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The Abandonment of Being

Authors note: Thanks for the inspiration Pete. Your post inspired me to also yell at clouds.

My two oldest run down the hill towards me, their hair glows golden in the sun and whips wildly in the wind around their dirty faces, bright red lips laughing. The baby is behind them trying to keep up, occasionally letting out a loud squawk to make sure we know she’s still there. This is a nice summer day. I am, of course, at the bottom of the hill, phone in hand, tapping the screen as fast as I can desperately trying to capture these fleeting moments. Adding to the thousands of images and hours of videos I’ve already managed to horde.

I love what technology has given us. I can adjust any photo and take as many as I want. In my hand is access to all almost all of human knowledge. I can answer almost any question in a matter of seconds, but still I miss something. I miss something tactile.

There’s something that feels really good about having a physical touch. Clicking a shutter that hits real film that get turned into real photographs. I miss buttons that click. I miss the feel of a pen gliding across paper, and as a lefty- leaving and inky smudge on my hand. I miss the musty smell of old books and paging through an encyclopedia. I miss anxiously waiting for something.

A few week ago there was a painting created by artificial intelligence that won first place at the Colorado State Fair. I won’t deny the dedication and talent that went into developing the software and I do find it incredibly fascinating and impressive. He really did put in a lot of work. But, is it real? Where are the blobs of paint? Where are the little gummy bits that dripped to the floor? Where is the smell of titanium white gently wafting from the canvas ?

Neo-luddites call for the destruction of technology, believing that modern problems can’t be cured by technology, only worsened by them. German philosopher Martin Heidegger believed that technology transformed everything in the world into resources, a “standing-reserve,” existing to be used up. Leading to our own abandonment of being, robbing us of awe and wonder.

Unplugging is attractive. In recent years, there has been growth in a movement towards modern homesteading. People growing their own food, making their own clothes. Some are also dedicating themselves to slowing down and enjoying their lives, focusing on quality over quantity.

I don’t think technology is bad. I’m not giving up my phone, but I do want to put it down more. I also want to keep my 35mm camera handy. Loaded with real film, and only 24 exposures that I will mail away to get processed and then have those prints returned to me, maybe in 2-4 weeks. I look forward to waiting for them, anxiously.

How the Media Affects Young Women

The Effect of Social Media in Young Girls www.Social Media -Young Girls.com

This blog posts informs about how young girls can react to various social media, pop culture and entertainment in a positive way. Many social media influencers have a habit of posting very photoshopped and unrealistic images that make young girls think twice about how they are supposed to look. Social media has become such a common factor in our everyday lives that teaching positive interactions to the platforms in schools could help benefit child and teen development. Social media has been in connection with causing depressions, obesity, and bad grades in young girls worldwide. I had made some Instagram posts (posted below) that enhances this blog more by showing images that reflect on how society is portrayed on social media. I also went ahead and posted about two songs that relate to the topic of this post all too well. If you have time to listen to the songs posted, I would. They give some great insight into how women think about themselves in today’s society.

Social Media & Depression

Social media is one of the main sources in today’s society that causes depression, especially in young, impressionable children. Social media platforms are revolved around posting entertaining content to go viral which causes people to be obsessed with the amount of likes and comments they obtain on their posts. This can cause obsessive behavior and unfulfillment that can lead to depressive episodes in young girls.

Social Media & Obesity

It is proven that depression is linked with obesity in young girls. Many people will stress eat when they’re depressed which can lead to overeating and obesity. When seeing the social media posts with the photoshopped, unrealistic, ideal images of women that society portrays, this can lead to a vicious cycle of young girls having body dysmorphia.

Social Media & Bad Grades

Childhood obesity also leads to bad grades in school. This is on the forefront of public health issues that also lead to poor performance in school. These students are so focused on their body image, social media platforms, and popularity status that it takes away from their academics and schoolwork to be focused on in school. Society has a way of influencing young girls to be so obsessed with their social media platforms and appearances that it affects their performance in school.

Ultimately, Social Media Affects the Health & Education of Young Girls

The solution to this issue is to educate in empowering young girls so they know that social media is not worth the obsession of wanting to be perfect. The way to do this is to invest our time and energy into these young and developing girls to help them achieve their goals and dreams in life rather than encouraging them to obsess over their body image. Many have taken to social media to use their platform specifically for showing how unrealistic and untruthful social media can be with photoshop and extreme editing of videos and pictures. This has helped young girls to be empowered to love themselves just the way they are.

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