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My Rocky Relationship with Donovan Mitchell

The year is 2017, Utah Jazz fans have just been crushed by the loss of Gordon Hayward. Suddenly, this young guy explodes onto the scene. His name is Donovan Mitchell and Jazz fans think they’ve been rescued. As a Utah Jazz fan who lives in Minnesota, I’m used to being disappointed by my sports teams. When I heard about Donovan Mitchell, I was much more skeptical than other fans.

Mitchell had a good pre-draft workout and had everyone saying, “Hayward who?” A Contributor for the J-Notes on the FanSided network, Tyler Thorpe, wrote an article about how Mitchell was already a star after his first season. This issue I have with this article is the same one I constantly have with Jazz fans. They forget, forgive, and move on too quickly! This article is a perfect example of that.

Thorpe leads off by mentioning several players that Mitchell was compared to his rookie year: Allen Iverson, Damian Lillard, and Dwayne Wade. He wrote, “Those are just a few of the comparisons that Donovan Mitchell received earned over the course of his inaugural NBA season.”

This was not a comparison of their rookie years. It was just a general comparison made based on their play styles. Iverson was already retired, and Wade and Lillard had both been in the league for about a decade when Mitchell was a rookie. How can you compare him to men that have been in the league for years? And, to cross out “received” and replace it with “earned,” I’m not buying that. Mitchell simply had not been in the league long enough at that time to “earn” these comparisons.

Writing phrases like “what can’t this guy do?” and “a star is born” when the guy in question is only 21 and has been in the league for one season, seems extreme. NBA fans and the league love to put rookies on a pedestal and tear them down when they don’t meet expectations in the first couple of years. That’s exactly the situation Mitchell has found himself in the last couple of years.

Thankfully, he can tune out the press and their comments and just plays basketball. He still has off nights and can be inconsistent, but Mitchell has finally proved to me that he can handle the pressure. It’s taken time for him to find his rhythm, but maybe he is worth the hype. 

Post 3 – Wild Turkeys in the city.

I’m going to just put this out there, the Department of Natural Resources is wrong! More than “some” wild Turkey interactions are negative. Because they are living in urban areas they are becoming more of a nuisance, and are increasingly less fearful of humans and are more confrontational.

Why are wild turkeys in the city bad? I have experienced them when I lived in Uptown Minneapolis near Loring Park and in Northeast Minneapolis where I live now. Interactions I have had, being chased down a sidewalk between a turkey and a garbage truck, them stopping traffic in downtown Minneapolis during rush hour, watching them peck at my neighbors cars while walking my dog, having to run away from them while walking my dog. Several instances of wishing it was closer to Thanksgiving and legal to kill turkeys in the city.

I think Hennepin County is trying to downplay the destruction and danger that wild turkeys can do in urban environments because they do not know how to resolve the problem. In the middle of Minneapolis we should not have to worry about walking into a pack of 6 turkeys when we walk around the side of the house, but it happens frequently regardless of the weather and time of year.

A top priority of urban Hennepin County should be relocating these beasts for their and our benefit and not recommend that we just ignore them and keep our distance.

Pictures of the pests and my personal interactions and IG handle #wildturkeyinthecity

Fighter of the Decade is NOT Floyd Mayweather.

According to the BWAA, Floyd Mayweather was declared the fighter of the decade. But not in my vote. I think Manny Pacquiao should’ve been the fighter of the decade, hands down. According to RingTv, Floyd Mayweather was more dominant? Beat Manny Pacquiao? and 50-0? I honestly do not agree.

Floyd Mayweather was certainly a great fighter. But, he does not deserve the title of (Fighter of the Decade). Floyd Mayweather’s last two fight consisted of Conor Mcgregor and Tenshin Nasukawa. Both of which are warriors of different fighting style and techniques. Floyd only claimed his “50-0” with these two victories, which was not an official boxing match. Floyd refused to fight with their standard and wanted only boxing. This is not a consistent victory in the world of boxing, if you ask me.

Fighting Manny Pacquiao and winning by decision was a bias vote. Because Floyd was running around the whole time and aside from Manny’s excuse, he clearly won in viewers eyes. Manny was rob of the winning decision. Floyd did not take the win honestly, he won because they were in Vegas and yes, location matters when it comes down to guest fighters.

Manny Pacquiao fought in eight division weight class, all of which he won the title. Manny Pacquiao also defeated some of the most notorious boxers of all time like Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, and Juan Manuel Marquez. Not only did Manny defeat these opponents, but he’s still fighting until today and defeating some younger champions. Manny Pacquiao truly deserve the title of (Fighter of the decade).

If you compare the two weight of a 50-0 towards a eight division champion, obviously one weighs more than the other. Climbing to the top of a eight division is a lot tougher and more worthy than a mere 50-0, which people can achieve more easily. RingTV is wrong for approving that Floyd Mayweather is deserving of the title. Because although, Floyd is a 50-0, he did not carry as much weight as Manny and that is upsetting. Promoting Floyd as the top fighter is a delusion for boxers and promotes boxers to fight with running.