A Different Way to Learn


I remember playing educational games on the Apple IIe personal as coursework back in elementary school. Games like “The Oregon Trail” had a lot to teach kids, and playing a game was a unique and special way to learn. Regrettably, I doubt I touched a computer as part of a class for anything other than writing a paper in all the many years of junior high and high school that followed. Having started in college in a computer science program, I can only imagine how much more advanced I would have been if computers had been a more significant focus in the education I received.

Today there are AAA (or at least AA) games, like Stardock’s Offworld Trading Company above, not only teaching players about markets and economics, but also acting as fully fleshed out sandboxes in which to actually use and test complex economic theories against real, thinking opponents and/or (incredibly) devious and reactive and proactive AI. With the vast sea of “tycoon” type titles out there, I can only imagine that someone could pluck out one that would provide an equally educational experience about, say, running an airport. The fact that developers continue to produce these sorts of games means there is a market for it, why not take advantage?

Computers seem pretty likely to continue to be ubiquitous into the foreseeable future. Schools should make it a priority to bring video games into the educational experience if they aren’t already. There is plenty to learn designing plagues to wipe out mankind, spending time living as a wolf, repeatedly genetically altering a species to adapt to a changing environment, struggling to manage the resources and supply chain of a struggling colony, captaining an interstellar merchant ship, and so on. Which is to say nothing of the possibilities and opportunities we could create if we teach kids to build their own games. Or build the computer that they’re playing the games on.



Immigration Hypocrisy


Many Americans appeared shocked to learn that these photos, presented by several media outlets as representative of the current circumstances of Trump’s immigration policy, were actually taken at a facility in Texas in 2014 during the Obama administration. Some of us weren’t shocked at all to see the media distorting the truth to push a phony narrative. In fact, we’ve seen it so many times that we’re getting really good at spotting it, which might be the only upside to this sad state of affairs.

I’m going to come right out and say it. The vast majority of the outcry and outrage from over the past few weeks on the immigration issue is at best misplaced and at worst selective, biased, and utterly partisan in nature. Where was the outrage in 2014? Very little has changed. In reality, it’s kind of like “Second verse, same as the first.”

Some facts:

  1. Vast majority of detention facilities in U.S., including those for unaccompanied minors and families being covered so much on the news, were opened during Obama administration.
  2. Detention of families increased 4,000% during Obama administration according to the National Immigrant Justice Center.
  3. There were more deportations under the Obama administration than at any time in our country’s history.
  4. Minors were separated from parents during the Obama administration for the same reason they have been separated under the Trump administration.
  5. The laws haven’t changed. The Obama administration favored priority deportation of gang members, terrorists, felons, and others who might be a threat to the country. The Trump administration is attempting to implement a zero-tolerance policy.

I suppose I straddle the political divide somewhat. I’ve voted for both parties at every level at different times. I love the idea of a smaller, more limited federal government that isn’t viewed as the solution to every problem in the world, who generally stays out of my life unless I need them, and who can balance a budget instead of running the country in the red continually. At the same time, I support increased funding for secondary and post-secondary education across the board. Education is the silver bullet that will solve every social ill, end divisiveness and hate, and really bring people together. For much the same reason, I support vastly expanding funding for NASA and other exploratory and research endeavors. As my dear friend Sam Seaborn once said, “The history of man is hung on a timeline of exploration.” And for some reason it feels like we just gave up after we went to the moon. I also support immigration. How can a rational person not? We are a country of immigrants, and that fact has made the American idea the success it has been. We are also a nation of laws.

Donald Trump enforces the laws, and we get protests, anger, and panic. Barack Obama enforced the laws, and we got silence. Something stinks to high heaven. And while enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for illegal crossing might be wildly impractical for logistics reasons if nothing else, that isn’t what’s rotten here.

Let’s Reboot Hollywood


A wonderfully reboot-free movie rack…

Bloggers and journalists seem to love to weigh in on the current state of affairs in America’s movie industry and are quick to naysay anyone who laments the lack of originality they see. These writers at The Atlantic claim that it isn’t a new phenomenon, that there’s nothing to see here, and to move along; all the while rambling for several pages about television and the theater without ever attempting to prove, or even really approach, their point. This guy claims that the rate of reboots and remakes is actually declining, but only provides data from 2005 to 2014 and includes data from unrelated categories like sequels and spinoffs.

