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Social Media & Consumerism! – Blog Post #5

How many purchases have you made because it was trendy on social media? Social media has created a pathway for influencers, celebrities, and brands to advertise their products on each platform… what does this lead to? Consumerism! I cannot tell you the number of times I fell into the “TikTok hype” before I do, let me define what “TikTok hype” means. It’s a phrase that’s commonly used today by many users, to describe something that is worth buying. Influencers will post about a sponsorship, or a regular person will just record a product review of the item and tell people to buy it, etc. I’ve wasted so much money because I always used to buy the trendiest thing, whether it was hair accessories, clothing, beauty products, or anything else. It’s crazy how social media has such an influence on how I spend my money.  In the “How does Social Media Influence Consumer Behavior” article by Clootrack, there’s this interesting quote that stood out to me… the text states “A Deloitte report highlighted that consumers who are influenced by social media are 4 times more likely to spend more on purchases”. 

When people are sharing their experience/review of a product, it will influence others to try it out. It’s become so crazy that people now have their own “Amazon Storefront”. This is where they list all the products they buy, so others can buy them off their page. If a purchase is made, the individual will receive a percentage. It has literally become a business… a shady one too if I might add. How do we know what’s real anymore or what’s worth buying? How do I know if they just want to make a $$$ off me? 

The “How Social Media influences Us to Buy” article by becomingminimalist addresses an interesting point. The article states that “social media advertising is more effective because the opportunity to purchase is immediate”– What this means is that if we see an ad for new shoes, we are going to buy it within that same minute because of how convenient our phone is to online shopping. Whereas before people would see an ad, and drive to the store, all while remembering what it is they want. But since we have our phones, all we need is the app and to have our credit card info memorized…that’s all it takes. I like how this article specifically addresses how personal spending is more visible. For instance, if I see my friend spending money, I will also think I should/can spend money too. Everyone has their reasons, but maybe it’s because they’re influenced by that one purchase their friend made, and now it’s “Oh I think I want this too”. This is why I prefer to do my shopping alone because I don’t want to buy unnecessary things, and feel pressured/influenced. I am trying to become a minimalist every day, I only buy staple pieces for my wardrobe, and I no longer feel the need to buy into trends. 

The two articles: 

Nurses, Doctors, Medical Professionals Deserve MORE! Ft. Covid-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is one of the most significant public issues that this nation has faced. COVID-19 was declared a national emergency in March 2020. Ever since then, life has been completely different, we were in quarantine for months, gas prices hit a dollar for the first time in decades, and this country’s unemployment rate was the highest since the great depression. The reason why I believe the COVID-19 outbreak was the biggest issue since the 2008 recession is because it changed millions of American’s lives. With that being said, imagine the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who worked tirelessly during the pandemic, witnessing people die from this disease, having the entire country call your work/profession a lie or a hoax, and dealing with aggressive patients refusing to wear a mask or social distance. Nurses, Doctors, and medical professionals are burnt out, they’ve been exhausted and overworked since the pandemic started, they have to deal with toxic management, who prioritize making $$$ over saving lives. 

My mother currently works at one of the largest hospitals in Minnesota and she worked during the pandemic. Every day when she’d come home after work, she’d update me on how “filled up & packed” the hospital is. She witnessed Nurses get emotional because there weren’t enough beds in the ICU for COVID patients. The most upsetting thing she told me was how they prioritize people, for instance, if an ambulance rushes in a patient, they will get helped first, instead of the sick patient with COVID. I’ll never forget when she told me that her hospital set up tents, and filled them with COVID patients. All while people are still partying, socializing, and putting more people at risk. 

You might be asking where I’m going with this, and I’ll tell you. 15,000 Minnesota Nurses have gone on Strike because they’re not being paid fairly, they are short-staffed and overworked, and both of these factors harm patient care. Because when these Nurses go on strike, there will be nobody who will help patients. These are the same Nurses who worked so hard and saved lives throughout the pandemic and the Union representing them is not providing them with what they deserve. Nurses, Doctors, and all Medical Professionals deserve higher pay & better working conditions. I don’t know why this has lasted longer than it already has, these people helped save lives during the pandemic. They faced the ugly and put themselves at risk every day by working directly with COVID. 

