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5 steps to a successful christmas party

I know it’s November but Christmas is right around the corner you guys. It is hands down my favorite holiday (thanksgiving is number two, don’t worry): the weather, the food, the music, the traditions, spending time with your family and most importantly…the parties.

Since I am really huge on the holidays and this is my first year living on my own, I decided to go all out and do a Christmas dinner party for all my friends so what better thing to blog about. I have hosted and been to some parties in the past so I definitely know the does and don’ts. I am no expert, but I feel like I would share some insight that I have. And if you guys have any tips, please let me know because right now I can only think of 5.

  1. Make sure you have different options for adult beverages

Eggnog and ciders are two that are going to be a big hit. The best way to know what kind of stuff to buy I would say would be to post the event somewhere that you can invite all the people and then do a poll to see what drinks people would enjoy. Alcohol is something that people can be very picky about so you want to have a good variety without spending too much money. Also make sure that you have some non alcoholic options for the people that don’t drink and the designated drivers.

Drinks are one of those things that you want to spend a little extra time on because people will always be drinking something, so why to make some special holiday drinks and go all out.

2. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or time on food, tell people to bring a side dish!

Hosting a party can be expensive so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on food then tell your friends to bring a dish! A dessert or maybe an appetizer would be the best. I’ve come to realize that some of my friends are very picky and i hate when I can’t offer them something to eat that they’ll enjoy so when you ask someone to bring a dish you know that they’ll at least have one thing to eat.

3. Make sure that you tell people if it’s casual dress or fancy

I cannot tell you the countless stories that I’ve heard of people going to parties and being too overdressed or underdressed. You don’t want to be the person that feels left out and most importantly, you don’t want your friends to feel uncomfortable. So when you’re sending out those invites, make sure that you decide on a theme and to tell people to dress up or not.

4. Social activities!

Maybe not everyone at your party will know each other and you want everyone to have a good time, so have some activities planned in case some people just need that extra push. Make sure they are light games though, you don’t want to choose a game like monopoly where there are a bunch of rules and people will get heated so choose wisely.

5. Don’t stress!!!!

I am one of those people that needs to make sure that everyone is having a good time and that they have everything they need which is good but also very stressful. Remember that you also need to have a good time and that they are your friends so if they need something, they will have no problem asking. Have a drink or two, enjoy yourself! Everyone will be happy to be there if they see you’re also happy.

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What youtubers should you be watching?

As all of you probably know by my blog posts, I am a big fan of youtube. What I mean by that is, I watch specific people’s videos on the daily. I have been on this kick ever since youtube was even a thing; about 10 years now! I have gone to California for the youtube convention, Vidcon, and met some of my favorite youtubers.

You might think that watching youtube videos is super boring, but these people work their ass off to make content that other people will watch and let me just tell you, they make a ridiculous amount of money doing it.

For this post, I’m gonna talk about the top 3 youtubers that have made it big on the website and who are, in my opinion, the most popular.

  1. Zoella (Zoe Sugg)
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 4.57.35 PM


Zoe was one of the first beauty guru’s from England that made it big on youtube. Even though she started out doing just beauty stuff, she doesn’t just do that now. She does store hauls (where she shows the things that she’s bought), monthly favorites (where she talks about her favorite things every month), and my favorite, vlogs (video blogs about her life) and other misc stuff that you’re just going to have to go to her page to see.

She doesn’t do vlogs very often but when she does they’re each like 30 minutes long. On the 1st of December, her along with a bunch of other youtubers do a thing calls Vlogmas, where they vlog their daily lives for the whole month of December and I do have to say, Zoe’s is the best. So if you’re a big Christmas fanatic, go watch her vlog channel linked above starting December 2nd.

ALSO (i know what you’re thinking, how can this amazing person do more??) she has a beauty line out that has a lot of really amazing products. Not much makeup, but she sells a lot of different ranges that have lotions, body washes, etc.

2. Pointlessblog (Alfie Deyes)

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.10.02 PM 

Now I may be a little biased because Alfie and Zoe have been dating for 5 years now but he really does make really good vlogs. He documents his life every day and posts it and I have watched a lot of vlog channels because they’re my favorite but his is definitely a top 5. Not only does he make youtube videos, but he also sells merchandise that are super affordable. I personally own a sweatshirt and have bought his Christmas advent calendars in the past so 10/10.

