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2018 Resolutions anyone?


As we wrap up the final weeks of 2017, I am making my New Year’s resolutions. And it definitely includes the famous resolutions to LOSE WEIGHT and SAVE MONEY. As ridiculous as it sounds, I still do it just because— New Year, new me! Lol…

At first, it always sounds very motivating to start out on a clean sleigh. There’s motivation and support all around. On social media, fitness centers, and people are eating healthy. These motivate and sets a “can do” attitude for those shares these same resolutions.


But not long after the first few days, I begin to think “I’ve been good, one bite won’t hurt”. Then comes “I’ll eat this and start over tomorrow” followed by, “screw it, you only live once”. And there goes one resolution.

Saving money doesn’t quite work either. Every “want” quickly turns into a “need”— a must buy.

Anyhow, aside to these silly goals, I do have other realistic ones such as finishing my BA in Fall 2018 and buying a home. And I am very determine because the last two years were like the stepping stones to make it possible for 2018. I also have friends and families who encourages and supports me in achieving these goals.


My Vegas Rewards

Vegas is awesome! The city never sleeps! It’s true! You have people ordering cocktails 6 in the morning. It slows down around 3 to 5 am but people are just drunk and chilling at some slot machine or table game. There are people celebrating birthdays, bachelor (bachelorette) parties, people getting married, street performers, and all sorts of fancy things. Vegas will entertain you at all hours.

Like most people, I like to look up things to do, place to eat, and freebies. So I want to share an application (for the MGM resorts) that you should have if you are planning to visit Vegas because it will help you save a few bucks at some of the main attractions!

Download the app “My Vegas” (I have an iphone, but I’m sure other app stores have their version). They have a slot machine or blackjack version but it doesn’t matter because it will sync everything together through your Facebook login. This app is very useful and offers great things. Like every other app out there, it wants you to spend real money to play and get extra boosts, etc. But, DON’T! Because you can’t “cash” out and that will defeat the purpose of “FREEBIES”. I have never spent a penny —I just go in daily to collect my free points and chips to play and earn more points. This does take time and will not happen overnight, so download it now and start earning your points!

SO WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE THIS APP? Because you can use these points to redeem REAL REWARDS such as 1 to 2 night complimentary hotel rooms, food and drinks, buffets, slot plays, shows, and rides at the MGM resorts. Some restrictions: a person can only redeem 3 rewards per visit, this app is not available for local residents, and the rewards are non-transferrable.

And yes, you are on vacation, and will be splurging anyways… but why not save if you can?

Violence Against Men

When a man hits a woman — it’s abuse. When a woman hits a man — it’s self defense.

While most organizations and advocators say victims of domestic violence “can be of any age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status”, women continue to be the vast majority. Women are often labeled as fragile, vulnerable, and victims of violence. Studies and statistics by CDC shows that 1 in every 4 women is a victim of violence versus 1 in every 7 men. Most women are granted protection by the law and support systems when it comes to violence.

A video clip done by a group of amateurs demonstrate how the bystanders jump to the rescue when a woman is being mistreated in public. In contrasts, it also shows how the bystanders do not take into account when the man is being abuse by the woman. This is another article that sums up what violence against men looks like today. Often time, men cannot find the help and support they need because “a woman can’t hurt you”.


This shows that society have isolated men from being victims. Men are seen as strong beings, protectors, and the penetrator. This kind of generalization prevents them from protection, support, and the possibility of being a victim.

Domestic violence can range from physical to emotional abuse and other unwanted contacts. It should not matter whether the penetrator is strong or weak, black or white, male or female. Any person should not be seen as more or less of a victim just because of their physical image and potential strength. When society picks and chooses who fits the profile of a victim, it takes away the fact that violence can happen to anyone regardless of their “age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status”.

Image result for invisalignInvisalign is the latest option to traditional metal braces. They are clear retainers that are molded from a patient’s teeth scan starting from its current to the desired stage. During the patient’s treatment plan, the retainers are worn in increments of 1-2 weeks and between 21 to 23 hours a day. The retainers are only to be taken off during meals and cleaning. The person can floss and brush as they normally do. Throughout the plan, Invisalign is to correct and adjust the teeth the same way that traditional wire braces do. Many adults and teens prefer Invisalign because it is clear and barely visible. The cost of this treatment is comparable to traditional braces — ranging from 4 to 6 thousand dollars.

When I first heard about Smiledirectclub’s offer, I scoff and thought… ‘You get what you pay for’.


For people who have not done the research, professional dental work is not cheap; whether it’s metal or clear braces. Everyone’s treatment plan is different and can vary from 12 to 24 months or more depending on the corrections needed. Throughout this process, you need regular doctor visits to make sure you are on track and that every tooth is moving the way it is projected to. If not, they will add in additional techniques like attachments and dimples to assist with the adjustment. This makes the doctor visits a very important part of the journey.

