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Nowadays everything is on the internet. News, music, along with the music videos, movies, television shows, and so much more.

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DACA Students Matter

Imagine being told you have to leave your home. That is what is happening to our DACA students. DACA (Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival) is minor that came to the United State with their parents without proper paper works, other knowns at “undocumented”. During the Obama Administration, Former President Obama made it a policy that allowed undocumented children to be able to go to school and be a kid. Majority of the DACA recipient arrived into the United State when they were as little as three years old. For many DACA recipients United State is their home and the home they have known. They are now able to go to school, go to college. They are allow to dream just like any other child.

With recent change of administration, Donald Trump is aiming to shut down the DACA program. The program that gave thousands kids opportunity to chase their dreams. Many young adult and children are fearful of what will happen next. That’s where you come in! To help DACA recipients you can write to your local State Representative or Senator to let them know you care about this cause. By writing to your local representative you are being a voice to the children that deserve a chance at life.


Video game reduces stress

When dealing with stress often times people will go to the gym, walking or do other physical activities. What if you don’t like any of those. Well, lucky for you there’s video games. According to research video game reduces stresses just like when your working out. Video game is an outlet to let your emotions out and be emotional aware.

When thinking of releasing stress people just jump to physical activities, forgetting there are other outlet. A lot of teens and adolescent have turned to video game to reduce stress and let out built emotions. I had the chance to speak with a few teens, and this is what they had to say about video game. “I feel really happy when I play video games. I feel like I’m in my happy space. Playing video makes me feel better. I forget about all the troubles, and struggle I went through the day. The teacher that made me upset, all that is gone when I pick up the controller”. That was 17 year old Jibril from Apple Valley High School.

There are so many ways you can channel stress, sometimes you just need to pick up a controller!

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Media Take out “News” (trigger warning)


I have several issues with MediaTakeOut but more specifically the category MTO NEWS. Fake news is a problem and they take it to a new level. The MediaTakeOut site is full of gossip and even that is unreliable. It claims to be the most visited urban website in the world, that makes the idea them delivering unreliable “News” even more disturbing.


The first thing that is listed on their “News” page is their MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE that is telling us celebrity Rihanna is pregnant and they have PROOF! The post said she is DEFINITELY pregnant and they can prove it because “her NOSE IS SPREADING”. They say they witnessed her go out and she wasn’t drinking or doing drugs. Beyond the fact that they do not make me confident in their sources, by chance the news could be true. If it was I still wouldn’t believe this website. The site uses bad grammar and has spelling errors stating that she “Also she DIDN’R SMOKE WEED.”

So why be outraged, it’s just a rumor right? Well after scrolling down I see a post about people being mean to Beyonce’ and then an explicit post about a possible rape. The post about the rape has a video of the incident occurring. I have removed the hyperlink below because I believe the content is unethical.

SHOCK VIDEO: New VIRAL VIDEO Shows EXTREMELY INTOXICATED Girl . . . Getting A TRAIN RUN ON HER In A Parking Lot . . . And People Online Are ASKING . . . Is This A RAPE????

I want to reflect further on this for a second. I think that they could have potentially used this terrible event to create awareness. But re-posting the pornographic non-consented footage wasn’t the way to do that. The thought provoking question is questioning rape culture but they don’t seem even aware of such thing.

This site has links to share these outrageous posts, further perpetuating the fake news, and sexual assault. This platform could be used to engage with the urban community and organize for social change. Instead it is making many false claims and damaging the minds of the people who do not think critically enough to fact check.

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Want to save some money?

As a pretty extreme coupon-er I have set the scissors down and taken an easier approach to saving money that doesn’t involve a single coupon. I have saved so much money by shopping at my favorite store Discount70. The store is pretty random, you may never find the same item twice or it could be there every visit. The items are considered new and gently used, because an item could have been purchased at another store (like Target ) then returned to that store. The items can not be resold at the store and are sent to discount70 and stores like it. They also receive overstocked items or promotions that can no longer be on the sales floor, seasonal items and more. They have everything from furniture, electronics, households, shoes, clothing and even food.

I have saved thousand of dollars on items for myself, my family and most of all on items for my baby. Below are the unbeatable prices I paid and some of the same items listed online. So if you are passionate about getting great items at 70% off you should check out Discount 70 in Columbia Heights, MN.

Where do you find the best deals?

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Public speaking on a paddle board

I decided to take up a new hobby a couple years ago and tried paddle boarding at lake Calhoun. It instantly became one of my favorite pastimes. My cousin and I would rent paddle boards from Wheel Fun Rentals and spend all day on them. The next year I purchased two paddle boards of my own. I was so excited to use them but didn’t think in advance about how I would transport them to the lake.

Couldn’t get them on or in the car so the best solution was to walk them to the nearest lake. Luckily Lake Phalen was only two blocks away. It was no Calhoun but once I got out there I did enjoy myself. The problems I had were that unlike my Minneapolis lake of choice it was full of seaweed and there was no one on the water. I had everyone staring at me and my “surf board”. I made a decision not to care and just keep doing something I enjoyed.

The walk home with a 50 lb paddle board and paddle was hell after using my arms all day paddling. The 2 blocks I soon realized went right up a hill and I was more embarrassed by the time I made it home.

So naturally when I found out I needed to take my long avoided public speaking class I thought of this flash back to my paddle boarding experience and all the embarrassment that went with. If I can walk through the East Side of Saint Paul with; as my neighbors call it a “surf board” then I could talk in front of a large group of people.

