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Are health practitioners contributing to opioid Crisis?

This is quite an interesting social topic to be discussed. However, hold on to your views. Opioid addiction is damaging our society and generation as it continues to cripple our community and leaves our hearts broken. Lives are being victimized as a result of this deadly issue that relentlessly continue to wander around our homes taking away lives.

Opioid abuse has escalated to crisis levels throughout the American population. Deaths from drug overdose now outnumber those caused by car accidents, with an average of 110 overdose deaths per day and more than half of those involving opioids, according to the Centers for Disease Control (HHS.gov, 2019).


Although opioid medications do have beneficial effects such as pain relief, but they also produce unwanted effects such as euphoria, constipation, and respiratory depression. Unwanted effects occur when the drug is taken in large doses. The main reason for people getting addicted is because opioids have a high body tolerance, which means over time it requires higher doses to feel the same effect. The longer one takes the drug, the more one must take the drug to feel the same effects.   


Medical providers can help prevent the prevalence of opioid addiction by instituting some measures in conjunction with government’s regulation of opioids. Certainly, it’s important to know that pain can be acute or chronic in its full stage but can also be medicated with other forms. While is true that the one who experiences pain can subjectively describes it on the scale of 0 — 10, health care providers can help minimize this crisis.

Don’t fake it!!!!

So patient A was discharged couple of days ago and sooner or later he/she returns to the ED complaining of chronic pain and requesting more pain killer. The doctor comes in the room and recognizes that patient A was back with a the same issue. This time, Dr. X bluntly tells patient that he is not going to order any pain meds. This patient was faking it.