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Fox news promotion on “fake election”


Washington post put out an article that fox news did in November. fox news is a conservative political news show that is in favor of republican nominees. When Donald trump was president of the united states they were highly in favor of him. On November 11th when Donald trump lost the election to Joe Biden he accused of the election votes being rigged to Joe bidens favor and democrat’s are cheating. There was no way he would accept that he just did not have enough votes on his side. sean hannity fox news anchor stated It is a national disgrace how some states have handled this election,” . they were blaming states and and telling them to re count which states like Georgia did and Joe Biden did win in the recounts to. trumps team started to file lawsuits against this red states that turned into blue stated in the 2020 elections they stated “Stop letting people tell you that we don’t have the evidence, because we do. And this is only going to continue. This fraud will continue and America will be doomed for the next 20 years,” said Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on the Dec. 1 edition of “Hannity.”

We can’t have two standards. One party, you know, is lying. … And [Trump] was warning everybody from this summer on, early this summer about mail-in balloting and the fraud that the Democrats would carry out against the American people,” said Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Dec. 16. Fox news has no proof that these elections were rigged. CIA also looked into them and there was no evidence at all but yes fox news brain washed people into believing this.

Ending Relationships Over Political Opinions?

In this article, the author states that it’s not okay to end friendships over political views. That at the end of the day family, neighbors and friends need to get along and politics shouldn’t get in the way of it. She goes on to bring up an example of Don Lemon and how he views people with opposing views on politics. Reading this article made me very confused. Why would I want to be friends with someone that supports someone that wants to take my rights away along with millions of other people.

It’s one thing to have a different opinion, but when that involves supporting a person that is a rapist, homophobe, racist and more than that is just not a valid excuse. I think that people that support Trump forget that by doing so they are saying that they don’t care about their friends or relatives that will lose things or genuinely fear for their lives if he was to be in power again. People had so much riding on the line in this election and it’s a very priviliged thing to say that you can just look past a political point of view.

It’s proving that you’re so privileged that you don’t have to worry about policies that Trump would’ve enacted. This doesn’t make any type of sense to me because the people you surround yourself around should care and want the best for you, not want you to live your life in fear and worry.

This is why I feel so strongly that people have every right to remove others over political opinions. Someone that has said all Mexicans are criminals and rapists, made fun of people with disabilities, made a muslim ban and that is only listing a few of the hundred of terrible things that he has done. He represents hatred and division and if you don’t agree with that then it is totally valid to remove anyone from your life that supports that way of thinking. Don’t feel bad for having to make those decisions, sometimes family and friends just won’t get it and are toxic for you. You’re better off removing them from your life if you feel like this would be better for your mental health.

All of the Authority, None of the Credibility

Understandably, being media literate is important. By now, most understand that the news we watch, the blogs we read, and even the personal social networks that we interact with all come from sources that have their own intentions and agendas.  

However, what I don’t think we as a people can either expect or accept is that officials from our health departments run disinformation campaigns. Health communication is not political, it is not biased, and its only intent or agenda should be to do the least damage to the greatest amount of people. Frankly, any failure to tell nothing but the 100% truth about health-related matters to the entirety of the American people should be punishable. Yet as of now, the best we have is here, where Twitter is being praised for having removed a tweet containing a completely false statement from the coronavirus task force advisor to the president, Scott Atlas. Are twitter guidelines our new checks and balances?  

The first issue here is that factually, the tweet was incorrect. 

Unfortunately, a careless tweet like this doesn’t need to be proven correct before it gets sent out for the whole world to read. These false claims not only get likes and retweets, but they spread into many smaller communities that push the same message to their members. The original tweet will go on to have snowball affects that we won’t even know the dangers of yet. Confirmation bias will cause the people of this country to go on continuing to believe false information everywhere they look. 

Secondly, the gaslighting is real. It’s one danger to tweet a lie regarding American’s health, but it’s ludicrous to lie to the American people that steps are being taken while simultaneously denouncing them. 

In addition to the removed tweet, many others from Atlas contradicted themselves as well as overall messages from health experts. First, towards the end of March, he put out a tweet comparing the US’s yearly deaths of the flu (roughly 40,000) to the current COVID-19 deaths (201) in a way to “prove” its lack of severity. Over here in reality, where we don’t claim omnipotent knowledge of diseases we personally haven’t studied, just over half a year has gone by and the death toll has surpassed 1 million worldwide. As of today, the tune has obviously changed – significantly, but not in any way that can admit fault. Today Atlas wrote “POTUS and I have always stressed all appropriate mitigation measures to save lives—incl social distancing, extra hygiene, and mask wearing when one cannot social distance.” This comes just days after saying masks do not work. 

Words cannot express how weird it feels to be told appropriate measures have been taken just 2 days after tweeting “Masks work? NO,” to his over 60,000 followers. 

Lastly, a health communication expert would never imply partial solutions without examining consequence. In a tweet today, Atlas pushed the administration’s “strategy” of protecting seniors and opening all school and work. Saying you’ll protect seniors (how noble), regardless of how aggressively you aim to do so is an empty promise considering there are 1) many other populations whom are seriously vulnerable, 2) the elderly and other vulnerable populations often live with others that would then be going out to work and school and unable to avoid bringing the virus home, and 3) these populations need money to survive. Are we paying them to stay home? If not, your promises are as baseless as having a job consulting on a global pandemic when you’re a neuroradiologist. 

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Irreparable damage.

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No Support Here

Seeing as we are in the middle of Pride month, it’s safe to say there is no shortage of rainbows in the news lately. There are articles like this one flying around all over the internet.

Now, I can’t argue that this blog doesn’t bring attention to Pride, of course, it does. But is it really bringing attention to the right thing? In the above post, less than 100 words are said about the goal of this march, and there is not a single word said about how to support the cause. Instead, the main focus of this post is the witty signs people carry when they are marching for social justice. Yes, some are very clever and very entertaining but it brings me back to my earlier question.


None of us are strangers to the lack of results political marching has lead to over the past few years. We know that, in full honesty, those signs are not going to lead to social change. In this day-in-age, it simply isn’t enough. So as a blogger who is bringing attention to Pride month, I would think that adding more depth about the reason for the march, the significance of the timing, and how to help the cause would be important rather than just sharing humorous signs.

You could argue, how do we know the writer wants to support the cause? Well let’s be real if this writer didn’t support the cause would they really write an article on it? Also, if anyone knows Cosmopolitan.com like I do, they certainly do not shy away from sharing tips on how to get involved. All in all, there was no reason to post this blog to millions of viewers without adding more content about an important social cause.

If you would like to learn about how you can support LGBT+ community, click here. For easy ways to get involved in Pride month start here.