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What Happened to Susan Cox Powell?

*Trigger Warning*: death, murder, child violence

It has been over 10 years that Susan Cox Powell went missing December 6th 2009 . Susan was living in West Valley City, Utah with her husband Joshua Powell and two boys Charles, 4 and Braden, 3. Susan and Joshua being Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, were brought together at a church party and began dating soon after in 2000.

By 2007 the couple filed for bankruptcy with over $200,000 in debt. Soon after Susan writes a letter to her family without sending it warning them of Joshua’s threats. In the letter she claims Joshua told her he will destroy her and warns her family if she dies “it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one.”

December 7th 2009, Joshua Powell comes home from a random winter camping trip with his 2 sons to find police at his house after a missing report was filed after Susan failed to report to her cosmetology job. Police begin to grill him, ask him why he took his sons on a random camping trip during below 0 temperatures. Charlies daycare teacher and police interview him and he says his mom came with but didn’t come back. He also says his mom is dead. Josh says his sons imagine is running wild and he says his wife stayed home and was gone when they returned. A search of the Simpson Spring campground on December 10th brings no new evidence.

By December 18 Joshua and his sons move to Puyallup, WA to move in with Joshua’s father Steven Powell. Throughout the year, talk of Joshua’s father Steven Powell making sexual advances towards his daughter-in-law Susan began. By September 22 2011 Steven Powell is arrested for child pornography and voyeurism. Susan’s parents are granted temporary custody of the 2 boys weeks later. After a court appointed search of Joshua’s computer reveals it contains images of incest, beastality, and simulated child pornography, the boys are permanently placed with Susan’s parents.

Sunday February 5th 2012, a social worker arrives at Joshua’s trailer for his court appointed visit with his sons. While his sons run through the door he slams it in the social workers face, locking her out. She then makes an extremely frustrating 911 call claiming she can smell fire and smoke is coming from the house with the operator not understanding the severity.

An explosion goes off crating a huge fire killing all 3. The 2 boys were found with chopping injuries to the head and neck from a failed murder attempt using a hatchet. Joshua then decided to set the explosion off to complete the job.

Many believe Joshua’s brother Michael and their father Steven may know what happened to Susan or be involved in her disappearance. The 3 had an uncomfortably close bond many found bizarre. Unfortunately neither were able to share information because in February 2013 Michael Powell jumped off a parking garage in downtown Minneapolis dying instantly. After serving 6 years in prison Steven Powell is released July 2017 and 1 year later dies from heart complications. Their deaths bring many secrets to the grave.

Hollywood’s Depictions of AAPI Women Causes Harm

The world is still trying to process the horrific acts of violence towards the asian american and pacific islander communities. The shooting in atlanta not only brings up violence towards asians but the violence individuals in the sex industry face.

Looking back at popular movies like Mean Girls and Austin Powers we can clearly see how these stereotypes and stigmas given to asian characters in these movies perpetuate societies views towards these communities, especially the women.

In this article Why Tina Fey is in Hot Water With the Asian Community its stated “you can go much further back in Fey’s career and find serious issues with the 2004 film Mean Girls, which Fey wrote. The movie’s script promotes the idea that Asian women are promiscuous, specifically with the characters of Trang Pak (Ky Pham) and Sun Jin Dinh (Danielle Nguyen). Those characters’ names alone are an issue—one of the names is a mashup of Vietnamese and Korean surnames, as noted by actress and writer Mara Wilson. But perhaps the most troubling aspect is the fact that the two high schoolers are both entangled in a romance with their much older gym teacher, Coach Carr (Dwayne Hill), a joke that underlines the all-too-common fetishizing of Asian women.”

This clip from austin powers is cringeworthy and hard to watch. After a slew of easy and sleazy jokes surrounding their names they offer Austin Powers a “top secret massage”, perpetuating the stigma between asian women and sex work, especially massage parlors.

These just name a few, and it’s hard to believe these stereotypes don’t have anything to do with current violence against these communities. While nothing is perfect I suggest watching one of the following to cleanse your palate: Crazy Rich Asians (2018), Always Be My Maybe (2019), To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018), and Never Have I Ever (2020)

They Had it Coming: The Troubled Life of Aileen Wuornos

*Trigger Warning*: Sexual abuse, child abuse

Aileen Wuornos is known as the “Damsel of Death”, the “Highway Hooker from Hell”, among many other monstrous titles. Taking a step back these names and claims of her maniacal murders were all given by men. Most documentaries about Wuornos were directed, produced, and written by men. Her story would be perceived drastically different if someone telling her story was a women and better yet a sex worker.

Her traumatic childhood is often left out of her story but shows the many layers she contains and abuse she endured. She never met her father who was in prison before she was born serving time for kidnapping and sodomizing a child. Her mother abandoned her and her brother who were eventually raised by her grandparents.

By 11 her grandfather had been molesting her for years and she began having sex with neighborhood boys including her brother. She would have sex in return for cigarettes and spare change. By 13 she became pregnant and delivers the baby at a house for unwed mothers. Her son is given up for adoption immediately. At 15 she drops out of high school and hitchhikes from Michigan down to Florida supporting herself through sex work.

At 20 she has a 9 month marriage to a 69 year old wealthy yacht club president. He claims she beat him with his cane and annulled the marriage. The next 10 years Wuornos finds herself in and out jail for robbing, car theft, forgery, resisting arrest, and obstruction of peace.

