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When entering my classes this semester I have to admit that I was intimidated, but I allowed myself comfort in organization. I also knew that Communicating with New Media, judging by its syllabus, would allow for more creativity. The nature of the assignments, specifically the learning journal and group project additives were really open for my creative mind to brainstorm. When I started the semester I’d created 3 calendars: one on my wall in my apartment, one to carry throughout he day in my book bag and one for my group team charter. The clear cut criteria left my success up to the consistency in each endeavor throughout the term. I started quickly with blog post #1 I hadn’t initially added much hyperlinks or pictures, only sources at the end as citations. My work was informative, yet a little wordy. I tried to redeem myself in blog post #2 by creating longer paragraphs and a few images. I still hadn’t added any hyperlinks though. I kept my blog posts controversial in some ways because of the topic being an illegal substance through blogs 3 and 4. I mentioned cannabis in technology, but then I begun discussing the industry itself going froward. I think this was a bit less entertaining so I sought to get the mind geared towards a general topic. The Information Age blog was the last one I edited. I didn’t add hyperlinks until late, at first there were just links everywhere throughout. I think that my final blog post #6 was by far my greatest and most entertaining post this semester for the following reasons:

1. This one made me double back to previous ones in order to match its compelling nature. I did this by adding pictures and hyperlinks to the previous posts. I hadn’t learned this until the last month of the term.
2. I found so many entertaining videos that my words seemed only to compliment them. These short clips act as a visuals to the reading which is equivalent to a new media show and tell!
3. I included more pictures with captions in my final post and also citations as a point of reference.
4. My last post was more entertaining in comparison to the others while still keeping itself opinionated my and informative. It was also fun to make.

Metropolitan State University Skyway at night from LinkedIn

My blog posts became more captivating and entertaining by the end of the semester, I feel as though I have a new weapon acquired in my writing arsenal. Class readings, especially Mendleson’s text held insight to different aspects and perspectives of social media while we utilized it. This provided full immersion into the concept of new media in the information era. Influence from the perspectives like saying that social media isn’t absolutely needed in business can sometimes be disheartening, but also reassuring as all social media is not needed in order for businesses to be successful. There are ways to thrive without using every platform. This includes the fact that communicating for social change has varying strategies that sometimes do not involve the use of social media platforms. For example, the discussions that expanded upon social change methods didn’t always include the internet, but the physical actions and processes of change. The social change model works in conjunction with the social change theories to assess the cyclical process of inputs and outputs. Each hold a research, planning, implementation and evaluative steps in order to advocate, socially mobilize and communicate with target audiences. Now, this is the process in a pubic relations planning process, but this class is very much similar to a Public Relations role. The inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact are the equivalent of the PR process here. This occurs with the purpose of forming a connection to the adoption an idea we want to achieve. In a communication strategy creation process it is broken down further, this is where I formed my PR connection.
Knowing how to navigate and hone in on a concept, position and attitude to advocate is a communal endeavor that it trickles onto larger networks. The organization of theories helps relations specialists and strategists alike to identify proper outcomes of certain inputs. In my mind, this almost provides a blueprint to the effectiveness in each campaign by matchmaking the actions with what endeavor they have the largest impact on. The internet has helped us to connect more easily, creatively and sometimes just as effectively as in person efforts.

Long boards, Skateboards and Cruisers

Quinton Miller, Public Relations Major, MDST 485, February 10th, 2021 post #6 Type #4

Regular Skateboards are the famous founding father of the skate family. These boards have smaller deck and wheel sizes and are double kicked at each end. Harder wheels allow for drifting. The size of the deck is smaller and lighter compared to long boards to make performing tricks easier. The famous double kick design on the deck also helps riders perform these variation of tricks. Check out the picture below for an example of a traditional double kick skateboard.

The double kick is the slight rises on both sides of the skateboard most visibly seen in the middle image.

This isn’t for the light hearted. There are so many falls that they call footage they compile of wipe outs, ‘The Hall of Meat’. This is the primary reason that I don’t like skateboards as much, they’re not the easiest to establish balance on when beginning your skate journey.

