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Would you like to live in your bathtub ?

I hope you did not click on this post because living in your bathtub sounds pleasing.  That being said, we have some serious matters to discuss

Orcas have been captured, bought, sold, used, and abused for money, since 1961. Over the years, more and more marine parks began using orcas in their shows for the public. The profit from these parks and shows is astonishing, and arguably the only reason orcas are still in captivity. Research upon research shows how these captivating mammals suffer in captivity. They commit suicide, they live shorter lives, they become sick, their bodies don’t develop properly, and they are just plain sad. Here is a link to some of the many devastating results of orcas being captured and brought into captivity. https://m.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2013/11/06/blackfish-tales-stories-of-orcas-in-captivity

These stories, along with research and advocacy has brought awareness and some change. SeaWorld was forced to phase out using orcas in their performances and to stop breeding. This was a giant, wonderful step in the right direction. However, these mammals should not even be in these tanks to begin with. It is not natural, it’s clearly not healthy, and it’s downright cruel.  In the title I asked you, “Would you like to live in a bathtub?”  You may have thought in your head “well, that’s ridiculous, nobody would want that.”  But for these orcas, they didn’t even have a choice. I encourage you to read this explanation of what the captive orca is subjected to. https://www.betterworldclub.com/blog/2014/08/07/could-you-live-in-a-bathtub/

How do you feel after reading those stories? Let me know below in the comments.  Now my intention was not to make you depressed, although you may be after reading all of that information. I am pleased to tell you, there is a solution, and it is in its beginning stages, which is very exciting. There is hope! There are good people out there who have decided to actually do something about this issue and have take action. For years the idea of dolphin and whale sanctuary’s was discussed and debated. The Whale Sanctuary Project has plans to make it happen.  I will link their website here. It has more information on why orcas, other whales and dolphins should not be in captivity, along with their plans, their team, and bios on the mammals they’d like to help more. https://whalesanctuaryproject.org

I hope that I get to watch this project grow and become even more of a reality, and that they are able to accomplish all that they plan to. 

If you realize the magnitude of this issue, and care about these beautiful, intelligent creatures like I do, spread the word. Encourage people to boycott SeaWorld, instead go on whale watching excursions or watch them in their natural habitats from the shore. Take concrete action and donate or support the The Whale Sanctuary. Comment down below some animals you love or would love to observe in their natural habitat!