The film “Monster” by Director Stacy Jenkins begins telling Wuornos story at this stage right before she meets her girlfriend Tyria Moore. She begins killing abusive clients and robbing them to support her new lover. This film did an excellent job at humanizing Aileen Wuornos and showing her side of the story. Her claims in court of being sexually and physically abused by her victims fell silent in real life but were vocalized and expressed in this film. I believe this film differs so much from the others and shows Wuornos in a different light because it was created mostly by women.

Lori Vallow: LDS Mom turned self-proclaimed ‘High Priestess’ kills her children

*Trigger Warning*: Child abuse and murder

The trouble was thought to have started July 19th 2019 when police were called to Lori vallow’s house in Arizona after a domestic dispute erupted between her brother Alex Cox and then husband Charles Vallow. As more unraveled about this family it becomes apparent the trouble had started years ago. During this visit cops are met with Charles Vallow’s dead body upon arrival with Cox, along with his sister Lori and her daughter Tylee claiming it was in self defense. Little did they know Cox was sentenced to 90 days in jail and on probation for 5 years for tasing and threatening to kill Lori’s 2nd husband and father of Tylee, Joseph Ryan in 2007. Ryan passed in away 2018, the cause of death was listed as a heart attack and he was cremated soon after. Little information is available about the death in and investigators have become skeptical.

November 5th 2019 Lori then marries Chad Daybell, a somewhat famous doomsday apocalyptic author whose wife mysteriously died only a fews weeks prior October 22nd. shows Vallow purchasing the wedding bands seen in their Hawaii wedding pictures October 2nd. Another notable thing about their weddings pictures is the absence of her children Tylee and JJ. Once they return from their destination weddings concerns of the whereabouts of the children begin. November 26th police conducted a welfare check on JJ requested by his grandparent who hadn’t seen him for months by now. Vallow lies and tells them he’s saying with a family friend in Arizona. The next day police show up to conduct a search for Tylee and find Vallow and Daybell had fled.

Media reporters find them in Kaui, Hawaii and begin hounding them on the whereabouts of their children in this chilling video.

By December 12th Alex cox Dies of a mysterious blood clot and by January 5 2020 Vallow misses her 5pm deadline to produce the children and by february 20th she’s arrested. she’s extradited to Idaho where she remained in jail. On june 9th police begin a search on Daybells property and soon discover the remains of Tylee and JJ buried in a hole. He’s taken into custody that day.

This investigation is ongoing.


Iconic pop star Britney Spears has been under conservatorship for 13 years under her father Jamie Spears . There’s been a recent fight for her to have control over her own estate instead of the hands of the father she dislikes and does not trust. Lawyers on both sides are paid by Britney Spears making this a convoluted and disturbing ordeal.

A conservatorship is where a judge appoints an individual or organization to care for another adult who is deemed unfit to care for themselves or tomaage their own finances. The last 12 years her conservatorship has been private. Within the last year Britney has filed documents through her lawyer that request part of her conversership be made public. Hence starting the #freebritney movement.

Whats upsetting her fans is her obvious being taken advantged of. 2 years after Britney was put into the 5150 hold in the pyschartic unit she was abck with Blackout her hit album where she famously performed at the MTV music awards looking a little off. Indivualds under conservatethsups should not be able to work if their deemed unfit to care for themsleves. Britneys dad is using the consrctysip in his favor to accrue h9s own perosnal welth.

More reason not to like this man is that there was a file reported on child abuse towards JAmie spears towards Britney and Kevin federline’s 13 year old son Preston, among other incinets.

Britney entered the conservatorship at age 26 in 2006 when her meltdowns were heavily on display captured by paparazzi. She was seen shaving her head and attacking a car with an umbrella. What the public wasn’t privy to was the custody battle Britney was in with her then husband and father to her children, Kevin Federline. During this time she was hospitalized and put into a rehabilitation facility.

As of her now her fight continues to get her father off as her sole conservator and transferred to a bank to manage her estate. Britney recently had a small win in court with her father losing a bid to be her sole conservator. Britney is continuing to try to have her father removed from conservatorship with her next court hearing being March 17.

Free for Local Government to House Homeless People

It is now 100% FEMA reimbursable for local government to house homeless individuals not only in shelters, but hotels, motels, and housing all non-congregate. Currently FEMA has been reimbursing at a 75% rate which the city/state has needed to make up the rest and most often cannot. Considering how the previous administration handled the housing during crisis during this pandemic, this is good news. This extension will last until September 30th but it is on local government to act and take advantage of this aid for houseless individuals.

Previously Minnesota was 1 of seven states approved for a similar program where those who have benn exposed, tested positive or are at high risk were the only ones eligible. This seemed like a foresight to most due to being homeless being a risk factor in itself. Now this program is across the U.S. and eligible to any homeless person providing a non-congregate living space. This new memorandum was just put into effect January 21st so the roll out of resources still needs to planned and implemented. Unfortunately, this means we cant immediately place homeless individuals into hotel rooms and tell them to bill FEMA before bureaucracy gobbles it up. Local government is in charge of sourcing available non-congregate housing which will be the difficult part.

Ways to help and jumpstart this are: Urge health officials to activate DHAP which would help transition those in the temporary FEMA housing to a permanent housing solution. Urge state officials to share clear guidance on program rules and ensure full transparency on details. Push for the resurrection of openFEMA which could be used to make this data available for greater racial, income, and accessibility equity.