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Blog Post 4- Exercising your public voice: making a case for a position

College cost has been one of the many long term issues that many student deals with. Many students are often told to go to school so they can afford a good job however, not many understand that a job can be landed after college but the high number of school debt doesn’t make the situation any better. The link below talks about the insanely increasing cost of college and what is it doing to college student.

It is no joke that many student want to attend higher education but due to the cost, it is stop many to attend. From the article, student are falling more and more into the trap of student loans with high interest and causing a high debt number at the end of college. It is stated that in-order for this increasing tuitions to stop we must stop the federal government with their loan businesses.


As a college student, I couldn’t agree more that tuition are insanely increasing and it’s costing many to stop going to school. I, myself have many time considered of dropping out of college after I calculate the debt I will owe after I am done. It does not make sense to go to college and get a high debt number to just end up working to pay it off. The action I want to take on this is I want to form a petition of some sort or go on strike for tuitions to drop lower. Going on strike or sign a petition does not mean I am asking for higher education to be free but to be more reasonable for everyone. The link below here gives 5 great reasons to why college should be free.

My action is not to get college to be free as it will not have much meaning to education if its a easier getter. However with the article above the reason for free college make sense, therefore if we can at least lower the cost, our society can go far.

I believe in order for my action to work, I will need the hands of all students to join with me and make it happen.

Blog Post 3 – Contributing to critical public discourse: the analytic post

Dr. Dena Goffman, chief of obstetrics at Columbia University Medical Center stated that there should be no visitor during the time of birth and that means you must give birth alone with strangers (nurses and doctor). A health care system in New York city has made this choice to help fight against CVOID-19. Goffman stated his reasoning for this as some women have encounter the condition of CVOID-19 and later on tested positive. Goffman ideas to help family member stay a part of birthing time is virtually through a phone or tablet.

My take on this article:

I find this to be ridiculous! How can you expect a women to go into labor and let alone give birth by herself and strangers (Nurses and doctor). I can understand the whole reason why Goffman stand strong with this regulation of no visitor including your partner during birth time but this is just too much. Giving birth alone is scary, can you image having to do it alone? It must be a night mare. Goffman should at least allow one person in the room for the comfort of the mother to be. Make sure the additional person is in good health and allow him or her in the room so labor can run better for the mother. I cannot speak for anyone but myself. During this Pandemic time I gave birth to a beautiful little angel, but before that rumor was going on that I would not be able to have anyone in the room with me and that means my husband too. I freak out about this as this is my first time. It caused me to have anxiety as I feel I was going to fail at giving birth. I did not want to go through this alone and especially when it’s my first child. I had so many thoughts going through my head. I immediately called my doctor and ask if my hospital allow any one and luckily they did allow at least 1 person. I was glad my husband was able to be in the room with me and witness the beautiful moment our princess came into the world. I was able my daughter was able to be hold by her dad so she can create that bond with him. As you can see, women go through a lot during the 9 months of pregnancy, they deserve to be able to give birth with some kind of peace. It’s hard to say this but only mothers would understand why it is so important to have a supporting member during birth time. Goffman should reconsidered his restriction!


Blog Post 2- Blogging as connected writing

The year 2020 has started as a horrible year with the coronavirus making the government shut down many things. One of the big affect that COVID19 played was causing School to close in over 20 states. In the two link below it both talk about COVID-19 and school closures. During the beginning of this Pandemic in mid-march, many school across the United state started closing to help prevent the spread of COVID19. In April, data showed 26 states closed school and there was a suggestion to keep school close for the rest of the year.

Although many school k-12 was closed, the virus continue to rapidly spread through out the United stated and caused the whole school systems to close for the rest of the spring time. It is still on debate if school will be reopen again for the Fall. In Education week, it has the most updated information. as of May 1st, 2020 and it stated “44 states, 4 U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia have ordered or recommended school building closures for the rest of the academic year, affecting approximately 47.8 million public school students” (para. 3).

With school closure, it plays an affect on a lot of things such as parents, daycare services and education learning. At this time, remote learning has taken place and parents are pressured to act as teacher at home and do social learning. This is the only way for schooling to continue but it is tough on those who does not have internet access and essential worker who cannot be home to teach their kids.


Blog Post 6- I caught the Flu in Thailand while pregnant!

Yes! You heard that right. I caught the flu towards the end of my second trimester when I was in Thailand. I had very bad morning sickness and if people were to ask me to compare, I wouldn’t know what to say but maybe the flu was worst because I was in a different country. Here is my experience with the Flu.

Towards the end of my second trimester, I took a trip to Thailand for work with my husband and with two other friend. Before going I made sure to get all the shots I needed and an approval from my doctor that I can ride the airplane. On our final flight to Changmai Thailand, I notice I was having dry cough with a itchy throat but I did not think much about it as I assumed my body was just adjusting to the weather. Once we arrived in Changmai, we all settled and everyone was jet lagged for the first 2-3 days. During this time I was getting more and more weak. I wanted to sleep all day and didn’t have much energy to go on tour and prep for work, but again I keep thinking I was jet lagged like all my other friends. Then, a few days later everyone started adjusting to Thailand time and they were all up and about expect for me. For some reason, I was still extremely tired and having headache. My head felt so heavy and my body ache as I lay in bed. Again I did assume it was anything.

On the 6th day I still did not feel good so my husband suggested that maybe we go for a walk at the mall and get some food. He’s thinking I might just be exhausted from sleeping all day. Keep in mind, I was pregnant at this time so we thought that played a role. When we got drop off at the mall by our tour guide, I felt like I was going to faint, I felt pain from the inside of my bone to the outside of my body and I was having a hard time breathing. At this time I knew something was wrong with me and I felt like I was going to die. I quickly told my husband and friends we had to go to the hospital and that I am not ok. At this time it was so difficult because our phone did not work to call our driver so we had to contact a few different people in order to get a hold of our driver. Also none of us speak Thai so we couldn’t communicate with anyone to get us a taxi.

