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No more masks?

As more people are taking the covid vaccines, the rates of people catching covid are going low we went from 10000 people dying a day to 50 people dying a day in Minnesota which is very good to hear. Just yesterday CDC came out with new guidelines on when to wear your mask now. The “CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said. “Over the past year, we have spent a lot of time telling Americans what you can’t do. Today, I am going to tell you some of the things you can do, if you are fully vaccinated.” The new rules are if you have been vaccinated with two of the shots then More than half of all adults in the United States, or around 140 million people, have received at least one dose of vaccine, and more than a third have received all three doses. that being said you do not need to wear a mask if you’ve been vaccinated two times. only if you have completed your doses you can take off your mask in an outdoor setting. but that rule does not go for unvaccinated people. the rule for unvaccainted people is Unvaccinated people, on the other hand, should wear masks at small outdoor events with some other unvaccinated people, according to the CDC. Unvaccinated people are defined as those who have not yet received both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson formula. They should also cover their faces while dining with friends from different households at outdoor restaurants. i think there doing this so people who are worried of taking it, can take it. Everyone truly understand that masks are not in favor meaning it gets annoying to wear it constantly everywhere but if you want to take off your mask, then take the vaccine. I really hope this influences people to take the vaccine so we can have a fourth of July that’s spent with our family as well as a outdoor, vacationing summer.

How Cremation came About

Ever wondered how cremation came about? Cremation is the practice of reducing a corpse to its essential elements by burning, although most religions and cultures are against the practice of cremation and feel that the dead should be properly buried, things have changed a bit.


The practice of cremation on open fires was introduced to the Western World by the Greeks as early as 1000 BCE. They seem to have adopted cremation from some northern people as an imperative of war, to ensure soldiers slain in alien territory a homeland funeral attended by family and fellow citizens. Corpses were incinerated on the battlefield; then the ashes were gathered up ad sent to the homeland for ceremonial entombment. Although ground burial continued…… cremation became so closely associated with valour and mainly virtue, patriotism, and military glory that it was regarded as the only fitting conclusion for an epic life.

The Romans on the other hand, observed all the properties. They covered the pyre with leaves and trotted fronted it with cypresses, after it was ablaze, troops shouting war cries circled it and cast trophies taken from the slain Latinos into the fire. The poured the blood of animals on the flames and when the fires were quenched, they washed the bones in wine and placed them in urns.

In India and some other countries where the custom is ancient, cremation is considered very desirable. It is the wish of all devout Hindus to be incinerated in Varanasi ; The waterfront of that holy city is lined with concrete and marble slabs on which pyres are erected. The remains are then deposited in the Ganges River. In some Asiatic countries cremation is available to only a favored few; in Tibet it is usually reserved for the high lamas; the Laos, it is for those who die “fortunately” (natural causes at the end if a peaceful and prosperous life). Cremation ceremonies in Bali are Colorful and gay. On a “lucky” day, bodies of a number of worthies, which had been temporarily buried or embalmed are carried to a high and decorative tower made of wood and bamboo and crenated. Forty two days later a second tower, which is burned to assist the soul on its journey towards the highest heavens. The ashes of the bodies are scattered on the water.

Modern Cremation

Cremation in the modern manner is very different. More than likely is a family is getting a dead loved one cremated its for two reasons, either it was the wish of the deceased, or the family doesn’t have enough money to pay for a proper burial and cremation is the cheaper rout. Cremation today is done placing the body in a chamber where intense heat transforms it in an hour or two to a few founds of white powdery ash that is disposed of in accordance with law and sentiment. Scattered in a garden or some other preferred spot, placed in an urn and kept at the home, or taken to a small pot or placed in a columbarium.

The revival of interest in cremation in Europe and United States began in 1874, when Queen Victoria’s surgeon Sir Henry Thomas, published his influential book Cremation, The Treatment of the Body After Death. Although it was not until 1884 that a British court first ruled creation a legal procedure, it won immediate support on both side of the Atlantic.

As the shortage of cemetery space in urban areas become more acute and as objections are answered, cremation may becomes the chief form of burial. Many protestant churches have actively supported it; the Roman Catholic Church has announced that it is not prohibited. The Orthodox Jewish religion however, continues to declare it forbidden. Legal objections that it would allow crimes to go undetected. Cemetery owners and undertakers have also minimized their opposition since cremation has proved no less profitable than more traditional method of burial.


Stimulus Check vs. Government Assistance Programs

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

As many Americans face financial burdens during the COVID-19 pandemic, a constant controversary of how the government should assist the country financially remains at the center of the continuous growing issues the pandemic have brought forth. The number of unemployment continues to grow daily, as well as the numbers of confirmed cases. Many states have chosen to follow the recommendations of the CDC, which include reducing the amount of occupancy in public spaces. This has taken the greatest affect on the Hospitality industry, due to lack of indoor dining allowed, the restricted amount of patrons allowed to dine, or simply having to close restaurants and bars completely. Many bars and restaurants were unable to make it through the past nine months of the pandemic, which means that even if were able to go back to some sort of normalcy. Many employees will no longer have a job to go back to, and some business owners no longer have a business to operate.

In this article, self-made billionaire Mark Cuban expresses how he thinks financial support from the government should be distributed during the pandemic. He suggests that the federal government provide everyone with checks, instead of having them only being able to receive assistance through governmental programming. He supports his suggestion saying that, every household does not have the same needs, and sometimes the programs that are offered are not ones which suit the needs of those facing hard times. Cuban, specifically suggests that the government provide each family with an $1000.00 stimulus check every two weeks for two months. Each family would have a ten day window to spend the money, otherwise it will be refunded back to the government. Others, opposed his suggestion and believed that having governmental supplemental assistance programs is a better way to determine where money is being spent. So how could the government actually help at this point?

In my opinion, the government needs to act and act now! Instead of putting the well-being of Americans up for grabs, by selfishly focusing on the politics of our country. Its time the government takes a look at how many people are actually struggling with a growing rate of possibly no return. For me, I think that many of Americans would do better by receiving a direct check, so they are able to decide how to distribute the money between their bills in order to keep them balanced. Thankfully, it seems like food and meals have not been the greatest struggle, but instead financial assistance for bills and having cash on hand are the greatest needs expressed. No matter what, many Americans are struggling and help needs to be put in motion fast!