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Would I get a job with masters degree in hands?

Recently I have been planning and thinking to go to Grad school to get an advanced education. I have been doing a lot of search on what is the best degree to go for. I mean by best degrimgres-1ee is that the degree that gives me more knowledge and the opportunity to get strong financially. While going through some online articles and educating material I ran into this article by COURTNEY DOTTERER BRANHAM.

This article and couple other articles made me rethink my plans going to grad school. I have been making some inquiries at different grad schools from U of MN to St. Mary’s to many others. I have found that grad school is not cheap and it takes a lot to go to grad school financially and socially. A person has to leave a lot to be able to go grad school from job to family even. I was told by one of the advisors from University of Minnesota that it is good to not have a job at all while going to grad schools but if you have to work while going to school then part time job is recommended. As a family man with only one income, it is a very important decision for me to go to grad school. I have to think about a lot of things before I can make a decision on continuing my education. I have to think about my two kids and my wife who stays home to take care of the kids and my mother who lives with us and needs help all the time with different things.

I will suggest to all my fellow students to think many times before going to grad school and make sure they are going for the degree that does have some future and is going to payoff at the end of the day