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As a dental assistant, I recently turned to Google to see what I could find out about something a patient asked me about in the office.  She said she had heard from a girlfriend of hers that she could use activated charcoal as a less expensive and highly effective way to whiten her teeth at home, by brushing with it.  She wanted to know if this was true.  This wasn’t the first time I’d heard of this so I thought I’d look into it.  We advised her that brushing with it likely is too abrasive to her enamel, but didn’t have much else to say about it except to research it before trying it out.

The very first thing Google gave me was a blog post titled, How to Whiten Teeth with Charcoal, written by “Katie- Wellness Mama”, not Dr. Katie, D.D.S. which certainly would have been a more dependable source.  Out of pure amusement, I read the blog, and then oh my gosh, there’s a video, too!  I’ll admit, it was mildly entertaining watching a stranger brush her teeth with black, chunky charcoal in her home bathroom…


As much as I wanted to dislike and rag on Katie, I did appreciate that she did not claim to have all the facts, she literally just told people how to brush their teeth with charcoal, and even showed us.  And she did state, on more than one instance in the post, that she is not a medical or dental professional, but she did consult her dentist friend and mentioned that people should check with their dentist before trying to whiten with activated charcoal.  She also provided links to healthcare sites about the use of activated charcoal for food and other poisoning.  While she seemed more like a salesperson for activated charcoal, she clearly did her research and gave some good background information and explanation of why she thinks it is effective, in many situations.  However, it is still my opinion that this is a totally useless post clogging up the internet,  making it even more difficult for me to find the reputable sources of information I am searching for.

Nowadays, any person can blog about any old thing on the internet, whether it’s putting a particular spin on the facts, spreading rumors, or telling outright lies.  We also have the ability to share and spread misinformation.  It’s getting rather tricky to filter through what’s legit and what’s not.  And to make things even more challenging, there are all these algorithms and ways of limiting your search results to things that are popular or things that the internet deems useful to you based on previous searches, popular searches, and that of your social networks.  This is the age of misinformation and useless information.

Sorry Wellness Mama.

It’s All in the Editing

It never fails to be a hot button topic. Abortion. And although it’s only 3% of all the services Planned Parenthood supply, they do in fact supply them. This makes for an oversized target on their back for protest and ridicule.

On their website, #ProtestPP describes themselves as “a coalition of state and national pro-life groups organized in response to the horrifying revelations in summer 2015 that Planned Parenthood has been involved in the illicit trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts.”

Center for Medical Progress, created an undercover video which was proved to be deceivingly edited when the unedited version was released. But the edited version ran amuck amongst pro-lifers and resulted in the #ProtestPP movement.

#ProtestPP wants you to believe that if we defund PP, we will simply allocate the funds to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). These are clinics which provide an array of general care to an underserved population. This is not the bad part. PQHCs are a resource to provide healthcare to those in need, don’t get me wrong, but if you are in MN, you’ll have to travel to Minneapolis or St. Paul to find the majority of them. Planned Parenthood provides services to 19 different cities statewide. Not just urban or extremely underserved areas such as Native American reservations.

#ProtestPP, knows how to persuade their audience into thinking defunding PP is the only option. The extreme bias is shown in the simple statistics noted on their site. 4 out of 5 women will never visit a PP. While PP verbiage is 1 in 4 women WILL. It’s all about the wording folks! We need to acknowledge every protesting social movement is just trying to get the world to see it your way. Even if you have to bend the truth to get there.

Lawmakers ban feeding the homeless

Since when is it a crime to help another person in need out?

People have been getting charged with misdemeanors for sharing food out in public. I understand that the spreading of Hepatitis is a problem, but there are other ways to go about the situation. The lawmakers should be putting their efforts into educating the public to helping in the proper way and how to cleanly hand out food.

Lawmakers are going straight to not allowing people to provide for those who can’t afford it, which isn’t helping those who have been getting Hepatitis because they are taking their meal away all together and additionally punishing those who are out in the world trying to do good and help others. It logically doesn’t make sense. They are concerned about a mess being left behind when there are bigger worries at stake. Solving the problem of having starving people and spreading education should be priority to marking people’s records.

Some of these cities are taking it even further to banning sitting or sleeping in public spaces. I don’t see incarcerating someone for sitting in public doing anyone any good or preventing Hepatitis A. Anybody should be allowed to sit out in public as a part of their rights. These areas are known for common areas for people to collectively be in. Some people don’t have options and if they are cold or starving or emotionally drained in need for human contact they should have the option to be out in public areas.


Shut Up and Dribble?

Laura Ingraham (who?) told LeBron James to shut up and dribble. She’s referencing his interview with Uninterrupted. LeBron criticized Donald Trump… which he can do.

“[Trump] doesn’t understand the people, and doesn’t give a fuck about the people… it’s scary”.

I understand, I’m a minority, it’s not comfortable having a president that is so willing to down ethnic people.

