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Why I love my family? #6

I spent countless time reading about how family is important. To me is the most important aspect I do admire. When I see my little girl, she’s a replica of me and I have the responsibility to take care of her needs. I am talking about a single family. I know other extended family can be a great unit but having my daughter and wife together is a great moment. It’s also important that other things are considered, but having my family together and having some quality time matters. There can sometime be broken family, but if you have a happy family, the community benefits. Human beings love living in peace but it gets so frustrating when negative things begin to erode your family. We are humans can be unpredictable in our deeds, society has created negative vices that harm our existence. What do we do then?

Family Relationships – Importance and How to Build Healthy Relationships

So what are the benefits of having a happy family? There’s several benefits that come with having a happy family, emotional, independence and physical.


Healthy family relationships often translate to healthy eating and exercise habits as well. According to Kids Health, families who engage in healthy eating and exercise together will ultimately become a healthier and stronger family unit. Parents are encouraged to model and explain to children why eating certain foods is healthy and how exercise can benefit all aspects of a healthy life. Finding time to cook healthy meals together and engage in physical activity will build a stronger and healthier family that will benefit from being physically healthy. Kids Health also indicates that children who are taught how to eat healthy and exercise during childhood are more likely to become healthy adults who also raise a healthy family

Therapeutic Laughter!

The function of our body depends on physiological and anatomical changes that occur. The structure and function of the human body intertwined with how our entire body reacts to internal and external phenomena. In so doing, the manner in which we monitor our body, especially what we do, eat plays an important aspect on the physical and biological dynamics.

Laughing is such a thing that I personally love doing and that makes it easy for me since I like to watch comedy shows. I love to laugh and sometime I realize when I laugh I feel a sense of relief; rejuvenated and upbeat and ready to conquer the world. But interestingly, according to research, laughing really has a therapeutic effects on the body.

The physiological impacts associated with laugher are enormous. Laugher decreases stress level, improves your sense of humor.

Long-term effects

Laughter isn’t just a quick pick-me-up, though. It’s also good for you over the long term. Laughter may:

  • Improve your immune system. Negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that can affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immunity. By contrast, positive thoughts can actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more-serious illnesses.
  • Relieve pain. Laughter may ease pain by causing the body to produce its own natural painkillers.
  • Increase personal satisfaction. Laughter can also make it easier to cope with difficult situations. It also helps you connect with other people.
  • Improve your mood. Many people experience depression, sometimes due to chronic illnesses. Laughter can help lessen your depression and anxiety and may make you feel happier.

Short-term effects:

Laughter stimulates your organs. Meaning that, it improves your heart functions, increase oxygen-rich air, stimulates your muscles, tissue and helps increase normal blood flow in our body. Here’s Dr. Kataria speak on the health benefits of laughing.

Medical research versus Human Life. Post #4

This’s not a bombshell and I hope the topic isn’t the one that will trigger social or ethical consideration but this is to inform and lay the simplicity of what is being discussed in every media or news outlets today as politically correct. As we cruise through this writing one thing I would like to mention is that I hold my views and beliefs on this one. However, the issue of fetal scientific research is being argued in every facet of our social and individual definition. While is true we are little scientists in our own corner researching our very existence, I also hold the belief that life is such a great thing to possess. Besides, I also think that there are several medical or scientific alternatives over there that we can adventure that do not have to involve taking away human life. So the question is, when does life begin? Science has over the year proven the onset of life begins at conception.

Let’s take it one step forward? Ya?

So the question is how can we obtain this fetal? Anyone over there listening? I am of the conviction life is destroyed and fetus tissue is taken away and this brings the issue of abortion.

Black Abortion Statistics

It’s Outrageous!! It MUST STOP NOW!!

Take a moment and listen to this.

That decision mommy made to give birth to you advocates, is indeed priceless and invaluable. Think again. Really? According to CDC between 1970 and 2015, nearly 45.7 million legal induced abortions. More than 19 million (compare to the population of New York) Black babies have been aborted since the 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision legalized abortion in our country. I strongly criticize the fact that mainstream media are mute on this issue but this is damaging our society.

My Take!

