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I shouldn’t talk about this but…

Trigger warning: abortion

Typically, I avoid talking about subjects like this outside of my close circle. Abortion is a topic that brings out the raw emotions in people and can tear relationships apart. I’m not hear to talk about my opinions on abortion. I’m here to talk about the importance of having factual information, ESPECIALLY when it comes to topics like abortion.

credit: Signe

My cousin and I rarely see eye-to-eye. Wanting to see photos of his family, and keep in touch with him, I’ve maintained a Facebook connection. Typically, when he posts a news article, I quickly scroll away. He could care less if the “news” he reads is biased, or even if it’s factual. If it aligns with his beliefs, he’s happy.

The other day I wasn’t paying enough attention and clicked on the link before realizing who had posted it. It was too late. I forced myself to read through an incredibly biased article on New York’s Reproductive Health Act. I can handle opinion articles – as long as they use factual information. This one DID NOT.

Not only did this media source skew far right, but the author, Ben Marquis, made several inaccurate statements. His claim that:

“Say what you will about Trump, but he was dead-on accurate in calling out Clinton and the pro-abortion crowd for their “unacceptable” position that late-term abortions are “OK,” when the brutal and painful murder of fully-formed unborn babies that are viable outside the womb is most certainly “not OK” by any stretch of the imagination. ”


Ummm…no! That is NOT what is happening, and that is NOT what this law allows. If Ben had done any kind of responsible research on the topic, he would have learned that in the event of late-term abortion (preformed due to the risk of the mother’s life or the absence of fetal viability), a live birth is extremely unlikely. In the event that a live birth does occur:

“The RHA does not change standard medical practices. To reiterate, any baby born alive in New York State would be treated like any other live birth, and given appropriate medical care. This was the case before the RHA, and it remains the case now.”

Justin Flagg, spokesman for Reproductive health act

Spreading outright lies is not only a bad practice for journalists, it’s dangerous. Misinformation is spreading like wildfire in today’s world. I hear quite a bit about attempts to unify our country. The only thing fake news is going to accomplish is create a bigger rift.

It’s All in the Editing

It never fails to be a hot button topic. Abortion. And although it’s only 3% of all the services Planned Parenthood supply, they do in fact supply them. This makes for an oversized target on their back for protest and ridicule.

On their website, #ProtestPP describes themselves as “a coalition of state and national pro-life groups organized in response to the horrifying revelations in summer 2015 that Planned Parenthood has been involved in the illicit trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts.”

Center for Medical Progress, created an undercover video which was proved to be deceivingly edited when the unedited version was released. But the edited version ran amuck amongst pro-lifers and resulted in the #ProtestPP movement.

#ProtestPP wants you to believe that if we defund PP, we will simply allocate the funds to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). These are clinics which provide an array of general care to an underserved population. This is not the bad part. PQHCs are a resource to provide healthcare to those in need, don’t get me wrong, but if you are in MN, you’ll have to travel to Minneapolis or St. Paul to find the majority of them. Planned Parenthood provides services to 19 different cities statewide. Not just urban or extremely underserved areas such as Native American reservations.

#ProtestPP, knows how to persuade their audience into thinking defunding PP is the only option. The extreme bias is shown in the simple statistics noted on their site. 4 out of 5 women will never visit a PP. While PP verbiage is 1 in 4 women WILL. It’s all about the wording folks! We need to acknowledge every protesting social movement is just trying to get the world to see it your way. Even if you have to bend the truth to get there.

You’re Kidding Me Right??????

I was scrolling through Twitter and had to do a double take when reading this article headline:

At first glance, I thought, okay good, this guy is probably going to jail but then when I saw the word “activist”, that is when I got upset. This is terrorism. This man is part of a terror group yet he has the privilege to be called an “activist” by the media. Here is the link to the actual article which I personally believe did a good job at letting their audience know the full story but the headline is what could have been given a better thought. In the article, they even say that he “pledged allegiance to the domestic terror group ‘Army of God’ where he faces charges connected with a threat to bomb and burn down Chicago-area abortion clinics” (para. 1). I don’t understand why the title of the article doesn’t replace “activist” with “terrorist” because the heading truly counteracts the content of the article.

The article is lacking information about why the FBI isn’t or possibly is, prosecuting the terror group itself because if this one individual is such a terror threat, why isn’t the actual terror group being disseminated so that no more harm comes to innocent individuals? I was left wondering and worrying about others possibly getting hurt for even just going to a clinic to educate themselves.

Thankfully this man is currently faces up to six years in prison for his threats (which he also outed himself to the FBI about which is very comical so please read this article) but this terror group is still at large and has taken responsibility for bombing an Alabama abortion clinic. Can you say white male privilege???? Lets stop radicalizing these terror groups that are run by white individuals that reek havoc on our society and our citizens.