Laura Ingraham saw diffrent, downing LeBron and Kevin Durant, not with perspective, but bully talk.

Things like:
“must they run their mouths like that… this is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA… ungrammatical… unwise to seek political advice from someone.. nobody voted for you… shut up and dribble.”

LeBron can say what he wants, he’s not threatening anybody. He has the right to criticize. He finished high school, so now your speaking fake news. Plus, the wealth of knowledge, information, and perspectives he has gained through life, with his position maybe more valuable than anything else. Who nows, Laura can’t get into LeBron’s mind, who knows what he’s read, what he’s learned, what he knows. Ungrammatical, your critiquing their grammar… as far as I’m concerned, language and it’s correctness is about the place you are in, it is about culture. The right way to speak, technically is where you are. It is the how people speak in that area. Maybe they don’t speak like you, but that doesn’t mean they’re speaking incorrect. We as Americans vote to put someone into office that represent us, if they don’t we can criticize, and Lebron’s criticism are valid, Trump has show that.

Let’s not mute others, lets not speak condescendingly about others, because you don’t like what they say. Lets have a conversation. Shout out to LeBron and KD. We are all people with many facet, so be you and speak your mind, the president is suppose to serve us.

P.S. Kevin Durant has a Masters in Law.


Getting to the Rub, So To Speak…..

For an ancient, married, bored-with-yet-still-invested in learning the maze that is my kids’, nephews’ and nieces’ social circles, the way the “That’s my new friend…” end game got its start.

It used to be that the intent of the socialite, party-goer, the-pay-to-play-party-organizer was made evident in whispers, winks, half-hints, asides, short-indirect-directives meant for like-minded-but-opposite-ish-cliques to attract. But, this laugh-then-look-in-and-around-image below caused me to reflect on how the proverbial times have not changed as much as the text-while-crossing-the-street-in-rush-hour generation’s elders might have one believe.

I’m not the sometime-socio-psychologist, the in-disguise-Dear Abby or Django-Judy Blume–not even trying to be. Just intrigued by the labels on the cups below my firsthand is familiar with: “Taken” and “DTF” and “Single AF”, but the “It’s Complicated” seems to have the ring of “Incogwego”….the we leave here at sort of the sam time, but we are not “together”, in it to get our rocks off but unconditionally leaving all stones unturned.

Decades passing may redefine some things, but how the young-and-the-restless, the young-at-heart and the young-and-dumb-as-f*** get signals, indicators, labels ( whatever new or forgotten ways to redlight the not-so-special) ready for the show haven’t really changed.

So many images on Twitter, so many a shared experience that one chose to post in admiration of cleverness. A chance I took to show how one who never tweets can appreciate one who did once.

This is clever af


Florida shooting survivor’s receive death threats

The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting is a tragedy but it is now turning into a bigger one. The far right extremist who show support of the second amendment are stating that the survivors of this mass shooting who are speaking out in favor of tighter gun laws are “crisis actors” who have been hired to push a political agenda.

These extremist are now going a step further and sending death threats to these families who are speaking out in favor of tighter gun laws.

The Hogg family has been the center of these conspiracy theories because the father worked for the Florida FBI division. The far right extremist feel the FBI is becoming increasingly anti President Trump and is focusing on how the FBI office had a tip about the shooter weeks ago, but did nothing.

While the author did a good job of explaining how these stories came about and how they are spreading through social media, he didn’t really go into much detail about the Hogg family. There are a few quotes from the mother and son, but other than that it is left alone.

I feel like the author should have went into more detail about how the shooting has affected them. He should have asked them how they are dealing with the death threats? He could have asked do the regret speaking out? Especially since the reason why her husband left the FBI was due to the early onset of Parkinson’s disease which no one knew about until now because he was “embarrassed.”

Giving more context to how these threats are affecting the Hogg family in addition to how and where the threats started from would have made the story stronger. Just solely focusing on where these conspiracy theories came from is one sided and gives them more attention. What we need to be talking about is the community and how they can start to heal and what is next in regards to the gun reform debate.

“Future” President Trump


The first thing about this article is that it’s clearly outdated, and Michael Moore’s worst fear has become a reality: Donald J Trump is our 45th president. However, this blog posts is a good example of clear bias.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love everything about this blog post. From bashing Trump, to clearly stating why he shouldn’t be our president, this post is very good. I especially like the section about how our brains have tricked ourselves into thinking that there’s no way Trump can win; I’m sure most people can relate to this.

Through Moore’s writing, it is very evident that he takes an anti-Trump stance, so obviously he’s going to bad mouth Trump. You would never find one sentence in any of his blogs about how great Trump his. This is where he loses some credibility. If he’s always going to bad mouth Trump, he’s only catering to one audience; those that also want Trump impeached. He’s missing out on the audience that may not hate EVERYTHING Trump has done.