In spite of the growing rates of abortion, especially among underprivileged, every life that is being heinously destroyed matters and I believe every conception must be given the opportunity to life. Let the babies live. Let’s not forget, preservation or conservation of plants and animal to save our planet is proportionally useless if we continue to destroy lives.

Racial inclusivity and Global Economy!! Post #3

United States and China!!! WOW!!!

Social and economy scientists can say something about this I think. Even politicians can also have a take as well. What a world? The media is a hot spot and every communication outlet is taking this issue of U. S trade war with China on different personal attachment. If the world will be a better place to live, then it behooves each one of us to put on our social glasses to view the social vices that continue to disintegrate the human race. Our economy will collapse or businesses will eventually close down. Everywhere and everyone is crying foul and is deeply obsessed about this whole happening about trade war. Few months ago, China provided a $60billion economy loan to African states to boast their economy. Really? Lot of money but let’s direct our racial compass on race in China.


The influx of Chinese businesses in Africa is inarguably amazing where they (Chinese) are treated with respect and are sincerely welcome by Africans. They’ve been given a red carpet to live and experience life in that continent.

My Why?

I want to relate this to my group’s project on racial equity in America, specifically in the Twin Cities. But what catches my attention is that WHY the media not talking about these social issues that are paramount to our co-existence as human beings. China is exploiting African economy with just a few dollars but fails to address racial equity.

Are health practitioners contributing to opioid Crisis?

This is quite an interesting social topic to be discussed. However, hold on to your views. Opioid addiction is damaging our society and generation as it continues to cripple our community and leaves our hearts broken. Lives are being victimized as a result of this deadly issue that relentlessly continue to wander around our homes taking away lives.

Opioid abuse has escalated to crisis levels throughout the American population. Deaths from drug overdose now outnumber those caused by car accidents, with an average of 110 overdose deaths per day and more than half of those involving opioids, according to the Centers for Disease Control (, 2019).

Although opioid medications do have beneficial effects such as pain relief, but they also produce unwanted effects such as euphoria, constipation, and respiratory depression. Unwanted effects occur when the drug is taken in large doses. The main reason for people getting addicted is because opioids have a high body tolerance, which means over time it requires higher doses to feel the same effect. The longer one takes the drug, the more one must take the drug to feel the same effects.   


Medical providers can help prevent the prevalence of opioid addiction by instituting some measures in conjunction with government’s regulation of opioids. Certainly, it’s important to know that pain can be acute or chronic in its full stage but can also be medicated with other forms. While is true that the one who experiences pain can subjectively describes it on the scale of 0 — 10, health care providers can help minimize this crisis.

Don’t fake it!!!!

So patient A was discharged couple of days ago and sooner or later he/she returns to the ED complaining of chronic pain and requesting more pain killer. The doctor comes in the room and recognizes that patient A was back with a the same issue. This time, Dr. X bluntly tells patient that he is not going to order any pain meds. This patient was faking it.


A Road trip to Maryland

This is my life! My life is embedded with the philosophy to helping society and giving back to humanity is what holistically defines me and I love doing what I do. As a community leader working with Liberian immigrant community in the Twin Cities, we gather each year at a designated state, raise funds and purchase instructional and medical supplies for under-privileged children in Liberia. As a person, I feel the world is meaningless IF we as human beings knowingly and unknowingly fail to be our brother’s keepers. We’re on a road to trip to one of our annual conventions in the state of Maryland and I leading this team.

My health rejoices!!

Have you ever felt really good when someone smiles because of what you’ve done for them especially when all hope is gone and you show up and put an unexpected smile on the person face? Have you ever? It’s fun and therapeutically benefitting.

According to research, the physical benefits that come with helping are enormous.

  • It reduces stress. Doing things for others helps maintain good health. …
  • It helps get rid of negative feelings. Negative emotions such as anger, aggression or hostility have a negative impact on our mind and body. …
  • It can help us live longer. Giving and helping others may increase how long we live.

This’s my little girl, Gloria at a nursing home in Maplewood where we volunteer our time helping older folks. Gloria is about to play some songs.

You feel good!!

When you give back to society this what happens!! You’re excited and full of fun and laughter.