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Know Yourself


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Writer James Joyce extolled, “A man’s mistakes are his portals of discovery.” It’s great to know it’s okay to try and fail. However, focusing on your strengths can be the actual key to success in the classroom and beyond.

In a New York Times interview, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, explained, “We try to be a strengths-based organization, which means we try to make jobs fit around people rather than make people fit around jobs. We focus on what people’s natural strengths are and spend our management time trying to find ways for them to use those strengths every day.”


Luckily, Metro State’s Career Services Center (CSC) has fantastic resources to help you uncover your talent and channel it into a successful career. As a student, you have access tools like, FOCUS, online assessments created to help you discover careers and majors that use your strengths. You will need to create an account the first time you sign on. Use the access code: “METRO” and fill in your information to gain access to career planning, academic strengths identification, and a multitude of self-assessments. You may find out something you didn’t know about yourself.

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TIP: Even if you think you have yourself pretty well figured out, you can still utilize assessment keywords as a resume database!

  1. Start a file on your computer (or use a notebook if that’s more your style), and copy down all of the skills, strengths, and personality traits.
  2. Write down examples of them in your work or school life. Think objectively about difficult situations or mistakes you’ve made. What qualities did you rely on to get past those pitfalls? Acknowledging your strengths can provide insight when choosing a major or a career.
  3. When the time comes, integrate those words into your resume, portfolio, and interviews.

TIP: FOCUS offers an easy way to create a report from your results, just click on the Review and Print My Portfolio button, toward the bottom of the home screen.

Now that you know a little about me, and how I harness my strengths, go find out how to harness yours! I’d love to hear about your strengths and how you use them in the comments below!

Tessa Gedatus’ strengths: Activator, Strategy, Ideation, Adaptability, and Intellection.