A Cat Will Never Break Your Heart…

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No, seriously, its true!  Did you know that the simple act of owning a cat reduces the risk of heart attacks?  According to Medicalnewstoday.com, “Owning a cat could reduce your risk of a heart attack by nearly one third, researchers told delegates of the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference in New Orleans last week.”  So the question remains.. why don’t we all own cats!?

For those of us who love our little feline friends, we can tack this neat little fact on to our list of awesome things about cats.  For those who aren’t big fans, listen up!  Yeah, sure, you might have to clean up its poop, buy it food, and, god forbid, touch the little fur-ball every once and a while, but if it helps reduce the number one cause of deaths in the united states every year, why not at least consider having one!

It’s not like cats are even hard to get, either!  Animal shelters are full of them, already fixed and needing “hoomans” to love*!  Visit your local shelter to find out more about adopting a little life saver!

Still reading?

Then I probably haven’t convinced you yet…

Well if you are vehemently against owning a furry friend, you can always donate to the American Heart Association.  

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Got Water?

I love water! I drink water to quench a thirst, with meals, during work outs, and to keep busy. Yes to keep busy! It helps me stay awake during meetings. It also helps fill in those awkward moments in a conversation. Water is the purest thing you can consume daily. Best yet, water can help curve your appetite by keeping you full and not add on the unwanted calories.

Did you know that the human body is made up of approximately 60 percent water? As little as a 2 percent loss can result in dehydration! That’s why we must drink a sufficient amount of water to retain this percentage because we are losing this water through perspiration and other organ functions such as removals of toxins. Our bodies need water to perform its daily functions such as waste removal, transport of nutrients, regulating our body temperature and simply breathing. Besides these vital functions, there are many other benefits to drinking water. Water is an essential component to all living organisms.

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So what happens when you don’t drink enough water? Your body gets dehydrated. Like a grape turning into a raisin, your skin and body becomes dry. There is also increased fatigue and your muscles and joints may also become more vulnerable to cramping and sprains. Most importantly, your inner body and organs cannot function efficiently when your body is dehydrated. While 2 percent water loss can cause dehydration, 15 percent water loss can be lethal. So, bottoms up!

Water is natural and pure, but by drinking excessively more than your body needs, it can result in water intoxication. Yes, it is very possible! It’s sort of like drowning— imagine your organs being submerged in water. When you take in more water than what your body can use and eliminate at a given time, it can become a bad thing too. There have been stories of people dying from water challenges because of water intoxications. Like everything else, having too little or too much isn’t good for you. There needs to be a balance.

Since we can’t have too little, and not too much— how much water do we need? It is impossible to know the exact amount of water a person needs but the general rule of thumb recommends 8×8. That is, 8 glasses of 8 ounces a day. Or to get a more precise amount, multiply a person’s weight by 2/3 to get the amount of water (in ounces). BUT! Not everyone is the same. Due to our differences in weights, heights, and daily activities; each person may require more or less of the 8×8 equation. A person who is working out may need more to replenish the water loss from sweating versus someone who is less active or at a resting state.

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Now that you know the importance of water, drink up! If you don’t like the flavorless taste of water, you can add herbs and fruits for extra flavor or consume fruits and veggies that are high in water content such as watermelon, grapefruit, and celery.

Just Say NO to Garcinia Cambogia!

We all know there is not a shortage of advertisements for weight loss.  We live in a world where everyone wants the quick fix.  They want to lose weight, but not put in the time and effort needed to accomplish that goal.  “Give me a magic pill,” they say!  But can a pill take place of hard work at the gym?  Well according to one supplier’s website, Garcinia Cambogia, a pill made from this sour pumpkin shaped fruit, can!

Garcinia Cambogia, Malabar Tamarind

This particular blog on their website directs advertisement at busy professionals claiming that their product will replace the need for vigorous gym workouts that they simply don’t have time for.  Who wouldn’t want time back each day yet still reap the benefits?  Sounds like the perfect solution, right?  Not.  This site clearly is marketing towards lazy people who want a quick fix.  Nobody gains weight over night and they sure as hell aren’t going to lose it overnight either.  Even if this pill assisted in weight loss, until the habits that created the weight gain are addressed, no long term weight loss will be maintained.

“But they offer a money back guarantee!” you say.  Well duh!  Because they are hoping that you will see any impact and keep the the pills or you won’t see any impact and don’t want to go through the hassle of returning them or calling up the company to complain about the product.  Don’t fall for the gimmick.  Don’t buy into the hype that a pill, that’s not even FDA approved, can fix your weight problem.  Actually the FDA warns against buying into these types of miracle schemes. That has to be an overall lifestyle change.  Put in the hard work, reap the reward.  There is no magic process.  You need to burn more calories than you take in…period.

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Zoella’s blog


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 9.06.57 AM

Zoe Sugg. Hands down my favorite youtuber and has been since I started watching youtube years ago. Not only does she make youtube videos, but she also has her own makeup line and writes a lifestyle blog where she posts recipes, gives fashion advice and talks about things that are relevant in her life. As any youtuber, to have achieved everything that they have, they’ve had to do it all on their own at the beginning and work their way up the ladder. And even when they’re at the top they have to work extra hard to stay up there.

