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Personal Vent

I have come to the conclusion that a few issues with organization in blogs and true/false quizzes.

It is very difficult for me to be spontaneous in blogging. I want to think everything through and plan out how it will look, what the purpose will be, etc. Having a long list of blogs on various topics just doesn’t coordinate with my mind. I know I like things sequential, and I can be spontaneous. Apparently, not in blogging, which sort of defies the whole purpose of many blogs. That being said, I have learned to enjoy some blogs. I’ve even started looking for blog information with different technology that I use…now that IS scary!!

My second vent is true/false quizzes. I really don’t like them. I always think too deep or question the motive of the statement. Yes, I admit to paranoia where true/false quizzes are concerned. I always want to have a place where I can qualify my response. Does that mean I’d make a good politician?