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Two Wrongs Don’t Make it Right

We need to learn that what is good for the goose in NOT good for the gander. As people may or may not know there is a viral video on the Internet that shows a bus monitor being harassed and verbally abused on the bus. As a result, a vacation fund was established for her, again on the Internet. It has collected $530,000 in only 36 hours. This is a wonderful outpouring. Once again, people rise to the occasion for wrongdoing. However, the children that made this video, and one innocent child, are now being attacked and harassed in turn. These children, where the oldest is approximately 13, are getting death threats over this incident. Yes, they did behave in a horrible manner. However, there is no reason for the public at large to form a lynch mob. Additionally, one of the children named, that also is receiving death threats, was NOT a part of the incident. In fact, he was never on the bus!
In this instance, calling people to action through blogs and video is not such a great thing. Most parents agree that if their child did something so ugly on a bus, the child would be punished. It really isn’t the place of the general public to “bully back.”