Don’t worry, this post isn’t just going to be about how much I love Zoe and absolutely everything she does (even though I could write a million blog posts about that, and probably will for future blogs)

For the third exercise (contributing to critical discourse: the analytical post) I am going to try to “criticize” her blog page. I chose to write about her’s because I wanted to give myself the challenge to find one single flaw lol.

If you go to Zoe’s blog, you’ll see that there is definitely a lot going on which I think is the one thing that I’m not completely excited about. Even though it is pretty organized, I find it a little hard to pick something to read. She used to have a different layout years ago where you wouldn’t have to click through different tabs to read her posts which made it a little easier to navigate. I think she leaves out a lot of opportunities for people to easily find her newest blog because if you go to the main page you’re not entirely sure which of her posts are the most recent.

I think she should also be a little more open about her struggles to getting where she is now, because we see the more glamorous side of her life and where she is now but she’s never really talked about how much hard work she had to do.

Zoe doesn’t write about anything controversial, but one of her blog posts talks about her dealing with her anxiety. If you know Zoe and have watched her from the start, you know that she has dealt with anxiety her whole life and since her fame started, it has gotten worse. A lot of people who love to criticize, have given her grief about her talking about her anxiety because they don’t think she should “complain” about it. When she talked about it in videos, it not only angered me that people were saying these things but you could tell how much it hurt her which is why she hadn’t talked about it for a long time. I think it’s incredibly brave to talk about mental illness, especially when you have such a big audience. If you wanted to read about her anxiety and how she’s dealt with it, pop on over to this blog post.

So there, I tried my best to criticize a blog. Maybe my mistake was choosing someone i admire because there is definitely going to be bias, but hey I’m not perfect!


paolasblog: @zoella has been such an inspiration for so many years so it’s only fair that I make an Instagram and blog post about her ❤️”





Shakespeare Where art Thou?

As a writer, I have a great respect for the English language. Don’t worry, this blog post is not going to be an introductory course into grammar and the proper usage of pronouns. But, I do want to look at one word that has become popular in news outlets and social media sites. That word is hate.

Regardless of all of the negative connotations, hate simply means intense dislike for someone or something.  From this very simple definition, hate has become a word that describes groups or individuals who are intolerant, prejudiced, and fundamentally single-minded.

The definition of hate from my favorite dictionary

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Languages evolve naturally through the ages. Pirates would be shocked to find out what the term booty means now. Obviously, none of us walk around saying “Thou shalt not procrastinate this semester!” Shakespeare himself believed in a changing language and was known for making up words to use in his plays.

But, when looking at hate, we see a different type of evolution that may not be the best for society.

“I want to applaud the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate,” President Trump tweeted.

An opaque statement against hate does not help society mature and grow; instead, it may cause the exact opposite. Because of how general the term hate is, it makes individuals within society afraid to voice their opinions for fear that they might be labeled as a hater. When this fear infects a populace, it causes the exact thing that we are trying to prevent. It creates a nation made up of narrow–minded individuals.

By ostracizing people who do not share our viewpoints and labeling them “haters,” it allows the people with the majority opinion to rule over a minority

This brings us to the main question: who has the right to label someone a “hater?” Do we as a society have the responsibility to give out these terms? If this is true, then we are subject to groupthink and mob rule.

I am not saying that society will collapse because we use the word hate incorrectly. I just simply want to prove that even little things like words and definitions can have a larger impact than most people realize.


Put it off or Get it Done


I’ve been looking at a blank white screen for about 30 minutes now. During that time, I have tried every strategy I know to come up with an idea to do my blog on, including: brainstorming, meditation, taking naps, and banging my head on hard surfaces.

Staring at a blank screen for 15 minutes.

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As I stare into the deep reaches of white space, my mind begins to wander to all of the other activities I could be doing right now. I could be getting paid, my boss called to ask if I’d come into work. Or, even better, I could fire up the PS4 and rot my brain cells in a mindless activity for a couple of hours. Anything other than staring at a blank screen.

At least now I know what I want to do my blog on: procrastination.

Procrastination gets a bad rap from most everyone. Take, for example, what poet Edward Young said–

Procrastination is the thief of time.”

Basically, what Young is implying, is that people who put things off till the last second end up getting very little done in their life.

This makes sense, but is procrastination really as bad as people say it is?

Frank Partnoy, a professor at the University of San Diego, has a different perspective on procrastination.

Historically, for human beings, procrastination has not been regarded as a bad thing. The Greeks and Romans generally regarded procrastination very highly. The wisest leaders embraced procrastination and would basically sit around and think and not do anything unless they absolutely had to,” said Parnoy in an interview.

Even though I appreciate the interesting viewpoint, this simply does not make any sense. For example, later in the interview Parnoy talks about active and passive procrastination and says:

Active procrastination means you realize that you are unduly delaying mowing the lawn or cleaning your closet, but you are doing something that is more valuable instead. Passive procrastination is just sitting around on you sofa not doing anything. That clearly is a problem.”