I’m sorry, but the lamenters are right. Hollywood has concluded that “remaking” or “rebooting” a successful movie is a safer route to profits than risk-taking. It’s all about the money rather the art; if you ask me, it’s certainly about laziness and lack of creativity too. And it is indisputably a 21st-century phenomenon. While a remake here or there may have happened in the early days of cinema, it wasn’t the seemingly daily occurrence it is now.  According to denofgeek.com, who track such Hollywood activity, there are at least 126 movie remakes and reboots under development. Yikes.

At any given time around 3,000 screenwriters are working in Hollywood. Over 50,000 new screenplays or scripts are cataloged each year by the Writer’s Guild of America. Around 150 movies get made in Hollywood each year. There is clearly no shortage of material. There are thousands, if not millions, of books that haven’t been made into movies. There are many more short stories, video games, graphic novels, and comics besides. Over 300,000 new books are published anually in Ameria alone, well over 2M worldwide. There is just no excuse. Knock it off and do something original Hollywood!

Please kindly leave our classics, cult-classics, and childhood favorites in peace.

Time to change the country’s name.

I just wonder if Trump knows the country he is running the meaning of it? Like for real, this man is making all the decision this once great nation does not stand for. This nation was built by immigrants and they have help made the country great as it is now. Ever since this man got into office his ignorance have lead him to making decision that is effecting the same immigrants that makes this country great.

Remember how Hitler got the whole German behind him, making it seems like all the Germany problems were because of the Jewish. That was how this unforgettable history happened in the history of the world. I will say right now that is the age we are in right now by the time we open our eyes Trump has put all Mexicans in the concentration camp just like how the Germans did to the Jewish.

Us citizens we need to come together and stop this from happening. Even it might not affect you, but us being a human we know what is right and what is wrong. That is what we need to do, come together and stand against the things this man is doing to destroy the human race.

Lebron James being Modern NBA’s G.O.A.T!!


I just do not understand how people can hate on this man right here. It is a question I still need a answers to, with all the things he has done for the game of basketball and he is still doing more every time he steps on the court. Helping put his city on the face of the map, I really do think without him people would not even know where Cleveland, Ohio on the map. Again I still do not understand why people continue to hate this man on everything he does.

Every time this man steps on the basketball court he breaks record, and a very unselfish person that makes all his teammates better. he has given so much to the game it is unthinkable the basketball world do not see that or respect that. I understand the Jordan comparison and the thing I have come to accept that Jordan was the goat in the ninetieth and James is the goat of our modern game of basketball we are watching right now.

He has taken a team that has anything to do in a NBA finals to it and some way of form almost beat the greatest team in NBA history depends on who you ask. He has went to straight finals with two different teams and also has three rings. At the age 33 makes it looks like he is still in his 20’s. Just show this man the respect he deserve as the biggest player in the basketball world right now. https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/05/lebron-james-goat/#slide-1

Ivanka Trump’s Book

I am always looking for quotes or advice from powerful women to help working women succeed in this gender male dominant world.  With her latest book, “Women Who Work” is truly hard to take seriously.  She is the offspring of great family wealth.  She was born with millions and has been shielded her whole life.  She has had the privilege to get the best of everything.  The best schooling, life coaching, training, self-development, medical care, etc.  In another one of her books she talks about wanting to live a normal life growing up and how should couldn’t set up a lemonade stand without having a guard around.  Really?  Is that all you got for a difficult upbringing.  That sounds like white privilege.

I am fully on board with supporting women, but I can’t help to think of all the less fortunate women working in Asian sweatshops producing Ivanka’s products.  That does not mean empowerment.

It’s easy to talk about self-help when you have the access to the best health care in the world by virtue of birth.  On the other hand, it is not easy when you can’t earn a living wage and you have children to support.  I have yet to hear talk about real hard survival issues.

Trump trying to take our first amendment.