If Nurses and Doctors don’t receive better working conditions & pay, they will leave their profession and that will put many American lives in potential danger because it will soon become a game of “Which life should we prioritize today? & We need to help this patient first, they are more urgent”. I don’t want to live in a world, where my life is measured by the sense of urgency. COVID-19 caused so much damage to the health workforce, there’s this quote from this article that caught my eye We’re doing twice as much work essentially for the same compensation and with fewer resources.”- This came from an ICU nurse with 14 years of experience, this is so devastating. Action needs to be taken place, and the state needs to do something, there should NOT be a nursing shortage, these are great people who dedicated their lives to help and save ours, and they deserve excellent working conditions, and pay.  


Blog Post #3- Working From Home…

Link: People who want to work from home are lazy and just want to watch Loose Women, says businessman – Wales Online

The article I linked above discusses how a man named “James Cox” believes people who work from home are lazy and how WFH needs to come to an end. I chose to criticize it because it’s simply not true. WFH (Working from home) became normalized because of the pandemic. There are many studies and research that prove that WFH boosts employee productivity and has helped companies/organizations become more successful. Within these studies and research, WFH has many benefits such as: a work/life balance, lower stress, job satisfaction, etc. In the article, James Cox described the people who WFH as “People who want to doss on the sofa with your laptop in your PJs…You want to work from home! So you don’t have to get dressed at 6 AM? So you can save money on travel? So that you can watch Loose Women on your lunch break?” Yes, James exactly that. Do you know how much time and money people saved from commuting to work 5 days a week? Personally, I saved so much on gas, especially during inflation. People are realizing the flexibility WFH provides, people can apply for remote jobs from all over the country, and don’t even have to leave their own city. 

James Cox then goes on to say “People say it’s a better work-life balance if you’ve got children or pets, they want to see their children in the morning or their sister can have their children at certain hours but deep down I’m just seeing a lazy mentality”- Does he not realize there are children who live in single-parent households? WFH provides great flexibility to parents, and they get to save so much money on daycare/babysitters. Don’t get me wrong WFH is not easy, back-to-back meetings, and long hours can be difficult, but guess what? Some parents and students balance (life, school, extra-circulars, and many other things) including their WORK- so how is this lazy mentality, James? I disagree with James’s opinion and the entire article because there are no facts/studies to back up his terrible opinion. If WFH was so bad and employees are lazy- why would companies/organizations continue WFH today?

There’s an article published by Business News Daily, that discusses how WFH increases productivity, (someone should send this link to James). The article goes into detail about studies that show that WFH employees experience less stress. There was the “2020 Nitro Study” done and it showed that “the number of employees who felt extremely stressed while working has declined”. There is also another article that provides evidence that James Cox’s article is wrong, it discusses many surveys and reports that show the great perks/benefits of WFH. The article states “Prodoscore reports an increase in productivity by 47% since March 2020…Companies like Splunk, Affirm, and Microsoft saw a large spike in Protiviti in the first couple of months of quarantine”. If the biggest corporations in the world, have data/reports that WFH boots work productivity and performance, it truly shows how wrong/biased James Cox is. To summarize, employees who WFH are not lazy and WFH should never end, as it provides great benefits for corporations/organizations and employees. 