Longboards and skateboards have rivaled one another for a long time. They’re like the famous originator out of the trifecta. The third type of board called a cruiser. I’ll touch more on it later. I have been riding longboards since 18 years old. It all started one day on the campus of Ball State University when one of my friends named, Cody had brought his boards to campus from his home in Churubusco, Indiana. We had went to make a store run when he’d offered one to ride. I told him, “Hell naw, I’m not going to buss my sh*t.” But he insisted. He taught me the difference between riding regular/goofy, wheel hardness and even an intro to barring options. I fell in love with these bigger skateboards and 6 years later I own every board described in this post except, ironically, a regular skateboard. I geared towards longboards because balancing came easily and more naturally. I was a dancer for 5 years before learning this new skill. Dancer is hyperlinked to an instagram on my personal account for the dance team I was a part of. We’d went onto perform in Los Angeles to compete in the B.E.T Experience dance competition both in 2014 and 2015. This footage is from our 2016 visit.

A pintail longboard example from the Atom Longboard Co.

Longboards are the opposite of cruisers in most cases because of their size. They are significantly bigger and sturdier than their cruiser cousin. These 22-45 inch boards are becoming more popularized in a theme called longboard dancing. Being a dancer this is a crazy interesting trend that still has me captivated. They’ve come out with drop through, drop down and pintail decks. These are simply describing the shapes of the decks, which sometimes can effect their versatility in situations. I personally own a drop through and pintail deck and can honestly say that the pintail is a smoother ride for distance. These decks are the ones shaped like surf boards.

Drop-through longboard

The drop through, on the other hand, is a good get around board built for speed. I would rather take my drop through deck down hill instead of my pintail. These boards’ trucks sit atop the deck, something no other board is capable of. Drop down and through decks are not flared for tricks, but rather for trucks that are specifically made for them.

Drop-down longboard example

The nifty boards we call cruisers or penny boards are compact, usually more a more flexible skate equipment used for short distance rides and convenience. These boards have the ability to fit in most book bags and are light enough not to make a person slouch to carry them. The trucks usually sit atop the deck which is no more than 27” long. These boards have softer wheels for speed unlike regular boards. these also have their own signature style of tricks that are available on its arsenal. Check them out!

27” long 4” wide Penny board listen on for $119 USD.

The next time you see a person with a skateboard you can start a conversation with them and at least half way understand what’s going on. Or you could test the knowledge of your peers with some basic facts that they may not have known of. In any circumstance, children love them and they can be a ton of fun for almost anyone with the physical capacity to give them a try.

How has the Information Age changed the way we live?

Quinton Miller, Metropolitan State University, April 20th, 2021 Post #5 type #1 (Annotated link & describe what’s present & how it relates to us)

The information age is the time in which we live now. It begun in the late 20th century and is defined by the shift from industrialization to more of an information technology economy. The industrial age brought on new advancements for the Western world creating America’s billionaires who led the nation to become rapidly sustainable. The industrial age brought on new jobs, economic opportunities and an increase in efficiency with the addition of technology. This computerization of material saves companies money in the long run. Humans are not completely counted out as opportunities to repair or maintain the new equipment become available. Also referred to as the digital revolution, new entertainment social and analytical media sprout from it. Entertainment includes internet, video, music and game streaming. These services provide quick downloads, fresh music options, and new digital games. All these industries have flourished from the integration of technology into today’s society.

A major platform is social media. Social media uses the internet to connect users on websites and applications. This platform can be helpful for businesses as well as individuals. For business it helps share ideas and network more easily. Individuals can also Network as well as stay connected with family members, form groups based on shared interest, advocate for a cause the individual is passionate about or to share content quickly and efficiently. Although social media is mostly used on handheld devices, this product started on computers. Social media, like other forms of media, provide information on a business’s reach to their audience. This, in turn, influences marketing strategy and advertising preferences. All of this is wonderful, but how does it relate to the topic of my essay? I’m glad you asked. with the amount of real-time information floating through the internet, there is bound to be unpopular, inaccurate, and misleading information on the internet social media giants’ platforms. Questions like how we combat this or mitigate its effect are commonly assessed due to false information. Some people suggest staying away from social media all together, others want to treat these platforms like class by checking everyone’s work for accuracy or offence. Some people simply do not care. For those who do, stick around to the end of this article for some great resources to gain back your confidence while surfing the web and using social media.