Image result for smiledirectclub

Smiledirectclub’s marketing is targeted toward affordability and convenience. They offer this treatment plan at 60% off, making it as low as $1850. They offer home kits for “do it yourself” teeth impressions. These kits, the clear retainers, and everything else will ship right to your door! Professional staffs will help and guide you through the treatment plan; eliminating the doctor visits. But from the reviews I’ve read online, they will help and guide you “over the phone”. Therefore, I think that’s geared toward “convenience” because it promotes the “no doctor visits required”. And with a cherry on top, they even give FREE teeth whitening with the package! ALL for as low as $1850! WHAT A DEAL RIGHT?!

It is true that you do not always have to pay a high price to get a good deal, but remember the famous saying of “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. If something that usually costs an arm and a leg suddenly becomes affordable, question it! Question its material quality, results, and the provider’s credibility.

The Power of Social Media

Remember that video that resurfaced on your feed over and over? And that thing that people tweeted about all day long? Or how about the “hey, have you seen on Facebook…”

I recently came across a video on Facebook that went viral for a quick time. It was a 5 min clip of a police officer taking money from a Hispanic man by the surname of Matia for selling hotdogs on the street without a license. And if the rumors are true, the officer took about sixty dollars from the vendor. In turn, that generated Matia over fifty thousand dollars through a Gofundme campaign.

Sounds familiar?

In December 2010, there was another man name Mohamed Bouazizi from Tunisia who got his produce confiscated and harassed because he did not have a vendor’s permit. He appeared before the courthouse for justice and nothing was done. Therefore, he lit himself up in flames and his actions triggered the Tunisian Revolution, also known as the Jasmine Revolution.

Image result for bouazizi

What do these two situations have in common? Social media.

Both of these scenes were caught on camera and shared on social media— triggering all kinds of emotions and supports.

The video clip of the Tunisian in flames was shared on Facebook and went viral leading to protests and demonstrations. Bouazizi’s illustration brought the people in his country together and ended their president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s 23 years of power and dictatorship. The Tunisian Revolution continues to be a leading example and inspiration for other movements in Egypt, Libya and Yemen.

Image result for officer takes money from hotdog vendor

The 5 min clip of Matia’s encounter was also shared on Facebook repeatedly. Many people were outraged by his misfortune and raised thousands of dollars to show support. We can see and assume that with the new developments of social media and other networks such as Gofundme campaigns— he did not have to go to an extent for results.

Nevertheless, the moral of these two stories is to show how influential social media can be.

Social media and the internet are so powerful because it provides online community space for people to come together. They are able to support and become a part of the community anonymously. Users also have the capability to connect and share from one platform to another leading to faster actions and results. Something can happen in one area, and the whole world would know in seconds by a few clicks of a mouse. In fact, news travel so fast on social media that most things can be classified as real time.

While social media can make great things happen, “not so great” things can happen as well. So be mindful of what you share, because it may be the next big thing!


Got Water?

I love water! I drink water to quench a thirst, with meals, during work outs, and to keep busy. Yes to keep busy! It helps me stay awake during meetings. It also helps fill in those awkward moments in a conversation. Water is the purest thing you can consume daily. Best yet, water can help curve your appetite by keeping you full and not add on the unwanted calories.

Did you know that the human body is made up of approximately 60 percent water? As little as a 2 percent loss can result in dehydration! That’s why we must drink a sufficient amount of water to retain this percentage because we are losing this water through perspiration and other organ functions such as removals of toxins. Our bodies need water to perform its daily functions such as waste removal, transport of nutrients, regulating our body temperature and simply breathing. Besides these vital functions, there are many other benefits to drinking water. Water is an essential component to all living organisms.

Image result for raisins

So what happens when you don’t drink enough water? Your body gets dehydrated. Like a grape turning into a raisin, your skin and body becomes dry. There is also increased fatigue and your muscles and joints may also become more vulnerable to cramping and sprains. Most importantly, your inner body and organs cannot function efficiently when your body is dehydrated. While 2 percent water loss can cause dehydration, 15 percent water loss can be lethal. So, bottoms up!

Water is natural and pure, but by drinking excessively more than your body needs, it can result in water intoxication. Yes, it is very possible! It’s sort of like drowning— imagine your organs being submerged in water. When you take in more water than what your body can use and eliminate at a given time, it can become a bad thing too. There have been stories of people dying from water challenges because of water intoxications. Like everything else, having too little or too much isn’t good for you. There needs to be a balance.

Since we can’t have too little, and not too much— how much water do we need? It is impossible to know the exact amount of water a person needs but the general rule of thumb recommends 8×8. That is, 8 glasses of 8 ounces a day. Or to get a more precise amount, multiply a person’s weight by 2/3 to get the amount of water (in ounces). BUT! Not everyone is the same. Due to our differences in weights, heights, and daily activities; each person may require more or less of the 8×8 equation. A person who is working out may need more to replenish the water loss from sweating versus someone who is less active or at a resting state.

Image result for high water content

Now that you know the importance of water, drink up! If you don’t like the flavorless taste of water, you can add herbs and fruits for extra flavor or consume fruits and veggies that are high in water content such as watermelon, grapefruit, and celery.