My criticism for Moore would be to write from the other perspective. It’s okay to talk about how bad Trump is (and encouraged at that), but if he were to talk about Trump in a positive light even just a few times, he could also pull in readers that want to see both sides, or even some Trump enthusiasts. Although I can imagine how hard it’d be for someone like him to praise anything Trump has done.

Keep your (fake) news to yourself.

It’s all THEATER: Florida high school shooting survivor caught on video rehearsing scripted lines, coached by camera man

This article kept popping up in trending news, so I had to check it out. It sounded so ridiculous, and of course it is. But people keep sharing it. See the headline, hit share- isn’t that how it goes? Not reading the actual article, but buying into the new habit of mistaking a headline for credible news, when it’s anything but. I can’t emphasize enough that people should click on these links before jumping to conclusions.

With the title of NaturalNews, the site claims to be “The world’s top news source on natural health.” So now we have a supposed natural health site claiming to be the experts on calling out fake news. Fantastic. One quick look at the page reveals liberal conspiracy theories intermingled with breastfeeding tips. If someone does click the link and still somehow determines that this is a legit news site and then shares it, that just aggravates the issues.

Curious about what else this site promotes, I clicked on this article: Did you fall for the “18 school shootings in 2018” fake news hoax? It’s a complete lie pushed by the dishonest left-wing media that hates America. One quick look at the title alone shows the strong bias and intention to sow distrust. But how many times will this headline be shared? And how much division will it cause?

Deep political division, Russian bots, fake news. We need to be careful more than ever what we are sharing. Check the source, cross-check the story. It’s so much easier to just hit the “share” button. But along with this easy source of news comes the responsibility not to use it to spread false claims. Opinions are opinions, and facts are facts. And in this case, the fact is that NaturalNews is more the site administrator’s opinions than anything else.

Our country is deeply divided, and jumping to conclusions based on mislabeled news headlines certainly doesn’t help. Stop. Read. Think. Question. Cross-check. If it seems credible, feel free to share. If not, keep scrolling. Maybe share some puppy videos. I think we’d all rather see cute happy puppies, right?


You’re Kidding Me Right??????

I was scrolling through Twitter and had to do a double take when reading this article headline:

At first glance, I thought, okay good, this guy is probably going to jail but then when I saw the word “activist”, that is when I got upset. This is terrorism. This man is part of a terror group yet he has the privilege to be called an “activist” by the media. Here is the link to the actual article which I personally believe did a good job at letting their audience know the full story but the headline is what could have been given a better thought. In the article, they even say that he “pledged allegiance to the domestic terror group ‘Army of God’ where he faces charges connected with a threat to bomb and burn down Chicago-area abortion clinics” (para. 1). I don’t understand why the title of the article doesn’t replace “activist” with “terrorist” because the heading truly counteracts the content of the article.

The article is lacking information about why the FBI isn’t or possibly is, prosecuting the terror group itself because if this one individual is such a terror threat, why isn’t the actual terror group being disseminated so that no more harm comes to innocent individuals? I was left wondering and worrying about others possibly getting hurt for even just going to a clinic to educate themselves.

Thankfully this man is currently faces up to six years in prison for his threats (which he also outed himself to the FBI about which is very comical so please read this article) but this terror group is still at large and has taken responsibility for bombing an Alabama abortion clinic. Can you say white male privilege???? Lets stop radicalizing these terror groups that are run by white individuals that reek havoc on our society and our citizens.

Blog 4


The New York Post released an article that depict the subject of Doritos plans on making “lady-friendly” chips that won’t crunch. Apparently, women dislike the sound of crunch and something less messy. Also stating that “women” dislike the idea of having to like their fingers after consuming chips. The idea of Doritos generalizing “women” and their likes and dislikes is infuriating. The global chief, Indra Nooyi is implying that “although women would love to crunch [chips] loudly, lick their fingers and pour crumbs from the bag into their mouth afterwards, they prefer not to do this in public,” (2018, para. 2.) I’m assuming that the Doritos team and/or the New Your Post is targeting a specific age group of women because, I know multiple women who loves chips for their crunch, taste, and most of all, licking the flavors off their fingers. Though the idea of licking your fingers in public may disturbing or looked down upon (especially for girls, because we all know the double standards society has for women,) it is one of the best part about eating chips. Also, I think that the intentions behind this “invention” is probably well intended but, in it’s own ways, it has pushed it even further towards gender stereotypes. It’ll be even more ironic if the team who decided all this is a group of women who is trying to include women as a whole but, in response to that, it’s the opposite. I would argue that the author of this post is pretty neutral. If anything, they’re just trying to throw the news out there through this article, it is not bias nor favoring one side of a story. Something that the author left out was the input of men. Though, I would understand why. This article as a whole is already about discriminating women and/or targeting them, there’s no need to hear the inputs of male. Who, in the article, opinion’s does not matter because this isn’t chips for them. Men’s opinion has always been added to news outlet, I think that the fact that they left out men’s input in general, makes sense.