There are resources that elaborate on the ethics of technological advancements and how it has affected the daily lives of those in society. The explanation through the acronym P.A.P.A provides the grounds of how the swiftness in which information travels has impacted those who do and do not use it. The ‘P‘ stands for privacy, the most negatively impacted aspect of life is said to relate to people’s ability to be true to themselves without revealing too much of themselves. ‘A‘ is the accuracy of the information that has traveled, which had been made popular by Donald Trump’s ‘Fake News‘ slogan. The second ‘P’ stands for property. For example, who is entitled to certain information amy come into question when a journalists reveals a secret of a celebrity that tarnishes their image. This even has a lawsuit called ‘Slandering’.

According a to publication, Maddy Teka, a law degree holder from Ethiopia, explains what is entailed in slander cases:

“Someone made a false, defamatory statement about you knowing it was a false statement

The statement does not fall in any privileged category

The person who published it acted negligently when they published the statement

You were harmed by the statement”


Finally, the second ‘A’ stands for accessibility or who is entitled to certain information. The government is an excellent example of an entity that is supposed to allow information to be accessible, but withholds certain pieces as classified.

Check this instagram post out on tips and tricks to stop web tracking for Ads on Instagram.
This mobile and computer web browser are used by myself and I figured why not share the sugar. This isn’t even a paid ad! DuckDuckGo is just t that good!

Mason, Richard O. “Four Ethical Issues of the Information Age.” MIS Quarterly, vol. 10, no. 1, 1986, pp. 5–12. JSTOR, Accessed Apr. 2021.,when%20they%20published%20the%20statement

man woman talking

Why The Cannabis Industry Is About More Than Getting High.

Quinton Miller, Metropolitan State Universtity, Public Relations Major, April 19th, 2021, Post #4 type #4

Cannabis derived products cannot be marketed or operated by current means because its illegal; however, the market still exists as around the 33 states that have medical marijuana legalized. This opens the job market to advertising, marketing and public relations related work for the industry. The problem is that although more than 15 states have legalized recreational cannabis, it is still illegal at the federal level. In addition, there is the conversation surrounding the variety of hemp based products effectiveness.

The Cannabiz Team notes in their Instagram page that, “With 321,000 full-time cannabis employees (as of January 2021)- the cannabis industry has no signs of slowing down. The US cannabis industry has averaged a 27.5% growth since 2017.”

Medical cannabis surveys cannot be legally approved by the National Institute of Health unless they are anonymously done, which bypasses the need for the organizations approval. The only problem with not receiving approval from the NIH is the lack of credibility. This could greatly impact cannabis stocks as well as demand for professionals who specialize in press releases. Furthermore, Cannabiz Media begun utilizing other avenues that had been traditionally used in getting the word out. Magazines and trade shows are popular marketing methods being used to promote business and their endeavors. These methods are almost as old as I. Social media’s like Google AdWords, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have banned these ads for now, although pages may still exist. Practitioners are required to be mindful of these types of things going into this section of the corporate setting.

Practitioners work together to discuss the future of views sought after to express their companies identity.

I have studied the direction of marijuana, social media, technology and stocks during my senior year of high school. I had more time on my hands and it was a popolar topic at my school that no one was really knowledgeable of. I did presentations for my public speaking class. This led up to my enrollment to Metropolitan State University. I believe it is an emerging marketplace that is exclusive and therefore bound to become even more global. I have invested funds, thousands of dollars, and won in the stock market trading during its volatility. I see its potential. Once government agencies figure out how to gain tax revenue us each state consistently it will give way a sustainable market. Think of it like the prohibition era. Cannabis will be another example of alcohol or cigarette prohibition scenario except that it has popularized healing effects. It’s negative stigma is coming to a close and fading slowly through public relations and social awareness. Hemp products are becoming widely seen in local retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS pharmacies. I see this as a potential career goal for myself because of the enjoyment I gain from trumping those who don’t see its potential. New York governor Andrew Como recently legalized Recreational Cannabis for the big apple. New York pledges to gear some of that money towards ethnic community’s funds.

