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Schoolboy Q at the Armory


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Immigrants Detained by Local Law Enforcement

The public issue I would like to address is the detaining of illegal immigrants by local law enforcement. The immigration problem is more of a situation rather than an issue, the way most US citizens view our immigrants is disgusting. People have a strong feeling that these immigrants are stealing our jobs, and are promoting our crime rates. I see it to be very hypocritical that US citizens see our immigrants this way because most of our great-grandparents, grandparents, even parents aren’t originally from here. It appears that the US is okay with immigrants, but god forbid they are a couple of shades darker in their skin tone. This whole country was based on immigrants, so I am lost for words as to why the immigrants that we have coming now aren’t being socially accepted.

Yes, some of these immigrants might be up to no good, but so are everyday US citizens, there are going to be bad seeds on every surface of this planet, Immigrant does NOT equal criminal. These people work hard just like us, in some cases harder, and shouldn’t be transferred to federal immigration authorities due to minor crimes. Administer a punishment, but do not deport. These people have families, kids, and responsibilities that they need to take care of, one minor mistake shouldn’t dictate if they get to see their family ever again. If anything, this would be creating more damage than it being a productive tactic.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I feel that the people that are in favor of local law enforcement to be able to detain immigrants and transfer them to federal immigration authorities don’t quite have a good grasp as to how severe that consequence is, OR that they aren’t mindful as to how less fortunate people’s situations are on a day to day basis. I provided some results from to show you how the public views this issue. It grosses me out how many people are for this (more than half).

MN Results:


Link for more detailed results:


Updating facilities U of M

The U of M is trying to ask the state government for money to renovate various facilities across multiple campuses. President of the U of M claims that:  “University of Minnesota contributes more than $8.6 billion a year in economic activity to our 87 counties.” This may be factual but the point I like to make is how this school charges a significant amount of money for tuition but still needs helps with funding from the state. I understand that the U of M is a major contributor to the state tax  revenue, but I don’t think that is a good enough a reason to increase their budget.

I understand that we should prioritize our youth and their education, but I feel that with this school it shouldn’t need much help with renovating facilities with the money they already make off of the students. Also if the school is to use state government  funds, the school should make the facilities open to the public and not just the students enrolled at the school. I think that Erik Kaler, the president of the U needs to review his budget and see where he can scrounge up spare change to improve his school that doesn’t offer the general public time to use the facilities before asking for more money from the state. I think that tuition from all the students would be more than sufficient to cover pay for professors and facilities. Go gophers.



Cannabidiol—CBD  is a chemical compound in cannabis that is beneficial from a medical standpoint. It gives people the medical benefits of cannabis, without getting the “high” or “stoned” feeling. CBD is still paving way for acceptance but has still has a stigma since it derives from the marijuana plant.

There has been tons of testing done on the benefits of CBD especially when we talk about seizures and general body inflammation. The major break through right now with Minnesota Medical Solutions is that they have developed a more potent strain of marijuana to extract CBD from. This is a vital procedure because it cuts production costs by making it easier to produce the plants, and making it cheaper to refine CDB from. Since Minnesota is one of the most restrictive states with medical marijuana it is a great opportunity to get rid of another obstacle standing in the way of patients in need of medicine that isn’t as harsh, and  providing an alternative solution to their medical needs.

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From my point of view on CBD, if there is a medical solution with out experiencing the intoxicating aspects of marijuana it should be used medically. It has very minimal or close to none side effects and can help a large sum of our population. Obviously we still have a long journey on the way to legalization on both state and federal levels, but having medical CBD available is a step closer to legalization.

PDF on CBD testing results:

StarTribune Article:

Minnesota Medical Solutions website:






Jeff Sessions revoking ‘Cole Memo’

For those who aren’t too familiar with what is going on in the United States as far as cannabis laws go, Jeff Sessions has revoked the “Cole Memo” a couple of days after Marijuana was legally available for recreational use in California. The Cole Memo made it possible for cannabis laws to be somewhat protected on a state level.

The revocation of this policy was horribly timed and feels purposely put into play by the Trump administration at an ever so crucial moment for the citizens and cannabis users of California.

The article I read gives an insight as to how a large segment of the population feels and views the predicament that they found themselves in.

Cannabis laws vary from state to state but here are some if you’re interested, obviously for the state of California. (State laws):

On a federal level, the law remains the same and doesn’t not vary at all and is held as a standard from the Federal Law for the United States:

For the most part it seems as though the citizens of California aren’t shook from the opposing Jeff Sessions attempt to complicate laws on cannabis and are still running business as usual.

Tweaking Capitalism

Reading an entry from his book “We First” Mr. Mainwaring points out flaws of traditional Capitalism as well as some of its intended positive methods. I completely stand with Mainwaring when talking about capitalism and using social media to get to a new form or version of capitalism. Obviously things change over time and so should our methods of communication and rules and regulations that we are governed by.

Establishing my viewpoints corresponding with Mainwaring’s points of tweaking and making changes to capitalism is what the focus of this entry is, and to help my peers understand how improving a concept that has ran our society for years can help benefit all of us from an economic standpoint.

Capitalism has failed us, and has stopped “fixing” itself. We live in a society where the rich stay rich and poor become more poor. Its bigger than just this book and its bigger than policies, rules, and regulations. Capitalism is a money hungry and filled with greed. Society as a whole has been manipulated and influenced to use and feel like they need a product without thinking about the consequence. As long we can have our food come in nice packaging and buy enough food to feed several families and let it go to waste is okay, which fully disgusts me. Mainwaring makes a point that in order for corporations to succeed they must change their priorities as to how their company impacts our environment and how people should be the priority. Showing responsibility and integrity while still being successful. We are so far from this because Capitalism equals GREED.

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