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Should this show continue?

Continuation of Netflix Shows 


I did not think the series of Jeffrey Dahmer was a bad show, nor did I think it was great. An adaptation shows with past events based on murderous intent can cause people to think, show, and act like the victim themselves but what BuzzFeed’s article points out to the readers is the conception that the show is to prove that many white people are privileged and how they can get away with anything. I do think that shows, just like this one, are viewed to give watchers the idea of what decisions are made to lead from one event to the next. As I watched the show, I felt that the background lighting, the movie directing, and the transitions were great, but what I didn’t feel were the characters’ emotions that were played throughout the series.  

The show, “Jeffrey Dahmer”, should not continue with a second season due to romanticizing serial killers. For example: Hollywood deliberately changes the timeline of the victims to show the narrative of serial killers being human. One of Jeffrey’s victims was deaf, and in the show, they portrayed this character more as Jeffrey’s lover than a victim. They showed Jeffery and the victim going out on a cute date and portrayed how life “could have been”. In order for Hollywood to squeeze in this romance, the order of the victims was changed. 

Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer “Monster” Series Renewed Amid Backlash ( 

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As our world continues to shift towards a new era, society has been submitted to the content of change. The revolving surroundings in our neighborhoods, our job spaces, the country, we must adapt and overcome the reality thats happening. The two links that are posted below are publicity, world-wide events happening in our society and how people are being accepted vs how the public accepts it. As we watch the two videos, we should be aware of the people around us and their personal reference of who they are. I am not entitled to comment on a personal reference based on their own ideal but there are people who do not believe in it and are not able to accept.
*DISCLAIMER* I do not own the two-video links.

(190) LGBTQIA+ Voices: The Coming Out Experience – YouTube

(190) THE TRANSGENDER DEFENDER: Her rise and fall at the hands of Ben Shapiro – YouTube

Our best resource!

Wow! How amazing it is to indulge myself in a world filled with communication, accessible content, and more importantly connection to the world. We see in countless ads and commercials about the importance of what we call “tools” that are said to be “successful” in our lives but is that the case? As the progression of technology continues to rise and climb to the top tier in business, we find ourselves to be more productive towards receiving knowledge and the importance of how the developments would affect us. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook developed the app for easier access to open on the mobile device instead of constantly logging into the computer, but his best creation made to bring the world together and connect was his famous app called Messenger. I am forever grateful for the existence of technology and the content created inside of it.  

The times we odd when we were kids back in the 2000’s when telephone devices were just little buttons that could only call within the country, no touch 

screens, no opening up YouTube app for entertainment, or better yet, headphone jacks to listen to music, everything was just great. The first phone that was handed to me was an Obama Phone back in 2008. It was a phone that many people wanted, and when it became free to the citizen everybody was hooked onto it. This type of technology was able to keep me, and my family connected to each other wherever we were, any time of the day was one phone call away. Since then, I have never looked back at the fascinating piece of object that made us who we are today. As the creation continued to grow, the next phone that I received was the Samsung Galaxy Avant and this was the first phone that had touch screen compatibility and of course I never knew how to use it, I sort of played around with it and voila, I was an expert! Since Facebook was an app, I downloaded it and I became a Facebook addict.  

When Facebook was created back in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook solely for Harvard students to keep in touch with each other. Thousands of students registered, and Facebook blew up drastically. Now, Facebook is one of the biggest online media used for connecting world-wide. Mark Zuckerberg background history of Facebook was based on his and his roommates’ idea and continue to improve the science of Facebook. Mark decided to quit school and commit full-time to his best creation along with the investment money from Angel investor Peter Thiel of $500,000. Who would’ve known that Mr. Zuckerberg would be a top competitor of many individual companies siding with the media. An interviewer, by the name of Stephanopoulos, talked about the problems and issues of Facebook back in 2019 and he said that “It seems like social media drives you just to be reinforced on views you already have. It hardens up everybody.” and Mark replied with “It’s the opposite.” and he relates the answer by explaining that the voice of certain entertainment system are editorial points of view and with friends who you are added, will have their own opinions on certain things. You will see both sides of the debate. Stepping aside from Facebook drama, we have youtubers and “data collectors” making Instagram reels or Snap chat reels for content regarding what this person has been doing, and they use resources from what the creator has said to back up on their idealistic and content to either destroy or put negative thoughts or ideas in the viewers minds.  

Facebook has created content for many years, going from old television shows to news advertisements. While we may have seen more content on Facebook today including reels, story posts, and opinionated posts, we see that Facebook has also taken itself to a more heavily negative side towards certain topics, such as political story, economic stories, and personal stories. As a Facebook content user, I watch and analyze the difference in people’s posts and compare them to my own. We can see how the negative post gets more views than a positive post and when you see the comment section you see that there are more in the negative content than a positive content. Facebook has given us the opportunity to be entertained by implementing videos, games, and funny memes.  

My experience with Facebook has granted me the opportunity to remember all the memories I have posted in the past, all the bad ones, and good ones, but also all the pictures that weren’t able to be saved. I am happy for the creation of messenger because without messenger, I wouldn’t be able to say good-bye to my grandpa, who deceased in December while I was stationed in Japan. I am forever grateful for the experience of technology and how it made life easier for many people. Thank you for social media and technology.

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