Check out this post from the @CannabizTeam on Instagram:

Medically, cosmetically, economically and socially this cash crop has traction. This will not only subside Americans of the social systematic racist dogma, but also create opportunities for those who have been incarcerated for charges like possession for nonviolent offenders. This is a win win situation for American culture and economy.

A Critical Analysis of Retail Cannabis Marketing and Youth

Quinton Miller, Public Relations Major, MDST 485, January 30th, 2021, Post #3 Type #3

Parents of you social media As untrustworthy in the likes of influences on the children. My mother, in fact, did not approve of the possible exposure to different products online. She would fear me ordering weapons, drugs and coming involved in various online communities. My online empoxy business was prevented from creating Facebook ads because it mentioned that knives could be molded out of epoxy for sale. It mentioned in the rejection statements that drugs and weapons were not allowed for paid promotion. Once I removed the items and wording, they reassessed the page and pushed my ads through. This personal experience provides insight to the adversity social media marketing has combat and it’s endeavor to reach new audiences.

Cannabis media groups use educated speakers to spread ideas to specific audience groups here’s an example of a featured guest for an event coming in June of 2021:

The light shun by cannabis companies are reaching adolescence in states where retail cannabis is legal. This is casting an unsavory image on the objectives these these companies. Similar adversities were faced with the advertisement of tobacco products. We know what the result of that was. Tobacco products are no longer allowed to be advertised. Mainly because they seem to target young audiences. The strategy with this was simple, if you find younger people they will become addicted, buy the product longer and result in long term consumers. The cannabis industry could use previous data and examples like these type of studies in order to avoid the same market mistakes of cigarette companies before their ads were banned.

Buying Both Marijuana and Cigarettes are Like Literally Burning Your Money. The Youth Shouldn’t Be Distracted With It.

Not only does this article include part of a survey in which marketing analytics of retail cannabis sales are compiled by use, it also involves tools with the most reach potential. Of those tools, Facebook is at the top of the list. Unfortunately, younger users are at the forefront of the study. I would imagine that the online marketing tools allow for age range options for target audiences desired to be reached. If not, it is imperative to urge social media restrictions of users who do not fit age range to view Cannabis related content. There may also be youth who are dishonest about their ages online. This source will show parents that mistakes can be fixed. It illustrates integrity and maturity for the business’s market.

What other ways do you think Cannabis’s inevitable legalization can be geared in the right direction? Here’s a link to the @MinorityCannabis Instagram post where panelists can contribute questions that will be answered such as these. Will you click to have your input heard?:

Whitehill, J.M., Mareno M.A. (2020) Exposure to Cannabis Marketing in Social Media and Traditional Media and Past-Year Use Among Adolescents in States With Legal Retail Cannabis, Journal of Adolescent, Volume 66, Issue 2, 2020, Pages 247-254 Health Retrieved from:

Ethics of Online Research Using Publicly Posted Opinions

Quinton Miller, Public Relations Major, MDST 485, January 29th, 2021

Ethics are the moral principles that dictate a persons possible courses of action in given situations. This academic journal goes into depth on the belief that social media is or isn’t effective for collecting health research data. Relevancy to us is is captured by the means to how that data is collected in relation to a change that has happened in technology since this was written. The article explains that some individuals wonder if the data collected affects the people who posted it. Paraphrasing peoples words instead of copying still provides the same amount of insight. Gonzalez-Hernandez argues that the anonymity of sites such as Reddit allows for full reproduction of statements even when the wording is not changed. This could pose as an alternative source to peoples social network postings like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as the identities are further concealed in anonymous posts. As an additional personal input, I would argue that publicly made posts are already made to be seen as well as share opinions that can be used as research information on the web. Therefore, finding a conglomerate of unnamed opinions for researching purposes isn’t a terrible idea. Especially when social media sites, companies and developers actively listen for key phrases as is.