Sorry Parnoy, but I think you have confused your terms. Active procrastination, as Parnoy defines it, really isn’t procrastination. It is simply managing your time and assessing what needs to get done and focusing on that.

If we define procrastination as–to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done– then we see that there is no such thing as active procrastination. It simply doesn’t exist.

It is passive procrastination that everyone has a problem with. The need to see the next season of The Flash or the craving to spend a couple of hours shooting Natzis on Call of Duty WWII. This is what causes most students to procrastinate, and unfortunately, even according to Parnoy, this type of passive procrastination is a bad thing.

Sorry procrastinators, but it looks like procrastination is still jua bad habit. That’s okay, I personally like to follow Mark Twain’s advice:

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”




Sweets have many health benefits (that is according to this website)

The article states that:

1 Desserts are packed with nutrients.

While the author of the article states that sweets contain many vitamins. I beg to differ.  The author fails to mention the many health hazards of eating sweets. Desserts contain a ton of sugar which can lead to issues such as cavities.


 2 Eating dessert can actually improve your weight control.

If you’re anything like me this is not true. I eat fruit and vegetables but when it comes to sweets I just can’t stop myself. (in fact I save room for dessert)  Hasn’t this author seen Supersize me?

Why don’t you tell me fast food can improve my weight control… Yeah right this lady needs some education.



Supersize Me

3 Desserts offer a  way to  get fruit in your diet.

Yes this is true! However, fresh fruit is much better for you. I will admit I’ve tried to pull this one off.

#eatthosevegetables #eatthatfreshfuit #skipthesweets

The author of  this article definitely needs a lesson in nutrition (and not just when it comes to sweets) See this blog Nutrition is Important! to help you get closer to a healthy lifestyle if you find yourself eating sweets!

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I can’t stand it when people don’t pick up after their dog poop. Living in North Minneapolis I can not count how much dog poop I must navigate around while walking through the neighborhood.

Image result for dog poop

These abandoned piles of crap are seen all through North Minneapolis both on our sidewalks or in public parks, which by the way really piss me off when I’m trying to enjoy a public park. I truly don’t understand what people are thinking when they leave their dogs poop in the community. Besides the blatant disregard for everyone else who lives on their planet what about the negative effects on the environment. Dog poop has all kinds of ungodliness in it like Ecoli , roundworms and Salmonella just to name a few. I often say to myself- What possible reasons are their for people not to pick up after their dogs. Maybe they think they are keeping America green? Did they forget their bag? Are they grossed out from their own dogs poop? Maybe they are the only living souls on this planet. Whatever the reason The Shit needs to stop.

Much ado about not much of anything


The author of “What if climate change isn’t real” starts off by suggesting that only 95% of scientists believe in climate change … only 95%. Apparently, if at least 5% of experts disagree with something we should seriously question the validity of the other 95%.

Maybe the author is a one-percenter …

The subheader to the title of this piece is, “What should we do if science turns out to be wrong?” My first thought is, “nothing.” Who cares? I mean seriously, what is the worst case scenario of climate change not being a really, really big deal?

We live on a cleaner planet with less trash floating around in the ocean?

We have more options for fuel, which will increase supply and lower prices?

Yeah, sounds rough.


As it goes on, the blog does begin to redeem itself as it weighs the pros and cons of taking action to fight climate change. In the end, the author decides takes a “why not” attitude saying that we may as well go ahead and do something since the risks of climate change outweigh the risks of lack of climate change.

Overall, this whole blog is not well thought out and doesn’t really make any compelling arguments. It reads like something that was a required writing for school. The points are stretched and the logic is sketchy.

There’s an app for that!

According to ranker.com a toilet seat is the 6th dirtiest place you touch everyday! Please go here for more information.

There is an easy solution to this problem! According to our book by David Meerman Scott there is an app called SitOrSquat .This app helps you find the cleanest bathroom near you! I found this concept for an app quite interesting. What I actually said while I was reading is “I guess there really is an app for everything. I’ve heard it all now!”

According to the article The Dirty Truth About Public Bathrooms public bathroom may appear clean but they are not! Cleaning for appearance is harder than cleaning for health.


A survey found that “One in five respondents (20%) believe the general public may think their facility’s restrooms harbor germs.3Many facility professionals believe that restroom handles harbor the most illness-causing germs and bacteria, particularly restroom door handles (65%), faucet handles (38%), and toilet or urinal handles (36%).3

However, secondary research shows that this is false and that door handles pose the least risk for germs.4 The feminine hygiene trash can, which only 12% of professionals believe to be germy,3 has one of the highest concentrations of germs.5″

This information gives good reasons to get the app SitOrSquat! Dirty public restrooms can cause illness. Do you really want to be going into a public restroom that will potentially make you sick? Just asking… because I don’t!

Proper hand washing technique is important to prevent illness.  You don’t always need apps to solve your problems. Education on proper hygiene is important. Plus our society spends too much time on technology anyway (myself included). Educate yourself today without using apps!

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