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Let’s fight STRESS together.

Life is stressful period. It can be bad stress or even good stress, the matter is it’s stress. Stress can cause issues for individuals of all size, age, and even mental stability. Stress is there.

According to research, stress has been on the high when it comes down to finance problem, divorce, and even social media. Stress can occur in small dosage, but with the amount of time you feel stress, it accrues. With too much stress, one can cause chronic pain or fatigue.

Stress does not just cause pain, but weight gain as well. According to sources, stress can trigger hormone, belly fat, anxiety, craving, and less sleep. Hormone is when one triggers the alert within the brain, caused by the fight or flight. This releases high adrenaline to stay in action. But, once the feel wears off, the body sends an alert to replenish the body. This causes one to overeat and drink.

Belly fat causes fat inflammation with the excess belly fat. This excess cortisol causes slow down of metabolism and for fat to build. The stress of this is do to mental and physical exhaustion.

Anxiety is caused by emotional eating. This is caused by one fidgeting and not being able to control their temptation. Having a strong anxiety can cause someone to stress, with that comes overeating and high adrenaline.

Craving is related to stress through comfort food. When someone is stress, they rely on a specific food to calm down. Most would eat fast food or carbs, because carbs were known to make people happy. But, carbs build high calories and sugar.

Less sleep is caused by stress with overthinking. This can cause someone to binge eat during the knight. But, with slower metabolism, foods are stored and turns to fat. This can cause weight gain and lack of rest.

Stress is there. But, stress can also be control as well. Some method to stay stress free is to exercise. Exercising allows one to release any negative thoughts and peer pressure. Weight lifting is a plus, because it gives people the leverage to drain that stress. Meaning if you’re short temper and need to release that anger, weight lifting can help control it.

Meditation is another stress reliever, because it trains breathing techniques, mindless thoughts, and relaxation. Meditation combine with yoga gives people an internal and external workout. It can also benefit people with quietness and stress relieving therapy.

Last is to be positive, because that conquers all on a daily base. Just thinking positive can benefit individuals thought process and turnout. It helps control the weight, the stress, and the relationship with people around you. So be positive daily and when stress kicks in, fight it with deep breathing and a positive outlook.

College Experience

What is the college experience? Some think of the college experience as a time to explore new boundaries such as people, culture, and learning experience. A college experience are those and more. The importance of it is to get a better job and start at life.

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Ready for graduation!

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I’ve been in college for about a decade now. Just graduated with my associate in 2019, now graduating with my bachelor in 2020. Throughout my experience, I have always wonder if college was worth it. College back in 2007, when I graduated high school was a big deal. It was the talk of getting a good job. Just having an associate was more than enough.

In 2014 things started to change, where an associate was no longer the needed degree. Instead a bachelor became require in most entry jobs. I remember hearing about this news, while still trying to complete my associate. At that point I felt like giving up, because it felt like there was no hope. Soon after in 2016, I lost my mom and things just fell apart. I just wanted to quit because of the bills, lack of motivation, and peer pressure. Nothing was for certain anymore.

After losing my mom in 2016, my North Hennepin community College counselor questioned me. Shawn told me that I can’t stay in a community college forever. Because time was running out and money was running out. He asked me “What is your next step, right now?” I couldn’t answer him at that time. But because I was in NHCC for so long, I got comfortable and scare of moving on. The college experience was terrible, so I thought. But, after a hard and long consideration, I decided to transfer to Metropolitan State University to get a bachelor degree. I wanted to finish this experience for myself. I wanted to be the first to obtain a college degree in my family. I wanted a better life, even if it was uncertain.

The college experience was an up hill battle, it’s uncertain of results, and may jeopardize more than its own worth. My thought on the college experience is that, people need to research their intentions on that specific goal or degree. Because some degree holds no value in today’s need. However, the end goal for it all is to obtain knowledge and be a better person. Yes, a great job is the aim for it all. But, while being in the process of it, why not enjoy the experience and value being given.

Dog Discrimination

Banning specific dog breeds within places are absurd. People managing apartments or just public grounds do not understand dogs. Every dog behavior is different, base on owners handling. breed does not play a part.

Dogs come in many shape, size, and temperament. Every individual dog can however turnout for the better or worst. According to research, the (Pitbull Terrier) was once proudly recognize as America’s dog. But, because of mishandling from owners, the pitbull terrier is shame upon today. Although the breed is still quite popular, look alone puts fear in people. This discrimination causes such banning in certain states and even living situation.

Breed specific-legislation (BSL) is a law that targets specific dog. It supposedly controls banning rights and restrict breeds within living situations. In some cases, this law targets breed that looks similar to specific dogs. Causing misunderstanding for public’s and endangering dogs. This law is a discrimination for breeds in general, it does not bring out the best in dog. Because so many dogs are mutt, one does not know if the dog is a “pitbull” or different type of terrier.

According to this web, the term “pitbull” refers to “elastic, imprecise, and subjective phrase.” Meaning that the dog is known to have any weight from 20-100lbs and carries a block head. This basically pertains to most dogs, meaning that any dog can be a pitbull. If anything, all dogs are mix and carries some sort of trait from different breeds.

