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Where is Music Now?

October 3, 2021 By Kay Yang

Think about what you were doing in the year 2004, or anytime before that timeline. Chances are you had a big bulging box called a CD player. You hauled that thing around whenever you wanted to listen to your favorite songs. Or perhaps you would make your way out to the store to buy an album you’ve been looking forward to listen to. Well, time has changed progressively. Music is not what it used to be. To get to our favorite music now, it’s much more easy than going out of your way to buy an album. In 2003, Steve Jobs once believed and said, “The subscription model of buying music is bankrupt” and can’t be saved even by “the Second Coming.” 

His bet may have been way off. Streaming now accounts for 80% of U.S. recorded music revenues. We can now access 60 million songs ad-free for less than $10 per month. According to Forbes, Spotify is very much like the Netflix of music, and dominates the global streaming scene. Don’t forget some of the biggest music media outlets; Amazon, YouTube, and Pandora. Users are often present in these regimes when it comes to accessing their favorite music, and often at the cost of practically nothing if they alone have a device adequate enough to download and search for these applications. Along with it comes a background of advertisements and corporate agendas oblivious to the audiences, and revenues generated.

According to Forbes, YouTube remains the biggest global music force by a long shot, and is where most kids get their audio fix. YouTube only pays royalties on the ad revenues it collects. So it always wins. TikTok has also snuck into the prime time of music entertainment galore in recent times. TikTok is another massive player, and is joined by one of the biggest music entertainment known as Tencent Music. Its influence has been abundant and attracted to a vast audience of the world.

The state of music for tomorrow remains unknown, and as stated, it’s forever changing. Yet we can be sure that music of all genres, and crowd winning favorites have been an ongoing sensation to preserve. Music is something that has been around even since the primitive times, where some of the most famous musicians like Beethoven and Mozart composed pieces still lives on in today’s classical genres. Their music still continues to be studied, and an essential model for musicians to come. Is it safe to say music will continue to live on, and never dull out? Perhaps so. It’s needed in almost every entertainment agenda; movies, advertisements, events, social gatherings, and more. Music is inarguably the beloved foundation, and heartbeat of all things. It proves decades after decades of its needed continuance in the lives of every human. The evolvement of music and its outlet for listeners is just like wine, it gets stronger with time.

The Power of Communicating with Others

In reading chapters 1-3 of our textbook, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”, we learn that communication is not possible alone, and in isolation.  The author David Meerman Scott stated in the book introduction, “Thousands of you have followed along, and many have contributed to the writing process by offering suggestions through comments on my blog, via Twitter, and by email. — Your enthusiasm has made the book much better than it would have been if I had written in isolation.” (p.5)

Communication contribution as strangers are crucial; even to others who may not know others personally but are taking heed of their words for their case studies. With that said, imagine how important our words are to people who we do personally know. There seems to be an original root in some form of communication, and I’m inclined to find it! 

I am convinced that those initial roots go right back to us.  The power of communication is evident. We all have the power to communicate with others and bring out magic from what we say.  The power to bring life, positivity, and negativity is at our grasp.  Blogging consists of community peers who not only strive to create content, but they also strive just as equally to receive it.  Tony Robbins echoes these beliefs in this message:

Mr. Carlson placed into perspective in his lecture this week of the Shannon & Weaver “transmission” model (1949), that there is always a sender who encodes to a channel, is then decoded and received.  In the channel stage, there may be noise before the decoding stage is reached, but it is a part of getting to the destination of the receiver.  It is up to the receiver to perceive the message as intended from the sender; but it is often my hope that the sender does an adequate job sending the message efficiently.  Communication is the utmost mediator of our times. We live in a world where all five stages of this model is very often at stake.  Words are the root before it becomes an action. Communication is the utmost mediator of our times. We live in a world where all five stages of this model is very often at stake.  Words are the root before it becomes an action.

Communication is a starting point, and it has an ability to shape the events of lives and progress.  The freedom to speak, and the freedom to receive is prevalent.  I can only hope we continue to walk the right path, speak the right words, and perceive communication to truly be better, so that the world can be better.  The power of communication is truly in our hands, our thoughts, and our actions.  It can determine how we will work with others.  As Scott D.M exemplified; the idea to work in isolation is not up for questions.