When we got a hold of the driver, he quickly came to pick us up and took me to the hospital. It was so crazy on how fast my symptoms pick up from here. My nose started to plug up and my head was getting heavier and heavier and it feel like I needed extra oxygen. When we got to ER, the nurse took me in right away when she heard about my conditions. The doctor met with me and right away told me I might had caught the flu and they were going test me. Right after that, the nurse took me into a room and put a swab up my nose and boy was that painful because she went deep. Anyways, about 20 mins later the doctor and nurse came back and said I tested positive for the Flu and that he will prescribe me some medication. He also told me that the reason I am feeling the way I feel is because I’m pregnant and my body couldn’t fight off the virus as well as a regular person would but it was a good thing that I got Flu B only which is a little better than Flu A.

After leaving the hospital, I basically ate my medication and lay in bed for the next 5 days. Once I started feeling better it was time to come back home. So I didn’t get to do much or explore Thailand but I’m glad I was able to break out of the Flu because it was no joke at all. In conclusion, my Thailand trip was consist of sickness, laying in bed and very little time out and about.

Blog Post 5- My whole Pregnancy and giving birth during COVID19!

Yes! thats right, I was pregnant and gave birth during COVID19. I had so many people asked me how was my pregnancy along with giving brith during the COVID19 lockdown. Well one word to describe it is “UNFORGETTABLE”. Here’s how my first pregnancy went:

During the summer of 2019, I was so pleased to find out that me and my husband was expecting a little one. The feeling of knowing I was going to be a mother was indescribably amazing. I had many thoughts going through my mind and I just wished the 9th month was here already.

First trimester:

Not long after I found out I was pregnant, I started having morning sickness or should I say ALL DAY sickness. It was so bad, I couldn’t eat, sleep or go to work and because I couldn’t eat I lost 12 pound within the first 2 week of being pregnant. I know! it was crazy. I had to go on FMLA at work because I could not get up and walk because my leg would feel like they were gonna fall off. Everything I sit, my bum hurt and when I lay down, my body didn’t want to get up. During this time, I had so many thoughts going through my head especially thinking if I can go through this again if I had another kid. I remember crying to my husband about this as I felted so emotional.

Second Trimester:

The second trimester came along and my sickness got better. I notice I was able to get up and do light things around the house. My appetite came back but not entirely, I still did not want to eat everything and anything. As days goes by, I notice I was getting more and more energy and then my craving started. Everyday I wanted bread and cake and so I would always have my husband pick those up after work. My weight started climbing again but it was a healthy weight gain per my doctor. In summation for my second trimester, it was the best time out of my whole pregnancy.

Third Trimester:

Third trimester came and I felt like I was going back to first trimester however I was just exhausted and thankfully did not have ALL DAY sickness again. As you can image, during this time, my belly was of course big and could barely do anything anymore. I just wanted to the baby out as I was super uncomfortable and could not sleep. My back was aching 24/7 and headache came on and off. I did everything I could to help induce labor hoping my little angel will come on time. My due date was March 24th and that week came by and yet baby did not want to come so I went in to see my OB for my 40th week visit. My doctor advised the options I have which is inducement or we can wait till 42 week and see if baby want to come by then.

Due to COVID19 and so many rumors about significant other not being able to be in the room, me and husband was having a hard time debating if I wanted to be induce or wait another two week. As crazy as everything was happening in the world, it seem like our little angel heard our concern and decided to make her entrance the day after her due date, March 25th.

Hospital birth:

Now, this is the interesting part that so many people have been asking me about. Giving birth during this pandemic was tough because first off my husband was not allowed to go with me to my last couple of OB visits which we were okay with. However, when it came to the hospital, there were so many rules. Some of the thing I can remember was I could only have one person with me in the labor room and if that person leave the hospital, they cannot come back in. Meaning, even if they went outside for a smoke or to the car, they cannot enter the hospital again. Patients and visitor were not allow to walk in the hallway or wonder anywhere inside the hospital. They also did not allow people to drop off food for patients and you must only order food from the hospital cafeteria.


As crazy as it was to be pregnant and give birth during this world crisis, me and my husband are happy to have our little angel arrived in healthy conditions and praying it stay that way. I wish everyone to be safe and healthy during this pandemic.

Here is link to Saint Paul Hospital Rules:

Blog #1 COVID19- Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding

The outbreak of Coronavirus has been the hottest topic on social media and just about anywhere. COVID-19 has done major impact causing fear and anxiety to many around the world especially expecting mothers. Having a child during this Pandemic time can be one of the most stressful and concerning thing for a mother. Per CDC, health officials and authorities it is unclear if pregnant women are considered high risk.

Pregnancy & Coronavirus Per CDC: Being pregnant during COVID19 can be stressful. There are have test done on newborn whose mother test positive for COVID and it is still unclear if the virus can transmits to the fetus. So far, many positive pregnant Women give brith to healthy babies.

Infant Health & Coronavirus: Due to low profile and researches of COVID19 related to newborn, it is unclear at the moment about fetus risk of catching COVID-19.

Breastfeeding & Coronavirus: Any mothers who test positive should always take extra precautions when handling a newborn, baby or infant. Precautions that need to be taken is always washing hand, especially when breastfeeding. It’s best not to spread to virus to the baby.

Below is the link to the full detail about Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding: