.

This not only moved me, but also taught me a lesson about social media. That even though social media can be seen as a platform to promote self-centered posts, celebrities’ selfies, and company products, in a moment in time of need for Bethany, our internet circle of friends and acquaintances used these platforms to raise them the money they needed. The goal was set at 20K at first, but that was met in a day and a half. Then it was raised to 30K, and that was met in 3 days.

 No matter what negative connotations social media may carry, I believe that when used for purposes such as these, it can be one of the most powerful tools in the world.