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Planting a Garden? Here’s what you need to know

The best kind of veggies are the ones you can pick yourself. If you plan on starting a vegetable garden this year here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get more food on your table.

First you should choose what kind of plants that you want to grow. Find out what kind of light and water those plants like.

Then you want to choose a place for your garden that suits the kind of care that is needed. Things like cucumber, eggplant, and squash all like to have partial light.

Over watering is just as bad as under watering plants.

Should it be legal for employers to refuse to insure birth control?

Recently president trump has passed a law making it legal for employers to reuse to cover birth control under insurance. The Law state that if the company feels that it is against a moral or religious reason then it is legal to not cover it under their insurance plan.

I do not think that this is right. A company should force the people they employ to follow the same values. The employee’s should be able to pick a plan that best suits their life. If the company wants to offer options that do not include birth control, fine. It should still be the individual’s right to choose.

Why should my period be taxed?

When we come into this world we are given no choice on the gender that we are. For the rest of our lives we are given choices that can be much more expensive then our male counter parts. From the beginning of your first period, women must buy expense, necessary products that are made more expensive buy the tax on them.

Why are we allowing the government to be charging a tax that only affects half of the population.

What you need to know before you buy your next car

How to find the right car for the right price

Buying a car is a big decision, so where do you start? How do you know if you are getting a far price? How much should you really be paying for those extra features?

Going to a big dealership can be intimidating. The sales people swarm you hoping to get you into a new car today. They hand you packets of information about things you can put on the vehicle. Once those features are added to the price all of a sudden you are five thousand over your budget.

Buying a car brand new is expensive, and whats worst is once you drive it off the lot the value of your new car goes down significantly.

You have another option. Find a dealer that has salvage vehicles. When a car gets totaled out by the insurance company offend times it is sent to an auction to be sold. Some dealers will by these crashed vehicle and fix them. Before they are able to be resold the vehicle must go through an inspection by the state. This inspection is to ensure that the vehicle has been restored to working condition.

If you want to know more about what some of the benefits as well as risks hit the link above.

So you have decided that you want to buy a salvage vehicle, how does that affect the price of your car? If you decide to buy a salvage title you should look at the value and take about 10-20 percent off .

The NADA guide can also help you look at specific models of cars! It has a compare button that will list two vehicles side by side for easy comparison.

A new way to Student

As a college student I am required to buy quiet a few books each semester. Going to the school store can be very intimidating. So many books for all the different majors. I find myself waiting for assistant to find a book, and then waiting again to get through the check out line. On average it takes me about thirty minutes to get my books. Never again, now I order all my books through

Now that I use Chegg it takes me 10 minutes to get all the books I will need for that semester. One of my favorite features that Chegg offers is the ability to read the books before they arrive. They give you access to an online book immediately after purchase. However, some books do not offer this due to copyright issues.

In addition to selling books Chegg also offers a lot of studying tools for all sort of subjects. From study guides to Q&A with Tutors, Chegg has all you student needs.