What I had absorbed is that the way things are done determine their clearance. This could help marketers in the way they present the data collected for commercial and legal purposes. This passage suggests that asking for opinions via surveys makes the research more clinical which requires consent. If the information is expressed publicly it illuminates the issue of meeting a full review by the National Institute of Health. For example, this entity, The National Institute of Health, wouldn’t allow research information related to medical marijuana to surface for credibility if it goes through them because the study of the drug is illegal in designated states, thus negatively pressuring it’s expansion and help to the nation. If anonymous opinions are recorded this study would be allowed to be utilized.

This is only one way to gather information as technology is ever changing and evolving. Bio-technology is predicted to become a more widely used assessment of specific individuals health structure in the near future. Biotech has been used by, and others to determine the ethnic make up of its paying users. I, myself, am awaiting my assessment. This technology will now be used more widely as it becomes more affordable and accurate than doctor diagnosis. Physicians, as qualified as they may be, sometimes inaccurately diagnose patients. This leads to more cost and less effectiveness. This redundancy can be avoided by using a biotech analysis of inherited health concerns and personalize a template for all age ranges of users.

Overall, what’s expressed in the reading is that the way things are done, determines its clearance. This could help marketers in the way they present the data they’ve collected for promotional and legal purposes. An example being, the passage suggesting that asking for opinions via surveys makes the research more clinical which requires consent. If information is expressed publicly, it leads the issue of needing a full review by the NIH.

Gonzalez-Hernandez, G. (2019) On The Ethics of Using Social Media for Health Research

Biotechnology Innovation Organization

Bridging the Gap Between Social Media and Advertisement by Accessing How Audiences Are Targeted

Quinton Miller, MDST 485 Communicating with New Media, Public Relations Major, Metropolitan State University

January 22nd, 2021

This scholarly journal keys in on the increasing popularity of CBD products. Through algorithms set for identifying certain words, this passage explains the analysis taking place surrounding the conversation concerning attitudes towards cannabinoid (CBD) and its purpose. Terms including anxiety, stress or nausea were identified as indicators for therapeutic necessities. This could help with uncovering what language companies who sell these types of products would use in their advertisements going forward. It may also provide insight into a drug policy that needs revision for places that do not allow it due to the products legality based on those first hand accounts documented from forums. This includes Cannabinol/CBD, hemp oil and Cannabis. There are pieces of qualitative data from these findings which is what some new age advertising services utilize. Not only does this tie into the cannabis sector of public relations in new media through explanation of a methodology professionals can use on social media platforms, this academic journal is relevant to us as citizens. When using social media, we often find advertisements geared towards something we’ve recently posted, viewed or talked about. The algorithm, similar to a control F function in a word document, gives an example of how our data is utilized in studies. Once we, as users of these platforms, think outside the box and consider other ways our words are used, we can conduct other research as to how social media and advertisements have played hand-in-hand.

Does this remind us of anyone who whistle blew about this in the past?

This news article was originally written in the beginning of 2018 and revised in October of 2020. This article includes a video experiment of a couple conversing about cat food to see if ads would begin to appear in relation to their conversation. They concluded that facebook had been listening for keywords in their conversations due to the fact that cat food advertisements begun appearing days later. These readings seem distant on the surface, but with a little critical analysis in the mindset of media communication, people can bridge the gap between an obvious new age of targeting methods and terminology. Both articles involve keywords instead of age groups. All users of either the forum or social media who used certain words were taken into account. Each of these had different ways and different purposes, but they could relate to the ways companies use new media to gather and target data on potential consumers.

Take a look below and try it out for yourself !

Of course this isn’t the real Edward Snowden’s instagram. (I doubt we’ll see the real Snowden on social media). This is a instagram fanpage dedicated to the man who informed the world of what the NSA had been doing.

Narcity Media, October 2020, Why You Keep Getting Ads For Things You’ve Talked About But Haven’t Searched Up Online

International Journal of Drug Policy Vol. 77, Mar 2020, Social Media Surveillance for Perceived Therapeutic Effects of Cannabinol (CBD) Products

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