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I love Accents

English is global language and every nation that speaks English, have their own accent and own style of speaking the language. Accent gives us unique identity and idea to others of our nationality or our country of origin. In her article “Se Habla EspanolIMG_2988” Tanya Barrientos expresses the same feeling that any immigrant would feel if he/ she loses connection with the roots. Learning in schools is different than owning something as Barrientos says in her article “Spanish has become a litmus test showing how far from your roots you have strayed. A friend of mine, a Bolivian-American has been living in the country for almost whole her life as she left Bolivia when she was nine by being adopted by an American family. She got paralyzed, and could not move by herself as her legs stopped growing after an accident she had in the backyard of her house in Bolivia. When she came to the U.S.A she found herself in a house with 17 disabled kids from different backgrounds and with different disabilities. The family had adopted the children from different parts of the world. She was well-taken care of by her adopted parents and brothers and sisters. She got out of touch with her biological family with the passage of the time. Now she is in her 30s and finally got in touch with her biological family with the help of a missionary family to Bolivia but the problem is that she cannot speak the language her family speaks and the family cannot speak or understand English. To communicate they have to have somebody to interpret them. She always regrets that why she did not keep speaking the language her parents spoke. She always misses the feeling of being able to speak Spanish, the language her family speaks. Barrientos’s article kind of relates to my friend’s story as she went through the situation my friend is going through. Being an immigrant when I relate myself to Barrientos’s story, I find a lot common between us. Language, accent, and nationality is our identity and people should be proud of what they are, how they look, and how they speak. We always must be open to new opportunities to learn about other cultures and nationalities and educate us to how to build bridges between hearts. The world has become a global village and people need to interact with people from other countries almost every day. America is a melting pot and we, the people are the lifeline of this great land of opportunities. Diversity is the beauty of America and the land is blessed with great things and people so we must all embrace each other and share the beauty of the life with each other. We must give a chance to love and inclusion and step up and embrace the people who don’t look like us to say” One Nation under God”.



Refugees and the International Response

IMG_0628According to UNHCR statistics, there are 65.3 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide; out of that 21.3 million are refugees. UNHCR resettled 107,100 refugees in 2015 and many are still waiting for their name to be called to hop on a plane and get to the land of their dreams. Recently, there has been much news about international refugees. Many countries have opened their doors for refugees and others have denied or restricted the number of refugees they will accept. The United States has been a dream land of many refugees for decades and the US has provided shelter to thousands of refugees all these years. The new administration of the United States has come up with new ideas to how to keep the country safe while opening the door for the international refugees. The U.S. Government wants to make sure that the nation is safe and the biggest threat of the era, the terrorism is taken care. We have been seeing a lot of opposition to the decision the President and his team has been making to keep our border safe. The question is how can we make sure that the international community keeps it fair when it comes to granting residence to the refugees. The international community must treat all the developed countries equally and resettle the refugees according to their resources. The countries need to make sure that the terrorists are not entering the countries in the form of refugees. According to “The Washington Post” there have been times when ISIS is able to send its terrorists into western countries to cause destruction and spread terror in common people. As a citizen of the global world, I believe that all the countries have the right to keep their borders safe and must have the right to decide who they want to let into the country and how they want to perform the vetting to make sure that we all live in a peaceful world. Many people would have a problem with the countries denying or delaying the process of the refugees coming in, but I personally think that it is always good to take extra steps to keep the world safe.

Doing Small Things With Great Love

242093_168955943166808_7200176_oThere are a lot of organizations who claim to be working for the children and their rights. There are even many organizations who are always talking about how many children they have saved from the child labor and how they are running campaigns against the companies who are involved in child labor. I appreciate the efforts many companies are making to save the children from bonded and forced labor but the question is “are we doing enough to remove the child labor from our society and provide the children the opportunity to live their childhood without having to worry about making bricks at the brick kilns or making carpet at the carpet factory. I get very encouraged when I look at the ads and news that how many lives have been saved by different organizations from the child labor but when I look at United Nations data, I feel sad that still, 215 million children work and many work full time. I think we are working to get rid of the child labor but not as our top priority because if it was our priority the number of the working children would not be this high. I believe we need more people who can stand up for these children and make sure that these kids are out of the trap of the child labor because they lose their childhood. I am very determined that this is not the impossible thing for our global village to punish those who are involved in putting children into the labor and stealing their childhood from them. I love the saying Mother Teresa has said that “not all of us can do great things but can do small things with great love”. Let’s promise us that we will make a difference in one child’s life by speaking against the child labor.

