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Blog Post 5 – Paul Nettles

How do you feel about Video Games? Due to COVID-19, People are gaming more than ever with Minnesota’s “Stay At Home order”. Is this good for their gaming disorder? Is this good for those who are addicted to video games?

This article talks about how before this current Coronavirus pandemic that gaming was looked down on but gaming is helping people get through isolation. The stereotypical image of gamers is isolated loners playing by themselves for hours and hours. But today kids and adults can socialize while playing games online. Video games our keeping people connected to each other when we can’t physically be around each-other. Expert say that games can help players develop a range of skills, such as how to negotiate, collaborate and critically think.

I have always appreciated the internet and video games. Now these days everyone is discovering the value in them. Before COVID-19 I would play maybe played my game 2-3 days a week. But now I pretty much play every single day. Playing my Xbox is the only way I get to interact with my friends, we use to be able to go workout or play basketball at LA Fitness but it’s closed and some of my friends are afraid to be in public because of the coronavirus. When I am playing my game I sometimes feel like I am in another world. It takes my mind off the problems our world is going through. Gives me break from reality. Which is good for me because I have experienced some anxiety issues since this pandemic started. I recommend that you invest in one if you need something to connect with friends and family.

Blog Post 4 – Paul Nettles

History Hurts! There is a debate about the “Confederate Flag”, does it represent Heritage or Racism?

Confederate Flag revolution…..

YouGov asked more than 34,000 Americans to say whether the Confederate flag most represents racism or heritage? “For a plurality of Americans, the Confederate flag represents racism (41%). But for about one-third of Americans (34%) — particularly adults over 65, those living in rural communities, or non-college-educated white Americans — the flag symbolizes heritage.”

I think that this debate is very simple, what Political Analyst Avlon says in the video below is very interesting.

“Moral Empathy, being able to see the flag through other eyes.” Slavery was a very tough time and still plays a role in today’s interracial communication and relationships. People and specifically African Americans have taken the flag as sign of disrespect and a reminder of history which we would like to put behind us. This debate reminds me on how the world is currently transitioning to the way the LGBTQ community would like to be included/represented. Even down to the word “Gay”. Using the word gay negatively was and is still a problem in society. But if you have moral empathy you can see how words can harm people. The United States of America is very diverse country and we have to be open for change and be understanding with open hearts.

Blog Post 3 – Paul Nettles

While the world continues to evolve around the COVID-19 Pandemic, the luxury of enjoying the good outdoors such as Parks, Lakes and Trails is slipping through our hands.

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board announced the city’s athletic fields and playgrounds set to close by May 1.

This article talks about how they have decided to shut down all the Playgrounds, Skate-park, Basketball courts, Tennis Courts and athletic fields across Minneapolis. It says that they are doing what other major cities have done. Health experts recommended it and due to the lack of social distancing in these areas surrounding these amenities. It is the safest thing to do.

The picture above is a rim at Keewaydin Park in Minneapolis. The rims in all Minneapolis Parks have either been removed or covered to keep the public from using them. There was a lot of complaints of individuals using multiple amenities not “Social Distancing”. Sadly, I was at this Park on Monday where I saw a man with his son utilizing this public space. I believe individuals from the same household should not have this option taken from them. I also witnessed a Grandmother and Grandfather out playing soccer with their grandkids. Those fields are now closed until further notice. I completely disagree with this decision that have been made. I think those areas can be used responsibly. It sucks that being “safe” has consequences. I hope that we can come up with a cure or vaccine soon, so I don’t have to wake up to these disappointed articles.

Blog Post 2 – Paul Nettles

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. Many governors across the United States issued a stay-at-home order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. So according to this article, one state didn’t and there were consequences. Also, a lot of states across the U.S are planning to reopen, or lighten on on their current restrictions.

The article above talks about how the state of Iowa must have missed the memo on how serious the Coronavirus is. Author Lyz Lenz explains how governor Kim Reynolds refused to shut down bars and restaurants when majority of the United States felt that it was best to do so. The governor refused to issue a stay-at-home order. Some employers were proactive a made sure that people began to work from home, while other companies didn’t mandate it until employee’s tested positive. Reynolds issued an order stating that all gatherings of 10 people or more be canceled but allowed an Iowas Horse Auction to continue. The event drew in over 600 people. On April 6th the virus had been discovered in 75 of Iowa’s 99 counties and nearly 1,000 cases statewide. As things got worse Reynolds has been a little more proactive according to the article. The article ends with an interesting quote from Kim Reynolds ““We can’t stop the virus. We have to learn to live with it.”.

Should Minnesota Re-open? These two articles put both options into perspective. I must say that seeing what has happened to the state of Iowa has eased my mind about how Governor Walz has choose to shut the city down. I now feel that the Minnesota’s Stay at Home Order was well needed. As states begin to reopen for the sake of the economy, we all have a big decision ahead of us. Do we stay at home and continue to Social Distance or go back out into the public and try to live a normal life?

Paul Nettles – Blog Post 1:

Students are weary of online classes, but colleges can’t say whether they’ll open in fall 2020……

Do to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Colleges were forced to convert In-person/hybrid courses to online courses. We all are experiencing this abrupt change. Here at Metropolitan State I have developed great relationships with a lot of staff Members. These staff in which I visited every week. I also have made a lot of friends in the classroom. I honestly have developed another family here at Metropolitan State. That has been taken away from me by this pandemic. I am a hands on learning and have always preferred taking classes in person, the traditional way. College is not fun right, I don’t feel as if I can fulfill my learning potential under these circumstances. I wonder if I will continue my education if the only options is for that to be online. Other students around the country are uncertain as well.

This article shares how college students threaten to not register for classes if the universities put the fall semester online. One student expressed how the transition to online classes has been rocky. A student says it hard to find motivation when not surround by his peers. I completely agree, I have a hard time “doing homework” at “home”. I typically go on campus and utilize the library, computer lab and lounges . Just being at the school helps me focus and be productive. I have had a hard time not being distracted at home. Having so much time has not been helpful for a procrastinator like me.

Another point that article brings up is that the universities are taking a hit financially hit. Multiple universities have announced that they have cut a few sports programs due to the pandemic. They also announced that it will lay off and furlough some employees. The financial problems started when colleges had to send students home and issue refunds for housing cost. Also the “college towns” who thrive on the business of the students at these universities are being hurt the most.

The final topic of this article is “What does Fall hold for college students?”. It shares that one college is on record saying that students physically returning back to campus in the fall is not likely. Majority of them have no definitive plan in place. A total of 5% of college committed to online classes only for the fall. I haven’t heard anything from Metropolitan State University, but I know that if our school does go completely online then I have a hard decision ahead of me. This semester was going really well until this pandemic happened. Good luck to the students across the World and wish me luck.