I think that a good topic to talk about in these times we are in, with our leader doing things he does not want the country to know about it. Also trying to take away the first amendment by not answering the questions being asked by the press. Then again I thought America was a country built on freedom of speech, press, expression. I’m guessing if social media was there they would have put that in the first amendment, but all that is included.

Yes I think that was the foundation of PR, giving some power to the people making it so that they would have a voice too. It make sense that the first amendment being the foundation for PR helping the people know what going on in the countries, towns, states they live in the things that are going. Also gives us information about the people we voted for on Election day, if they are doing the things they promised us they will do if we vote for them. Just having public relations there for us to turn to when we need to know the things that’s going in the world.

There to help companies with the need of controlling information that going on in their companies and release some of the pressure the corporation might take. PR being in these corporation help them know when, what, and where to release information to the public or not.       trump-media-720

Cristiano Ronaldo is the G.O.A.T!!

I am just tired of Barcelona fans keep saying Messi is better than Ronaldo. Does not make any senses that they keep saying that, while the facts and stats show clearly who’s better. I know that’s the most important player on their team, but it does not mean he is better than the goat that plays for Real Madrid. Cristiano_Ronaldo_2017

I think the idea that Messi is only better when play with Barcelona is a very fact that comes in play that we should talk about every time the fans comparing both of them. Like how Ronaldo always show up for his national team and Messi does not do that. I also think Messi comes in the conservation because of all the things he has done in Barc and they keep forgetting his stats for the national team. How much awful he plays with that and he even looks very stressed out. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnist/martin-rogers/2018/06/22/cristiano-ronaldo-lionel-messi-world-cup/725508002/

I have really came to the conclusion that Messi is only good for his club team because of the super stars that are his teammates. All the starting eleven on his club team are stars in their positions compared to his national team Argentina that has only fours stars in my opinion. When it comes to Ronaldo’s club team he also plays with super stars, but still shine and performance on a high level also in his national team Portugal. Like how every year he puts the team on his back and carry them to the European title and won it. Also every four years brings his team to the world with him being the only star on his team and always response when called upon.

H&M Hoodie

HM-racist-sweater-inlineFirst of all, we all know that most of these big companies are racist towards the black community. The messed up part is that, us black we are the ones that does most of the shopping for most of these companies. I know this happened few months ago, but I still have my own questions about how such a big corporation like H&M would have been that unprofessional and let something like this leaked out? Or someone in the corporation felt the need that, the world need to know what’s going on behind the senses of the things going in their company. Maybe that person wanted the black community to know that the place they do most of their shopping, the things the shareholders thinks about or believe about them. I’m just asking questions I would have liked to know that the media did not ask the PR spokesperson for the company. https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-42719834   

I liked how after this happened social media took it on them self to stand up together as black community and have people not wanting to go there. That’s one of the things I like about the modern era of the social media we are living in. It’s really make it easier when you are trying to start a moment, meaning us a society we get together and knowing the matter of what right and wrong. Back to my questions of me being curious, I just wonder what was going through the person who gave the order for the hoodie to be made in the first place? We kind know that all these big corporation most of the bosses are racist, but this was not the way to show the world your true colors. Especially towards your money making community.

Some countries around the world did not take this very well at all. One country that comes to mind right now would South Africa, as a country they loss it and just started taking the things to the another level. They started going from H&M stores about their places and destroying everything in there. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-42675665

Defying the desert

The Gobi desert is the fifth largest desert in the world, and it expands each year by 3 thousand Km a year. Entire communities are being affected making them climate refugees when they have to escape the desert and relocate. The problem began more than 50 years ago when the government cut down entire forests creating deforestation.

The new project of afforestation began in the 70’s in China, so far the results have been mixed. The article “Vast tree-planting in arid regions is failing to halt the desert’s march” https://www.economist.com/international/2014/08/23/great-green-wall is a great critic on the subject. The greatest attach against the project is that they are choosing to plant non-native trees like pines and poplars because they are easy to grow and produce wood that will be cut and used. This is an ecological mismatch.

Unlike my previous post on desertification in Africa which was a success because they chose the right trees and plant for the environment, the project in China is proving to be a disaster because they are still thinking first about making money and a profit rather than making an actual change to the environment. If they had a little more patience China could see progress and profit.