Discriminating on specific dogs are insanely high within states and that brings in higher rate for dog shelter. This has nothing to do with dogs either, but owners. If anything, owners are the cause for this stereotype for breeds, owners should be responsible for those punishment, not the dogs.

Fighter of the Decade is NOT Floyd Mayweather.

According to the BWAA, Floyd Mayweather was declared the fighter of the decade. But not in my vote. I think Manny Pacquiao should’ve been the fighter of the decade, hands down. According to RingTv, Floyd Mayweather was more dominant? Beat Manny Pacquiao? and 50-0? I honestly do not agree.

Floyd Mayweather was certainly a great fighter. But, he does not deserve the title of (Fighter of the Decade). Floyd Mayweather’s last two fight consisted of Conor Mcgregor and Tenshin Nasukawa. Both of which are warriors of different fighting style and techniques. Floyd only claimed his “50-0” with these two victories, which was not an official boxing match. Floyd refused to fight with their standard and wanted only boxing. This is not a consistent victory in the world of boxing, if you ask me.

Fighting Manny Pacquiao and winning by decision was a bias vote. Because Floyd was running around the whole time and aside from Manny’s excuse, he clearly won in viewers eyes. Manny was rob of the winning decision. Floyd did not take the win honestly, he won because they were in Vegas and yes, location matters when it comes down to guest fighters.

Manny Pacquiao fought in eight division weight class, all of which he won the title. Manny Pacquiao also defeated some of the most notorious boxers of all time like Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, and Juan Manuel Marquez. Not only did Manny defeat these opponents, but he’s still fighting until today and defeating some younger champions. Manny Pacquiao truly deserve the title of (Fighter of the decade).

If you compare the two weight of a 50-0 towards a eight division champion, obviously one weighs more than the other. Climbing to the top of a eight division is a lot tougher and more worthy than a mere 50-0, which people can achieve more easily. RingTV is wrong for approving that Floyd Mayweather is deserving of the title. Because although, Floyd is a 50-0, he did not carry as much weight as Manny and that is upsetting. Promoting Floyd as the top fighter is a delusion for boxers and promotes boxers to fight with running.

Helmet cannot prevent concussion.

Helmet cannot protect people from concussion.

Yes a helmet can protect a person from TBI, but it cannot prevent concussions. The inner rotation impact is what causes concussions for people in most head on collision. Rotation impact is the brain and skull colliding. Even though it looks harmless from the outside with head on collision, the brain inside is smacking into the skull. This is the part that causes concussions. Football is one example of concussion, with head on collision and foreseen concussion on fields. Aside from football, any other activity can cause a concussion. Playing soccer and getting hit in the head by a ball can cause concussion. The same goes with falling off a bike or getting into fights.

Like the TED video, concussion can occur with any activity. Football is not the only sport or activity that is known for causing concussion. Anything can cause head injuries and a helmet cannot prevent those concussion from occurring. Understand that safety is first and that head protection is vital, but still be cautious on any given activities.

Dog aggression

Did you know that a high majority of dog owners mistakes aggression as play. Dog aggression is always overlooked and that can cause a big problem within community. Yes, dogs can bite, paw, and even wrestle with one another. But, when it goes overboard, owners need to know when to stop it. A part of that comes with being able to read signs, age, and body posture.

Me and my girlfriend own an Australian Shepherd. Every time we play with her in public dog parks, we will always test other dogs behavior first. What we do is walk our dog along the fence and let her greet other dogs from the other side. This is a safety test for dogs to see their temper, attitude, and dominance. It’s a safety precaution for both dogs and owners. You never know which dog is looking for a challenge, especially on heat season.

When we’re in a dog park, playing is natural and seeing the signs are almost basic. A playful dog is also submissive. Meaning they’re willing to show respect towards your dog. Respect is not pawing your dogs rear, not biting and locking the neck, and not dry humping. Because those signs are of dominance and claiming of your dog.

“Discipline isn’t about showing a dog who’s boss; it’s about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.” – Cesar Millan

During heat season, dogs can become more aggressive and attack other dogs or people. Dry humping is one sign of masturbation and can be a dog trying to claim another. Biting on the neck is also a sign of dominance and can become an aggression as well. It’s not only a kill aggression, but a way to make other dogs submit by force. With that, if a dog is showing submission, they’ll usually show their stomach. Showing the stomach is a sign of submission, because that’s their most vulnerable body part. Letting other dogs mount onto them can be one sign of submission as well.

Yes, seeing these actions a part of nature. But to own them and let others mistreat them is not okay. Because they are your companion and your property, showing respect and boundaries a must. Knowing aggression and play is something to know about when it comes to your dog. If you want them safe and sane, be more cautious with them.

Knowing when to take your dog away from those situations are vital, because it can be a life saving moment for your dog. It’s not just a discipline, but also a training for yourself. It’s a lesson to know when owning a dog, to treat them like family and friends. You want them to be safe and treated equally, with that comes being mindful of situations and alert of others.