Below are the links to the studies/reports that support WFH (I mentioned above)

Blog Post 2: Blogging as connected writing… Social Media impact on Eating Disorders


We all know how toxic social media can be, but do we know its impact on eating disorders? Social media has influenced young people to start diets and exercise at a very young age (most common is 11 or 12). What’s worse is that there are influencers/celebs who promote eating disorders, bulimia & anorexia. Social media in general plays a huge role, people can be mean and comment on nasty stuff about someone’s appearance, some are also pro-anorexia and share everything online, and this can be especially triggering to someone who is already struggling with body dysmorphia and eating disorders. The sad thing is that (this content ED’s) can just pop up on someone’s feed page, even if they didn’t search for it. So, you are being shown the content, without consent. Social media can be very fat-phobic, I’ve come across many articles and videos of random people criticizing/harassing someone because of their weight. Social media has created a “dream body standard”- and this is very unhealthy because it will lead people into believing this body type is the only one accepted. Thousands of influencers and celebrities will share their eating habits with the world, and sell this fake idea that ‘if you eat like me, you can look like me’. What does this lead to? An eating disorder. This has been an issue since social media was created, and back then I believe it was much worse, because people would get away with posting triggering pictures and today you have platforms like TikTok & Instagram that try to monitor their content to make it a safe space. To summarize, social media has a huge impact on eating disorders, it puts pressure on people to look and eat a certain way, will suggest triggering photos, and open the door to criticism and hate from strangers. The question society should be asking today is “How do we solve social media’s eating disorder problem?”. There has to be an answer, do we ban every eating and body image discussion? I’m a part of Gen-Z, and I’m confident my generation has been affected by this. If social media doesn’t fix up, the younger generation that already has access to the internet (at a younger age than I did) can be exposed to this toxicity of social media & eating disorders. 

The connection between my post and these two links below is that social media has an impact on eating disorders, and it will lead to individuals suffering mentally and physically. 

Blog Post 1: Blogger as intelligent filter: The World of Social Media Influencers

For my first blog, I chose to discuss the world of social media influencers. Being an influencer is a popular job today, due to the rise of social media apps, especially since COVID. Influencers are on every platform on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. The rise of influencers increases every year because it is easy to blow up overnight and become a viral sensation. During the COVID pandemic, TikTok became the new viral social media app, that had everyone of all sorts of ages on it, during lockdown when many of us spent our time on our phones, we created content. For many, this content was either shared privately with only friends/family, while others shared it with the world and became viral quickly. Now that you know the backstory, a career in influencing is what many individuals desire. Influencers get free PR packages, attend exclusive events like (The MET Gala & award shows), get travel expenses paid for, and the most famous ones can even get their own TV show all for posting content and advertising it online. 

The reason why becoming an “Influencer” has become such a popular job is because of all the perks that come with it. Many individuals today don’t want the traditional 9-5, instead, they’d rather post and create content. For example, the “job” is just to post on Instagram and the influencer gets paid quickly and easily. Influencers make great money, they can make up to 6 figures a month, which is better than getting paid bi-weekly (let’s be honest haha). To be considered an “Influencer” you must have a high number of followers like 50k minimum, once you get noticed on Instagram for example, you begin receiving PR packages. Influencers sometimes work for free in the beginning, ( by advertising a product in their story, or post), they do this to get noticed by the brand first, and if the individual has a high number of followers, the brand will send a FREE PR package, so they can keep posting content about the brand. 

The thing about Influencers is that you can never truly believe if they’re being honest or just lying so they can get people to spend money on the product they’re advertising. For example, If I had a dollar for the number of times I’ve heard the phrase “This is the best product I’ve ever used, it works like a charm” – I’d be a millionaire. You can’t trust Influencers, some don’t even experiment or try the product, they’ll post a pic with it, and write a long caption of how great it is, and boom they’re getting thousands of dollars off that post, while you go and buy the product thinking it’s the best thing in the world. 

Although there are many perks to being an influencer, let’s discuss the bad side that doesn’t include being canceled or unpopular. I believe the world of social media influencers lacks ethics, many influencers have gotten called out for partnering with “fast fashion brands” that use child labor. The reason why I think these fast fashion brands are still in business and growing, even more, today is because of the influencers who partner with them. I also think since it’s so common these days, nobody cares about “morality”- if 100 influencers are promoting a fast fashion brand, and that 1 person doesn’t, they still have the other 100 who will. 

Below are two links that discuss how influencers add to the increasing growth of fast fashion & how the rise of becoming a social media influencer came to be.