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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Judging people is a natural human to instinct, originally existing for safety. However, when you judge someone by what they look like, or a façade they have on the outside, it can greatly impair your view on what they are actually like as a person. A person who looks disheveled and not put together shopping at the grocery store, may very well be a millionaire. Someone who looks nerdy or smart because they wear glasses and a button up shirt could very well be the dumbest person you’ve ever met. Someone who has a great smile and looks like the most inviting, easy-going person, could be extremely rude and talk crap about you behind your back. Someone who may look superficial and not academic, could be the most educated person in the room. Be careful what you think of others based on what they look like. It may leave you seeming shallow, rude, or just plain ignorant for being so off base.

This article is very important because it is a wake up call to start looking deeper into your own first impression beliefs. We usually think of people in extremes, judge based off of bias, when we do not actually know the person or their story. Think about how you have had certain folks in your life for years, and they still manage to surprise you. So how can you in the right mind think you know someone you’ve only had very limited interactions with?

Judging or making assumptions is dangerous because if you are wrong, you can be offensive, hurtful, or give the wrong impression about your own personality.

It’s not what you look at that matters.
It’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

I think this quote fits for this blog because like I said earlier, how you perceive someone is entirely up to your own bias, past experiences, and stereotypes. Sometimes it is not specifically even the person you are judging, but what they are wearing or how they groom themselves, or how they talk, maybe even the music they are listening to.

Stop yourself. When you feel those judgments bubbling up in your brain, about someone you hardly know, just stop. You may think well easier said then done, but it is quite easy actually, just tell your brain to think about something else, or to keep on open mind and quiet the judgements. It will make your life more peaceful, give off better vibes and energy to those around you, and help you make new and great relationships.

Hanging in the Gallows

One of the most fascinating things to me is the Death Penalty, (Capital Punishment). The history off it, how it happens today, the different opinions on it, it is all is so interesting.

A lot of people call it lethal injection, but that is not the only method that is still legal. The different laws that exist in the states that still have the death penalty vary quite a bit. How they all differ so widely is very intriguing.

Many states have outlawed capital punishment, but there are currently 29 states that still have the death penalty, 21 that have outlawed it, and 4 that are controlled by the governor (Gubernatorial Moratoria). The link below shows which-ones-are-which on a map and lists them as well.

Most of the states that still use capital punishment use lethal injection as the primary method of execution. However here is a list of the states and what other methods might be used. Such as: hanging, electrocution, firing squad, etc. Read about those specifics here

While it is true that in most states you can only get the death penalty for murder, that is not the case for all… linked below is a fascinating list by state, of crimes punishable by the death penalty.

Though the death penalty is still frowned upon by many, you have to admit we’ve come a long way. Just take a look at this list for example, the older years like 1600s, 1700s: Getting hung or burned alive for theft, witchcraft, adultery, or “horse stealing” seems unimaginable to us now. All I have to say is I think many people would be grateful to not be living back then.

I hope after reading this you learned something new, something shocking, fascinating, or maybe disheartening. My goal was not to make you feel uneasy, like I said earlier I find information on this topic incredibly interesting. I think it is a topic that is important to be aware of, educated on, and not swept under the rug. I would love to know any patterns you saw or found in the links I attached or ones you stumbled upon browsing the website. I couldn’t help but find myself trying to make connections between things happening – and region, race, time period, state and more. Let me know in the comments! Also what is your opinion on capitol punishment?

Who is really the G.O.A.T?

I know this topic is debated heavily already, and it has been for quite sometime, but I felt I need to point out the untrue, and shed light onto the weird approach of the article above. The author states that James is the most talented basketball player we’ve ever seen, he says this and obviously believes he is an expert on the topic. He argues the debate isn’t actually about stats or talent, but about memory. I would disagree, players should be critiqued on their skill, the debate should remain about facts, not this nostalgic crap the author seems to be invested in. Memory and time does not give Jordan the advantage, if they can’t remember that he was worse than James how could they remember that he is better?

