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Help The Environment

I enjoy the idea that blog post reach a community of people. As I write this blog post now my peers and professor will be able to see my writing and thoughts connect. Will Richard mentions connective writing and what that truly means. When writing critically, and with discipline, blog writers can create connective  content. 

In my connective blog post I am sharing two connective links. Each of these images/articles care about the environment and animals. By sharing in the same environmental goals these two organizations can connect their unique community’s. More people need to stick together to fight their cause. If we are divided we will not be able to work together. The hardest part about the internet is that online circle do not reach all of their supporters.

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College Is Not The Same.

Mental illness is more of a priority than it used to be. More and more college students are realizing how much school takes a toll on their mental health. It is stressful thinking about all of the debt people are accumulating. Annually we are reminded how much our tuition is being increased and how much text books will cost each semester. Whether u borrow student loans, or pay out of pocket, how much money we are spending is a stressor. This takes a toll on mental health.

Mental Health of College Students Is Getting Worse by Jessica Colarossi April 21 2022 The Brink 

Recognizing the Reality of Working College Students

Minimizing the harm and maximizing the benefits of work.By Laura W. Perna and Taylor K. Odle