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Minnesotans United

I’m honestly shocked that I picked “exercising your public voice” as my first blog post topic.  My friends can tell you that I’m usually the last one to comment on high-profile topics.  I don’t like debate, and I don’t like the possibility of offending people with my opinion.  However, when it comes to the hot topic of same-sex marriage, I am willing to open up a bit.  I understand that everyone is completely entitled to their views, but I truly have a hard time understanding why there are Minnesotans who don’t support same-sex marriage.  This issue is especially relevant today, when the Minnesota Senate is voting on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.  This afternoon’s debate can be viewed on a live stream here.

So why do I support same-sex marriage?  Because I believe that all human beings should be granted the same freedom to marry.  The personal and religious views of random publics should not dictate whether two men or two women get married.  I, along with many supporters of this movement, believe that the decision to get married belongs to the two people in a relationship.  It should not be dictated by a church or any other group.

A lot of my updates on the Minnesota fight for same-sex marriage come from Facebook pages like Minnesotans United for All Families.  During the past few days leading up to the Senate vote, the organization has urged its followers to email their state senators with encouragement to vote “yes” on the bill.  By following their directions, people like me were able to find their senator and send them a message.  MN4AllFamilies even composed an email that could be sent as-is or personalized.  Here is the text they suggested:

This is a truly historic time for our state, and as your constituent I urge you to support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in the Senate on Monday.

I was thrilled to see the bipartisan vote in the Minnesota House on Thursday! Now, you have the chance to help make Minnesota the next state to allow same-sex couples the freedom to marry. The future of thousands of families in our state lies in your hands.  

Same-sex couples and their families have waited too long to be treated equally by their government. You have an incredible opportunity to make a state a more free and fair place today, and I hope you’ll take advantage of it. 

Please, vote YES and support the basic freedom to marry for same-sex couples. 

For me, the third paragraph says it all.  “Treated equally” and “more free and fair place” are key phrases that define what we should be striving for.  I want my gay and lesbian friends to have the same rights to marriage as I do.  Their relationships are no less important than heterosexual relationships and deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged by the government.  Meanwhile, I am glued to my computer, awaiting news of today’s vote. Make me proud, Minnesota!  #timeformarriage 
In case there is any doubt about my stance on this topic, here is a picture of the pumpkin I carved last Halloween–I was encouraging friends to vote NO on the constitutional amendment of Minnesota’s definition of marriage: