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Is Writing Letters Gone Forever?


My parents got married back home in Ecuador in 1984. They decided to move to the New York shortly after they got married. While they were living in New York, they tried to maintain communication with relatives back home mostly by sending letters and calling the only phone that accepted long distance phone calls in the small town. It was quite a hassle to communicate with family.

I remember when I was younger, my parents encouraged me to write my cousins letters so I could keep in touch with them, and not forget about my family that lived long-distance. Around the holidays, my parents always made sure my brothers and I wrote letters and sent greeting cards to our relatives. It became something we always did.

Hello Social Media

Times have definitely changed. Social media has made such an incredible impact in the way my family communicates with every one of our relatives. Most of us now rely on Facebook to communicate. I have cousins, aunts, and uncles who live all around the United States and Ecuador. We’ve been able to connect via Facebook, share pictures and comment on posts right away. I can’t remember the last time my parents wrote my relatives a letter. Almost everything is communicated through Facebook now.

I do miss sending and receiving letters. I guess to me it’s more personal and thoughtful when someone takes the time to write. It’s always nice to go the easy route and communicate on social media but sending a handwritten note is fun every now and then too. I still have some letters from friends and relatives who lived far away. Some of them live closer now and we’ve gone back to read what we used to write each other and they are pretty funny.


Texting vs. Calling

cell phone

I’ve recently realized that I hardly ever talk on my phone. A lot of the communication I do on my phone is texting. It just easier and I can reply when I want to and I don’t have to pay full attention to the other person. There have been times where I ignored phones calls and just replied with a text just to avoid being on the phone having conversations with people. That sounds kind of sad but it’s my reality.

I was curious about this and decided to look up what information there was available on this. According to­­­­ and article in the Chicago Tribune, “Americans spend about 26 minutes a day texting. That compares to spending about six minutes a day on voice calls.” That is pretty ridiculous!

Texting Is More Convenient

Texting is definitely more convenient for me at times but I do prefer it over voice calls. That may be the reason why sometimes I find myself having problems having conversations with people, especially people I meet for the first time. Texting has also caused quite a few communication mix-ups. There have been times where one thing wasn’t supposed to come off a certain way and caused unnecessary conflicts. It probably could’ve been avoided by talking. Emojis didn’t help the situation. 😦

I guess talking on the phone with someone does seem to be the best way to avoid misunderstandings. Talking on the phone is also more intimate. When speaking to someone on the phone, you can get a better sense of what mood they’re in by the tone of their voice. You can’t take back what you say on the phone. With texting you can draft a message and make sure you are writing exactly what you’re trying to say. It’s really a matter of preference. I could definitely work on being a better person and start talking on the phone more often.

8 Reasons Why We Need To Go Back To Calling Instead Of Texting

The importance of family time

Growing up, I always had my parents and close relatives cheering me on at my soccer games. For every celebration and every event I was a part of, I always had the same group of people encouraging me and showering me with affection. We’ve always maintained a close bond and still do today. I really found it important to have that time with family, especially when I was younger. I didn’t know how much of a role this played in my life until I was older. I used to go to my cousins soccer games when he was younger and I noticed that two of the kids’ parents were almost never at any of their games. They were usually dropped off and picked up. They hardly ever had that one person cheering them on at the sideline. It made me feel bad for those kids. What if having a parent, aunt or uncle cheering them on affected their personal development?

Benefits of Family Time

I believe family time is definitely very important especially for children. According to Children’s Home Society of California, there are several benefits of spending family time together. Here are some to name a few:

  • Improves ability to learn – Reading, playing, and talking with children improves their social and academic skills.
  • Builds bonds and self-esteem – Quality time with children teaches them that they are valued, and builds a sense of security and belonging.
  • Social Education and Safety – During early childhood, children take social cues from their caregivers to learn right from wrong.

Spending time as a family can build stronger relationships, create memories, and influence children positively in the future. I definitely loved receiving the love and affection and I do encourage other families to spend more time together as well.

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