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SHEroes Deserve Better

It wasn’t until recently in American history that women were allowed to serve in the military. Even more recent is their ability to be promoted to high-ranking positions. However, there are still a multitude of people that are against the idea of these women having a place in the defense system that is known as the United States armed forces.

In an opinion article posted to the Wall Street Journal, Heather Mac Donald argues that women should not be allowed to serve, specifically in combat units. She states that in 2015, the Marine Corps released a study regarding their attempts at gender-integration that showed that the male-only teams that existed prior to the gender-integration of women were better at performing tasks such as evacuation and shooting drills.

I know what you’re thinking, here comes that age-old argument of “men are stronger than women,” and you’re absolutely right… Except that you’re not.

Genetically speaking, men are more likely to possess physical strength than their female counterparts. This may be the very reason why only three of the thirty-eight women who have attempted the Marines Corps Infantry Officer Course (IOC) have ever completed it to date. However, women have a strength science has yet to understand: Their survivability.

Steven Austad, an international expert on ageing, and chair of the biology department at the University of Alabama, has been studying this very phenomenon for almost two decades. He states that “pretty much at every age, women seem to survive better than men;” something he attributes to their general “robustness” or pure power. Historically the idea that women are weaker is also proved to be inaccurate as our ancestors show signs that women did the same amount of physical tasks as the men, and they did so while carrying, delivering and caring for children.

What about endurance? Surely men can handle that more so than women. According to Mac Donald, a conservative political commentator who also wrote two pieces of kindling titled The Myth of the Racist Cop and The Myth of Systematic Police Racism, the Marines had to lower their scores in endurance for women to be able to reach them. According to Marlene Zuk, a woman who runs a lab at the University of Minnesota where evolutionary biology is studied, it’s highly unlikely that the women were the reason the endurance standards were lowered as women in particular are good at endurance running. Just to circle back to my above argument of ‘women doing everything men can do but with kids,’ multiple women across the globe have even trained for marathons while pregnant.

That being said, are we sure it wasn’t because the men couldn’t reach the standards anymore and we are trying to pass the blame to women? I mean, it’s no secret that the military favors those who identify as male to the point where the phrase “hypermasculine culture” has become a common way of referring to the experience of serving.

Then again, we women have had to get used to taking the blame that we didn’t deserve, like with our sexuality. Another argument Mac Donald makes about why women should not be allowed in combat positions is that women affect discipline, they undermine the bonding of the unit, and they will be the reason we have a sexually active military.

Yes, the women who are statistically more likely to be sexually assaulted in the military than they are likely to be killed in combat are the ones to blame for this. Thank you to my fellow feminist, Heather Mac Donald, for pointing that one out.

Thank you from the bottom of my progressive, liberal, egalitarian heart for telling me about how it was the female servicemembers fault that the males on the team had to do handstands and peacock around like a bunch of children at an “eighth-grade dance.” Thank you for presenting skewed statistics that say that half of the unmarried women staying on a base in Iceland were pregnant because of their promiscuity; not because they were assaulted or raped by someone else on the base and could either not report it out of fear of retaliation, or could report it and be discharged as a result.

Thank you for also saying that Trump “unfortunately” banned trans individuals from the military instead of women, and for justifying that perspective by saying that trans people are sexually less attractive to the male members of the military. That’s not transphobic or homophobic or sexist or bigoted at all.

Finally, Mrs. Mac Donald, let me say thank you for undermining the minorities of this country. Thank you for saying things like women are less lethal; I think for some of us that’s exactly the point. However, for others, you’ve got it all wrong. Our survivability, our anger, our oppression, our frustration with being objectified and made to feel wrong has done nothing but fuel us to be better.

To be so much better than people like you.

Vice News and How They Feel about Donald Trump


Vice is a print magazine and website based in Montreal, Canada that is focused on arts, culture, and news topics. I have followed Vice for a few years now because their media is entertaining  and because they typically focus on under-reported topics. They have a reputation for being politically-incorrect and can be provocative with their headlines.

This article that I reviewed was titled, “Where the Fuck Is Trump’s Infrastructure Plan? He promised one within 100 days if taking office. It’s now day 322.” Immediately upon reading the title, you can already determine that this article will be extremely critical of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

From the time that I’ve spent following Vice, I have a feeling they are on the liberal side of the political spectrum. They have been bashing Trump even before taking office and the language in the article reflects their feeling towards him. “By now, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump would hype up plans that don’t exist or propose timelines he can’t keep.” There is no attempt to have a objective neutral position and the author wants the audience to know how they really feel.