3. Duan Mackenzie 

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.18.38 PM.png

Now, Duan is not as big as Alfie and Zoe but she’s definitely a new up and comer youtuber. I have seen a lot of people from the beginning who haven’t always been very good or have had the best attitude but Duan is definitely doing very well. She is a good youtuber if you are looking for some positivity in your life and are looking for some motivation. Not only that, but she takes AMAZING photos, like honestly breathtaking, so pop over to her instagram and go give her pictures a like.

A lot of youtubers aren’t the best at connecting with their subscribers and fans because they have too many to keep track of but Duan definitely takes the time to thank her fans and talk to them which is something i admire and appreciate a lot. You can tell that she’s truly thankful for all of the opportunities she has gotten because of youtube and that she appreciates every single person that has watched her from the start.

If you are looking for more fun short videos, go over to David Dobrik, Joe Sugg , and Caspar Lee  


Choose your Halloween costume wisely

Image result for halloween pumpkins

Halloween is the one time where you can dress up as anything that you want and you wont get judged for being “slutty” or really cheesy because everyone is doing it. But listen, there has to be a line.

I work in a coffee shop, in a small town with a lot of pretty wealthy people that have a chip on their shoulder, so it’s not that foreign for me to see some ignorance here and then. I was working this evening and all of the sudden, I see a white male dressed up as a terrorist walking right by our window, just taking a stroll, smoking a cigarette. Me and my other coworkers were in complete awe. How, especially with all of the ignorance that is going on in the world, would you ever dress up as a terrorist? It is simply just not appropriate and I have no patience for anyone who has even an ounce of racism. Thankfully he didn’t come in because I honestly would not have served him.

So my position is this, you can’t dress up as something for halloween that makes fun of anyone, especially not a specific culture/race. 

There are a lot of racist people in the world, hell our country is being run by a misogynist racist. So how have people not caught up and realized that dressing up as someone of another culture IS NOT OKAY? Even dressing up in a sombrero and a poncho and dressing up as a “Mexican” (in quotes because people from Mexico don’t dress like that) is offensive. When has cultural appropriation ever been okay? As a person from a different country, I would never dress up as someone from another culture and think that it was funny.

I just had to write about this because it completely angered me that someone would do something like that and think that it was okay. I guess with a president (not my president, sorry not sorry) like this one, people can think they can do whatever the hell without any consequences because he does the same thing.

So please, choose your halloween costume wisely.

On a lighter note and in the spirit of halloween, here’s a picture from my class instagram of some of me and my friends with the pumpkins that we carved.



Zoella’s blog


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 9.06.57 AM

Zoe Sugg. Hands down my favorite youtuber and has been since I started watching youtube years ago. Not only does she make youtube videos, but she also has her own makeup line and writes a lifestyle blog where she posts recipes, gives fashion advice and talks about things that are relevant in her life. As any youtuber, to have achieved everything that they have, they’ve had to do it all on their own at the beginning and work their way up the ladder. And even when they’re at the top they have to work extra hard to stay up there.

Don’t worry, this post isn’t just going to be about how much I love Zoe and absolutely everything she does (even though I could write a million blog posts about that, and probably will for future blogs)

For the third exercise (contributing to critical discourse: the analytical post) I am going to try to “criticize” her blog page. I chose to write about her’s because I wanted to give myself the challenge to find one single flaw lol.

If you go to Zoe’s blog, you’ll see that there is definitely a lot going on which I think is the one thing that I’m not completely excited about. Even though it is pretty organized, I find it a little hard to pick something to read. She used to have a different layout years ago where you wouldn’t have to click through different tabs to read her posts which made it a little easier to navigate. I think she leaves out a lot of opportunities for people to easily find her newest blog because if you go to the main page you’re not entirely sure which of her posts are the most recent.

I think she should also be a little more open about her struggles to getting where she is now, because we see the more glamorous side of her life and where she is now but she’s never really talked about how much hard work she had to do.

Zoe doesn’t write about anything controversial, but one of her blog posts talks about her dealing with her anxiety. If you know Zoe and have watched her from the start, you know that she has dealt with anxiety her whole life and since her fame started, it has gotten worse. A lot of people who love to criticize, have given her grief about her talking about her anxiety because they don’t think she should “complain” about it. When she talked about it in videos, it not only angered me that people were saying these things but you could tell how much it hurt her which is why she hadn’t talked about it for a long time. I think it’s incredibly brave to talk about mental illness, especially when you have such a big audience. If you wanted to read about her anxiety and how she’s dealt with it, pop on over to this blog post.

So there, I tried my best to criticize a blog. Maybe my mistake was choosing someone i admire because there is definitely going to be bias, but hey I’m not perfect!


paolasblog: @zoella has been such an inspiration for so many years so it’s only fair that I make an Instagram and blog post about her ❤️”





Tumblr vs. Pinterest

According to google, a blog is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”. 