It can be Annoying to be a Homeowner

myhouseI recently bought a house and the house is not so new. It’s was built in 1956 and even have cemented well that has been blocked for many years. As first time home buyers, we were very excited that now we are homeowners and do not have to pay down someone else’s property every month but ours. We made sure that everything is taken care very well and paid attention to all things that could potentially give us some hard time in near future. we made sure that the inspection is done by a well-reputed company so they could be responsible if something unpleasant happens. Everything looked good before we did the closing. We moved into the house in winter the minute our lease got done. The minute we walked into our “new” house, we found out that the furnace is not working. I called the realtor and the inspection and even the warranty company and nothing gained. Without going into details, I will just say that we had to buy the new furnace from our pocket to move into the house. Once the furnace got done we received the letter from our insurance that the handrail for the steps must be done because it is a hazard so we had to hire someone to do that. The washing machine and the drawer needed to be fixed as the guy who sold it to us lived in the house sometimes. The electricity connections and the wiring needed some work so had to hire the electrician to have that done. Let me tell you that I have no handyman skills because I never learned any of that. The bottom line is that it got to the point where I really got frustrated with everybody involved in the transaction. I filed complaints against whoever I thought was responsible for the problem I was going thru. Whenever something bad was happening to my house I was thinking of the movie “Are we there yet”. I got so much disappointed and frustrated and almost decided to sell. Now it’s been 2 years since we have had this house and still, we must do a lot of stuff almost after every 3 months but now the difference is that I have learned how to do things myself instead of hiring someone.

So, folks, before you buy the house make sure, take some classes on how to fix stuff especially when your house was built in 1956.

The comparison between the life in the US and in Pakistan

OTHER1330288_ArticoloAfter thinking a lot about many other topics to write my 2nd blog I decided to write something about the experiences about living the USA coming from a  different country. After moving to the United States, the main challenge was to know the local culture and how to respond to it. The language was the second challenge but I knew enough of the language to convey my message but now enough to order lunch at McDonald’s. After living in the US for 12 years, I have learned a lot about the culture and the people. I have learned that this country is all about accepting others, sharing and caring and making sure that we all win at the end of the day. I understand that there are few bad apples who don’t believe in diversity but prefer to stay unaware of the global culture. I have learned that in America the Americans are an asset to the country and seen as equal without discriminating based on the wealth, race, education, color, religion etc. America gives opportunity and a chance to all of us to be whatever we want to become.In Pakistan, the life was different where people were judged based on the money and the education. The Government is all about corruption, they come into the offices to gain their own good and spend millions to get into the offices because this is just like an investment to them. The poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer every day in Pakistan. The opportunities are only given to the people who have connections with the government officials or their families can pay a lot of bribes to the people in charge.

In Pakistan, the life was different where people were judged based on the money and the education. The Government is all about corruption, they come into the offices to gain their own good and spend millions to get into the offices because this is just like an investment to them. The poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer every day in Pakistan. The opportunities are only given to the people who have connections with the government officials or their families can pay a lot of bribes to the people in charge.

The minorities in America are treated much differently than in Pakistan. in Pakistan minorities are suffering every day, even thou the media does not show that and the Government does not want the international community to know that either. The minorities do not have the right to elect their own representation to the government but the winning party handpicks the members from the minorities communities to seat them into the government offices. That is obvious that those hand-picked people are not going to speak for the rights of the people but the political party.

So the life of minorities is much better in the USA than Pakistan.

Would I get a job with masters degree in hand?

Recently I have been planning and thinking to go to Grad school to get an advanced education. I have been doing a lot of search on what is the best degree to go for. I mean by best degrimgres-1ee is that the degree that gives me more knowledge and the opportunity to get strong financially. While going through some online articles and educating material I ran into this article by COURTNEY DOTTERER BRANHAM.

This article and couple other articles made me rethink my plans going to grad school. I have been making some inquiries at different grad schools from U of MN to St. Mary’s to many others. I have found that grad school is not cheap and it takes a lot to go to grad school financially and socially. A person has to leave a lot to be able to go grad school from job to family even. I was told by one of the advisors from University of Minnesota that it is good to not have a job at all while going to grad schools but if you have to work while going to school then part time job is recommended. As a family man with only one income, it is a very important decision for me to go to grad school. I have to think about a lot of things before I can make a decision on continuing my education. I have to think about my two kids and my wife who stays home to take care of the kids and my mother who lives with us and needs help all the time with different things.

I will suggest to all my fellow students to think many times before going to grad school and make sure they are going for the degree that does have some future and is going to payoff at the end of the day