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Where Can You Buy a Snow Shovel in Egypt?


Complaining about the weather is the right of every Minnesotan. Those of us who have grown up here trade stories about the ’91 Halloween blizzard, or the ’97 heatwave. We complain about the weather year round, but we have the right to. Minnesota experiences extremes of hot and cold throughout the year, but at least we’re prepared for it. We have snow plows and salt for the streets and most people have a spare snow shovel in the garage or tucked away in the basement waiting for the first snowfall. Boots, hats, gloves, and a brush for our car… we know what we’re doing.  But what the hell do you do if you live in Egypt you wake up one morning and it snowed!!???

Earlier this week, the Middle East was hit with a huge snowstorm. The storm by the name of Alexa, spanned from Turkey to Egypt. Cairo saw its first snowfall in 112 years! Parts of Jordan hadn’t seen snow since the 1950’s. Based on how crazy Minnesota gets when it snows, can you imagine what it would be like to drive in the snow for the first time… in Jerusalem… which received up to 15 inches of snow. 

On a more serious note, the important thing that we should be concerned with are the millions of Syrian refugees that are spread out through the region. With about 250 refugee camps in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley its hard to imagine relief agencies having enough blankets and hats to pass around.