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What is the best social media platform for me?

I was struggling with what topic I felt I could be an “intelligent filter” for… So I began to brainstorm. The criteria was something related to social media that I wanted to learn more about.

I am a social media virgin who is expecting her first child in a few short weeks. The majority of my friends and family use Facebook, SnapChat, and/or Pinterest on a daily basis. I am facing a great deal of pressure from them to have a social media account as a way to share updates on the baby. 353fa8003c7a9b18265d79a9aad40d7d[1]I wanted to find something quick and easy but also something I could keep relatively private. This seemed like a tall order. *Please note, I do realize that nothing posted online is actually private.

I came across the image on the left after Googling “best social media format” and clicking on images. It caught my attention and seemed like a helpful graphic. After reading about the six apps, my focus narrowed. Facebook and Instagram seemed like the best options for sharing my baby photos so I Googled “Instagram vs Facebook”.

That search brought me to Jenn’s Trends. Jenn is a social media blogger with an honest no BS approach. Just the perspective I was looking for. Jenn explained the differences in Facebook and Instagram. She explained her perceived intention for each of the platforms. The highlights for me were:

  1. Instagram is not about memes or motivational quotes (the garbage stuff I don’t want to clutter my already fried brain with)
  2. Facebook is for games and sharing links (something I have ZERO interest in doing)
  3. Instagram is all about the images (images are what my friends and family are asking for)
  4. Instagram is about connecting with people (I believe that is why my friends and family want me to post…)

Making an Instagram account for class was quick (less than 5 minutes) and easy (all I needed was an email address). My experience in combination with Jenn’s evaluation made Instagram look more and more like the right fit. However, in order to be an intelligent filter I felt I needed to look a little deeper.

I found myself reading a Forbes article about the benefits a company can expect from Instagram. These benefits are appealing to me for my personal goals:

  1. It has greater control over spam and reasonably tight personal networks.
  2. It isn’t limited to just one social function, like LinkedIn is used for professional networking, and is approachable to a wide number of people.
  3. Instagram also wasn’t created for extended back-and-forth conversations. (ain’t nobody got time for that)
  4. In your image, posts, and comments, your goal should be to keep things as concise and light as possible. (hopefully there is nothing too deep about my baby’s first year in photos)

These two sources and the countless others I perused convinced me that Instagram is the logical choice for my criteria. Then I asked myself how private can I make my Instagram. I came across a blog on Mashable,  which informed me that “With privacy turned on, you still will have a Web profile, but your photos will be visible only to logged-in Instagram users you’ve allowed to follow you.”

So my plan is to get comfortable with Instagram during this semester, then create a personal page and invite my friends and family to follow it. Now to come up with a name for it…

Where Does Curiosity Lead You?


My father’s favorite phrase is “just out of curiosity.” He transferred that curiosity to his children. For my brother, that inquisitiveness manifested in everything mechanical. He took apart loads of gadgets to find out how they worked. It took him a few more years to figure out how to put them back together again. Now, he creates amazing things.

Ken Robinson asks the audience in his Ted Talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity? With budget cuts in the arts, I have worried about children not being able to engage in creative pursuits. His talk is engaging as he speaks on the importance of creativity as well as educating the whole being of a person.

Steven Lundeen loves to fish year round. For ice fishing, he needed an underwater camera holder that kept the camera at the right position and depth. The products that were on the market were hard to use. He created the Camera Compass, pictured, the Camera Compass keeps the camera from spinning. With this device, you can see your bait, see if there are any fish in the area, and see the structure of the lake bottom. His interest lies in inventing useful products.

For me, my main interest is people. What are their goals? What motivates them? What do they struggle with or against? People are amazingly creative and resilient. Take Dame Stephanie Shirley for instance in her Ted Talk. As a woman in the 1960’s she, along with many other women, hit the glass ceiling. She started to go by the name Steve and opened a successful software company.

I want to learn more about her story, about all stories. The videos we will create are visual stories. Our videos likely won’t be quite as masterfully done as Andrew Stanton’s WALL-E, but in his Ted Talk, he explains how people connect through stories. When we try to encourage someone to care, to change their behavior, a story might be a great place to start.