I have always been a fan of looking at blogs. Blogs come in different shapes and sizes. When we think of blogs, we just think of words on a page with some pictures every one in a while. At least that’s what we are taught in school. In my experience, blogs are an even mixture of both. There are many different blogging platforms online that let you be creative in your own way.

WordPress, for example, is a site mainly for the type of blogs where you want to read about a specific topic or write original content but there are two other sites that I have known to be very popular blogging sites.

Tumblr and pinterest.

The difference between these two blogging platforms vs wordpress is that you don’t only write or post original content. You can easily follow other blogs and post their stuff on your page (giving them automatic credit, of course).

Tumblr has always been my preferred website to use because you can make your own page, and be as creative as you want to be with it.


Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 1.12.37 PM


The above picture is an example of one of my friends tumblr page. If you click on it you can see that it is mostly pictures, but she does post original content. You can follow a variety of blogs depending on what you are interested in. Her blog, for example, has to do with a lot of fashion and art. But you can also follow pages that are comedic, or pages about particular movies or music. The possibilities are endless!

The point of tumblr is to be able to have a place where you can be inspired by other people and share your passions and interests without having to use  many words. If you wanted to follow blogs that have more writing, you could do that too! There are plenty of pages dedicated to storytelling and poetry, it’s all just in a more relaxed style.

Pinterest on the other hand, is a little more different.

You can have your own page, but it’s mostly about you “pinning” things to your “board”, kind of like a bulletin board!

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 1.38.59 PM

Pinterest works very well for specific topics that you want to learn or see more about. You can type in “education” or “halloween costumes” and it’ll come up with a variety of posts about that topic. It’s a very good place to go to if you’re on a mission. It’s a similar idea of tumblr, in the way that you can take things from other people’s pages and post them on your page so that people can see what you are interested in, but it doesn’t give you any room to make original content or create your own “blog”.

Nevertheless, these are both blogging sites that I was introduced to, especially in high school. A lot of people that I went to high school with were big fans of pinterest (mostly girls) because it is an easier way to blog. You don’t really have to put a lot of work into it whereas tumblr is more on the creative side.

There are so many different ways to blog nowadays, making it easier than ever to start to blog in the specific way that you want. So, go! Start a blog, go write about whatever you want, have your voice heard.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 1.56.50 PM

Click on the picture and head over to my instagram to see this as a cool boomerang.

Game of Thrones Putt

With season 7 of Game of Thrones coming to an end this upcoming Sunday, I thought that this would be an excellent topic to talk about for my first blog. Game of Thrones has been such a big hit since season 1. It’s definitely hard to go on any social media site and not see something about the show.

Women have been victimized in a lot of television shows, making them seem like they are weaker compared to men. A lot of the time, men are the main characters (Mad Men, and Dexter for example) and are made to seem like they are the one and only heroes. Women’s rights and equality have always been an issue in the world, and more recently throughout the years I feel like women have been taking action and fighting more and more for equality. We have done rallies and marches to get our voices heard. The video that is linked shows a group of women who all came together from different states at a women’s march and performed a beautiful song that went viral. Not gonna lie, this video definitely brought some tears to my eyes. It’s amazing to see so many women come together for one cause.

In Game of Thrones, women are definitely the ones in power.

They have gone through so many hardships. Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame is definitely one of the scenes that has stuck with me the most. She was forced to walk naked through the streets of King’s Landing while people throw food and garbage at her. Even though it’s very difficult to feel any sort of sadness for Cersei, this scene is so well done that you can see the pain and embarrassment in her face. Multiple characters have been raped by the men they were forced to marry and were emotionally, mentally and physically abused. But they have all conquered and made an incredible comeback.

Personally, Daenery’s Targaryen is my favorite character in this show. Not only that, but she’s definitely the most powerful. She has shown over and over how a real leader should act. She is kind, and she does whatever is best for her people.  She’s the type of leader that you want to follow because she is smart and you know that she knows what she’s doing. And of course, she has dragons so I wouldn’t really want to fight against them either.


game of thrones
“ultimate queen of game of thrones #blog1”

The other character that has challenged those traditional gender roles and has shown real change in the show is Arya Stark. She was never like her sister or the other girls in the village. She wanted to fight and be treated like all the other boys were treated. She was even better than her brother at fighting and it was clear. Throughout the show she has shown how hard she has worked in order to get revenge for what was done to her family and it all paying off.

Hope you guys are as excited about the upcoming episode as me!