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Is Public School Better Than Private School?


This article is from the perspective of a mother of 4 children. She is making the argument of the benefit of sending your child to public school. She lists off ten different reasons to choose the public schooling system over the option of homeschooling. Decluttering School is based on opinions based on experiences. The points include outlining the structure, price, time and independence. She has both experienced the role of being a homeschool teacher to her children and leaving that to go to the public school system. She had both areas of pros and cons and brief insight on experiences in taht. She includes links to other blog posts she has made to connect her writing. 

Which is better? Public school or homeschooling? This post provides a thoughtful discussion of public school vs homeschooling from a veteran homeschool mom of 4. Come and weigh the pros and cons for yourself. I never thought of #4!

Bias opinions

I want to start this off by saying that there is nothing wrong with whatever you choose is best for your children. Same for the author as well. She has experience both school systems and has made the best choice for her child. They are your children and you all know what is best for them. What I am critiquing from this post is the bias. When looking at her blog, she first highlights why it is better and goes onto why it is not. However, some of the points can be discouraging for any parents looking to find information. Her points are not only vague but lack any resources to back up the claims she is making. She does disclose this is based on her experience and her family. However, I think if she is trying to really help the communities of parents and guardians, using sources to back up her claims would have been more helpful.

How can we improve our blogs?

    The structure of a pros and cons list can be helpful, but based on the points this blogger was making, it would be more helpful to just compare the two under specific sections. Laying out the different aspects that all parents think about in school such as price of homeschooling versus public school in one section, the socialization impact of both under another. Really compartmentalizing the sections to make for a more cohesive piece would have benefitted this writer. 

There are experts, teachers, homeschooling websites and plans that can make teaching from home easy or help parents make that decision. She could have gone beyond her own experience to really help based on the gaps that I found in her pros that she listed for public school. She had many pros for public school where she excluded homeschooling giving that same opportunity for children that I felt just lacked research.There are so many resources at our fingertips, use them!

Child Loss Resources

Belonging is something we all look for in life. A sense of community can be found in many different forms. Whether it is connecting with others in your area, classmates in your class, or people who have experienced an aspect of life you can connect to. With media now, that community is more accessible. I have found a community that I would rather not be a part of.

My story is that at 38 weeks pregnant, I went into my OBGYN appointment. Everything was perfect with my son, Myles. The ultrasound tech even looked at me and said “has anyone ever told you that he is pretty big” as she scanned my over the 99th percentile son weighing close to nine pounds. I was planning to be induced a week later. The next day, my very active son hadn’t been moving. I sat with my ice water, I ate clementines, I threw back several mini snickers trying to get him to move. All the tricks that had worked before. My husband and I went in thinking maybe I was just getting ready to deliver. Our worlds collapsed as a heartbeat was not found. Feeling lost, angry, devastated, and other feelings words cannot describe with the pain I continue to feel and will always fee with losing my child.

In search of something I came across an instagram page, ​​@the_worstgirlgang_ever. A page that posts others stories with child loss. Connects women to feel not so alone in an extremely isolating tragedy. They provide the statistics, they provide resources, they provide that sense of community.

This resource also connected me to another foundation that works to create the community for those going through the unimaginable. Both resources work in helping to connect women to tools that can help in the reality that our child has died and what can we do to help living with this grief until we meet again with our children.

What is being shown here is the multiple outlets I have been able to find to help me in honoring my son and connecting with other women. These communities go beyond the connection with the resources and research that they do. If you find yourself faced with tragedy in your life, there will be a community of others nearby. It will not fix your situation but it can make you feel not so alone.

Caldor Fire

It seems like we are in a time where the disasters this world is facing are hard to keep up with. It is also hard to determine whether or not that this is due to the end of the world or just more access to information on these devastating events. My focus has been turned to the Caldor Fires that are raging in California. This was just one event that I did not have much knowledge on. These fires that started on August 14th have made their way from Little Mountain, CA to now Christmas Valley with nearly 500 homes destroyed and 33,000 places being threatened by the spreading fire. What is known as a red flag warning was expressed saying “This is a systematic evacuation, one neighborhood at a time,” South Lake Tahoe police Lt. Travis Cabral said on social media. “I am asking you as our community to please remain calm.” (KCRA) People are intending to evacuate but are then faced with traffic as all fear for their lives. It seems ironic in a time where people who had to stay within the confines of their homes to quarantine are now forced to evacuate due to this natural disaster. Multiple news sources are reporting on the spread of these fires and providing information to not only those living near or in those areas but are also resources to those, like us, tuning in to stay updated.

The imminent threat that people are facing with grounds being leveled by the raging fire and being that this fire has been ongoing for over two weeks now presses the issue of how it will be stopped. With winds at thirty miles per hour, it seems like a tough task to feat. It is not only disrupting the land, travel, and homes of the individuals that live there but the air they breathe as well. I have linked a website that is dedicated to helping those that have suffered through these natural disasters if anyone is interested in helping be a part of rebuilding the communities that have been lost. This and some many other disasters feel too close to home.