An argument on who is the most skilled, talented, perfect basketball player of all time should never have anything to do with what someone thinks is based on a memory bank or memory reconstructions. Facts do not change over time, memories of real events may fade but can not make up a different event or ending. The way he talks about Lebron, having people hold his talent against him, people calling him an alien, and how Jordan was appreciated for his talent and hard work…its clear the author has an extreme bias.

And lets look at the facts shall we? Since after all thats what an argument should be based on.

James – Average 1.6 steals – 0.8 blocks. He didn’t feel the need to guard the best player on the opposing team (the closest to his equal/what would be fair) 27 points and 7 assists per game 73% free throw shooter, better at passing than Jordan.

Jordan – Average 2.3 steals – 0.8 blocks ( 2 inches shorter than James) Jordan always felt the need to guard the best player on the opposing team. Michael Jordan has won the defensive player of the year and James never has. 30 points 8 assists average per game, 83% free throw shooter, 9 time scoring champion (something James only accomplished once)

Who do you think is the better player? It may depend on how you look at it like this author from the article if you’re upset you think people are remembering things better than they were, or if you base your opinion off of facts, which team you like etc.

College is stressful enough – without the thousands in debt

Attending college is a privilege. It is also an accomplishment to be proud of. College comes with hard work along with stress. It comes with exciting new information and knowledge, then more stress. It comes with new faces and new friends, then more stress…you get the point.

College is stressful, plain and simple. Whether you attend Harvard or Metropolitan State University, whether your major is science & engineering or creative writing, college is stressful. You have to be efficient as heck at time management. Managing classes, coursework, appointments, work, social life, taking care of yourself and your health, and on top of all that, all the little inconveniences life throws your way…a college student is BUSY to say the least.

A giant part of the stress of college is paying for it! Higher education in America does not come cheap. The majority of college students these days graduate with a student loan debt around $30,000 dollars. That is more money than the cost of some brand new cars, more than some people make in a year, and definitely enough to put a large damper on a student’s spirit. Having that debt looming ahead often causes people to drop out, it creates a huge inconvenience for those who decide college isn’t for them for a different reason. For those who plan to and do earn a college degree, the awareness of the massive amounts of debt they will accumulate that will take years and years to pay off, while limiting their future ability to purchase a home or start a family, lessens the feelings of excitement and accomplishment you should feel when earning your degree. THIS IS WHY PUBLIC COLLEGE SHOULD BE FREE.

It is not something that is impossible to achieve. If a country we can spend 3 billion on wars…we can probably fund a plethora of other things too. Shocking, I know. Here is a plan to do just that by a current presidential candidate.

College is hard enough with a new environment, living on your own, taking care of yourself, managing schoolwork, work, classes, family, friends, and whatever else it may be. Worrying about massive amounts of debt, if you can afford to get an education, makes an unnecessary burden. America is better than that. Vote for people to represent your county, your state, your country well. Making college free would help do more than just alleviate the middle-class of an extreme burden. Check out these 5 reasons it would help as a whole.

If you believe public universities being free would have helped you or someone you know follow their true path in life, step out of their comfort zone, get the job they wanted, meet like-minded people, or just have the opportunity for higher education without the stress of constant worries of work, money, and debt, then VOTE for those who have a plan to make college more affordable.

There is a reason people are addicts.

Do you know someone with an addiction? Are you that person? Do you ever wonder where addictions stem from?


Addiction is a widespread and very broad issue in the world, and throughout the United States. People are addicted to many things. Addictions, like coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes are addictions that might take a longer amount of time for the consequences to show up. Examples like heroin, methamphetamine, and opioids lead to becoming a non functioning addict more often, and more quickly. All addictions come with consequences, whether it be weight, danger to your health, danger to your life, loss of control in your life.

Addictions like those mentioned above can lead to health problems, loss of people in your life, job loss, or incarceration to name a few. You probably know this already, along with that often when confronted or caught, these individuals who have the addiction say something along the lines of “I can’t help it”. Which is mostly true, this article has some important facts about addiction in the U.S.

Brain Health

Having an addiction to something stems from somewhere, for someone who doesn’t have the best brain chemistry, tries something that may cause an addiction, likes it, and starts making it more regular until it is no longer in their control – they are addicted. Have you ever felt this way? Maybe with coffee, or your phone? Like you rely on it for happiness or believe you need it to function. This comes from your neurotransmitters being off, this comes from having nutrient deficiencies.

Brain Health and addictionLifestyle & What you eat, can save you from addiction

Why don’t you have control? Why can’t you stop? Why did you start in the first place? Why do my friends not have this problem? I imagine are some of the questions addicts ask to themselves. To learn more on

Dr. George Papanicolaou, DO says that “Addiction is a powerful force that can sabotage your life and hurt those who surround you. Whereas researchers once considered addiction a weakness of character, in recent decades we’ve learned that brain-chemistry imbalances often underlie addiction to drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.” Please read this article before you continue reading. As Dr. George explained, having the correct nutrients, correctly firing neurotransmitters, and way of life give you a balanced brain. One that is significantly safer from bad decisions causing addictions, and addiction in general.

I hope reading this gave you a sense of control, and an understanding of what can be done to prevent or recover from addiction. Do you see the connection between taking care of your brain and preventing addiction? Looking at this information, it re-inspired me to really do all that is necessary for a healthy balanced brain, and hopefully rely less on coffee for energy, and less on media for happiness. It also made me grateful my parents raised me eating right, and taking the correct supplements, exercising, and getting good sleep. It shows me it is worth it – despite both sides of the family having members with severe addictions, I have successfully avoided addiction despite having had exposure to many things that could have led me down a destructive path.

Would you like to live in your bathtub ?

I hope you did not click on this post because living in your bathtub sounds pleasing.  That being said, we have some serious matters to discuss

Orcas have been captured, bought, sold, used, and abused for money, since 1961. Over the years, more and more marine parks began using orcas in their shows for the public. The profit from these parks and shows is astonishing, and arguably the only reason orcas are still in captivity. Research upon research shows how these captivating mammals suffer in captivity. They commit suicide, they live shorter lives, they become sick, their bodies don’t develop properly, and they are just plain sad. Here is a link to some of the many devastating results of orcas being captured and brought into captivity.

These stories, along with research and advocacy has brought awareness and some change. SeaWorld was forced to phase out using orcas in their performances and to stop breeding. This was a giant, wonderful step in the right direction. However, these mammals should not even be in these tanks to begin with. It is not natural, it’s clearly not healthy, and it’s downright cruel.  In the title I asked you, “Would you like to live in a bathtub?”  You may have thought in your head “well, that’s ridiculous, nobody would want that.”  But for these orcas, they didn’t even have a choice. I encourage you to read this explanation of what the captive orca is subjected to.

How do you feel after reading those stories? Let me know below in the comments.  Now my intention was not to make you depressed, although you may be after reading all of that information. I am pleased to tell you, there is a solution, and it is in its beginning stages, which is very exciting. There is hope! There are good people out there who have decided to actually do something about this issue and have take action. For years the idea of dolphin and whale sanctuary’s was discussed and debated. The Whale Sanctuary Project has plans to make it happen.  I will link their website here. It has more information on why orcas, other whales and dolphins should not be in captivity, along with their plans, their team, and bios on the mammals they’d like to help more.

I hope that I get to watch this project grow and become even more of a reality, and that they are able to accomplish all that they plan to. 

If you realize the magnitude of this issue, and care about these beautiful, intelligent creatures like I do, spread the word. Encourage people to boycott SeaWorld, instead go on whale watching excursions or watch them in their natural habitats from the shore. Take concrete action and donate or support the The Whale Sanctuary. Comment down below some animals you love or would love to observe in their natural habitat!