This is me public speaking on a paddle board. I took the challenge and had to do it in my element, on a paddle board at Lake Phalen. The points I made about paddle boarding and public speaking being alike is that sometimes we are embarrassed to even try. No one want to fall off of the board or mess up a speech in front of people. But people might empathize, you have to start somewhere. You can prepare and just try your best. If you “fall off” its okay.

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In Toddlers: Bad Behavior or Sensory?

You have probably seen a friend or two posting on Facebook with #sensory but what is sensory? Growing hands on kids defines  The Sensory Processing System as “basically comprised of the brain, spinal cord, and neurons. It is the neurological wiring by which we perceive and process sensory information coming from outside and even inside our bodies.” (Greutman, 2015) When we talk about sensory for babies, toddlers, or children we are usually talking about an activity. “A sensory activity is anything that involves the 5 senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight)” (Greutman, 2015). These activities can be nearly anything as long as they involve one or more of the 5 senses. They can be messy, fun and can keep even the busiest babies attention. Where is the line between sensory and behavior?

More than lunch its #sensory

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My one year old pictured here gets her hands on everything! The cover photo captures her with an item found in her brother’s room; it was shredded paper from a gift. My husband gets upset with her and wants to take everything away right away. But I look at it as sensory! You can see her mind working about the texture, color, sometimes taste, smell or sound. He sees bad behavior and I see sensory.

She was very into a bowl of pomegranate seeds, she ate many, she squeezed them, dropped them in the bowl to hear the sound, she took them out and lined them up, she popped them and felt the juice run down her hand. So yes it gets messy but is it a child misbehaving or learning? I say learning!

These supervised activities and more are just things that kids do but without them they could be deprived of valuable sensory.


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Going Back to School After 50



Attempting to find a professional career at 54 years of age will be no easy task in today’s workforce. There is no surprise that the Millennial have begun taking over the workforce in today’s corporations. The Millennial are now at the age allowing the navigation through careers of their choices. Employers and companies have their sights set on this generation. The Baby Boomers along with some Generation X have begun or getting ready to pass the workforce leadership torch. The millennial are growing and climbing corporate ladders. A large percentage of my generation have begun retiring making room for this younger generation to take over. There are many Baby boomers who are resistant to retiring while holding on to what they perceive as power or their positions. But that reign will soon end. The millennial are here, they are high maintenance but they perform at high levels. As a baby boomer who is now about to obtain my college degree all may not be lost. I think I have an edge by experiencing and learning along with this young generation.

By attending college recently and learning with the Millennial I and began adapting what I call a new way of thinking. My adapting this new way of thinking is the edge needed for me to gain employment at my age in corporate America. I was accustom to working in the era where your manager told you what to do and you did it. Very few questions asked with no grey area. It was extremely one-sided. Very few questions needed to be asked which left you to do as you’re told. There was no thinking outside the box. When I chose to return to college in 2014 I was introduced to the new wave millennial generation. By sharing classrooms, discussions and groups with millennials I began to watch and learn the characteristics of this new generation and how they learned and would apply what they learn in jobs. Initially it was a culture shock and my first thought was to not comply with this new way of thinking while anchoring myself in the box. Being greatly outnumbered I decided to not only conform but learn how they learn and also think how they think. By doing so my millennial acculturation began. I began to adapt this new way of thinking along with my more conventional way of thinking. My adapting this new way of thinking merged with 54 years of life experience will give me an edge while seeking employment and working in today’s job market.

Opioids in American


As the opioid epidemic continues costing the healthcare industry millions of dollars per year while claiming and destroying lives we must turn our attention to targeting an audience for a campaign for possible relief.  This epidemic has no special criteria except for the legal age to receive a prescription from medical professionals. This gives opioids a huge age range starting with children ending with senior citizens. So our challenge is determining a target audience we feel can be reached in hopes of putting an end to this epidemic. For this particular situation it seems practical to divide those most affected by this epidemic in the categories of women /men and adult /adolescent. When we look at these four categories I am thinking the adolescents should be who we targeting hopes to stopping this epidemic. I feel that this group would be easier to reach while being most receptive to a  campaign to reduce or eliminate opioid addictions and deaths. This with the hopes of ending the cycle of the opioid epidemic starting with the younger generation. Either way this epidemic is destroying the lives of many Americans and its not getting better any time soon.

Go Outside and Play!

What happened to children going outside to play. As a parent of two daughters that are nine and seven, my children never want to go outside. When I was their age I would go outside and play for hours. I could not wait to finish my homework, so I could go outside and play with my friends. This is not just a trend with my children, but children across American are going outside less. Kids are missing out on a great way to exercise and increase social skills. Kids staying in the house is one of the causes of declining social skills. Children are being raised with less human interaction. Playing outside with friends develops social skills as well as imagination. So why are they staying in the house? One of the reasons is technology. Most kids these days have access to the internet through a computer, phone, or tablet. Technological advancements have made interactions a lot easier, because you do not have to be face to face.

Cell phones and computers are now the vessel to communication. Most teenagers and even young children are communicating through text and social media. This is ruining our children’s ability to initiate conservation and read social clues. The ability to read social clues can tell you a lot about the mood an individual is in. Are they uncomfortable, stressed, or unhappy. These are clues we need to identify, because someone can need help. So if you have children, get them off the computer for a few hours and take them outside because social skills are only learned through human interaction.