To tell you the truth, I’d rather have publications say write there honest opinions about topics rather than focusing on always trying to please the public. But it should be rooted in truth with factual information to back up claims.


Image result for invisalignInvisalign is the latest option to traditional metal braces. They are clear retainers that are molded from a patient’s teeth scan starting from its current to the desired stage. During the patient’s treatment plan, the retainers are worn in increments of 1-2 weeks and between 21 to 23 hours a day. The retainers are only to be taken off during meals and cleaning. The person can floss and brush as they normally do. Throughout the plan, Invisalign is to correct and adjust the teeth the same way that traditional wire braces do. Many adults and teens prefer Invisalign because it is clear and barely visible. The cost of this treatment is comparable to traditional braces — ranging from 4 to 6 thousand dollars.

When I first heard about Smiledirectclub’s offer, I scoff and thought… ‘You get what you pay for’.


For people who have not done the research, professional dental work is not cheap; whether it’s metal or clear braces. Everyone’s treatment plan is different and can vary from 12 to 24 months or more depending on the corrections needed. Throughout this process, you need regular doctor visits to make sure you are on track and that every tooth is moving the way it is projected to. If not, they will add in additional techniques like attachments and dimples to assist with the adjustment. This makes the doctor visits a very important part of the journey.

Image result for smiledirectclub

Smiledirectclub’s marketing is targeted toward affordability and convenience. They offer this treatment plan at 60% off, making it as low as $1850. They offer home kits for “do it yourself” teeth impressions. These kits, the clear retainers, and everything else will ship right to your door! Professional staffs will help and guide you through the treatment plan; eliminating the doctor visits. But from the reviews I’ve read online, they will help and guide you “over the phone”. Therefore, I think that’s geared toward “convenience” because it promotes the “no doctor visits required”. And with a cherry on top, they even give FREE teeth whitening with the package! ALL for as low as $1850! WHAT A DEAL RIGHT?!

It is true that you do not always have to pay a high price to get a good deal, but remember the famous saying of “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. If something that usually costs an arm and a leg suddenly becomes affordable, question it! Question its material quality, results, and the provider’s credibility.

Put it off or Get it Done


I’ve been looking at a blank white screen for about 30 minutes now. During that time, I have tried every strategy I know to come up with an idea to do my blog on, including: brainstorming, meditation, taking naps, and banging my head on hard surfaces.

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Staring at a blank screen for 15 minutes.

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As I stare into the deep reaches of white space, my mind begins to wander to all of the other activities I could be doing right now. I could be getting paid, my boss called to ask if I’d come into work. Or, even better, I could fire up the PS4 and rot my brain cells in a mindless activity for a couple of hours. Anything other than staring at a blank screen.

At least now I know what I want to do my blog on: procrastination.

Procrastination gets a bad rap from most everyone. Take, for example, what poet Edward Young said–

Procrastination is the thief of time.”

Basically, what Young is implying, is that people who put things off till the last second end up getting very little done in their life.

This makes sense, but is procrastination really as bad as people say it is?

Frank Partnoy, a professor at the University of San Diego, has a different perspective on procrastination.

Historically, for human beings, procrastination has not been regarded as a bad thing. The Greeks and Romans generally regarded procrastination very highly. The wisest leaders embraced procrastination and would basically sit around and think and not do anything unless they absolutely had to,” said Parnoy in an interview.

Even though I appreciate the interesting viewpoint, this simply does not make any sense. For example, later in the interview Parnoy talks about active and passive procrastination and says:

Active procrastination means you realize that you are unduly delaying mowing the lawn or cleaning your closet, but you are doing something that is more valuable instead. Passive procrastination is just sitting around on you sofa not doing anything. That clearly is a problem.”

Sorry Parnoy, but I think you have confused your terms. Active procrastination, as Parnoy defines it, really isn’t procrastination. It is simply managing your time and assessing what needs to get done and focusing on that.

If we define procrastination as–to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done– then we see that there is no such thing as active procrastination. It simply doesn’t exist.

It is passive procrastination that everyone has a problem with. The need to see the next season of The Flash or the craving to spend a couple of hours shooting Natzis on Call of Duty WWII. This is what causes most students to procrastinate, and unfortunately, even according to Parnoy, this type of passive procrastination is a bad thing.

Sorry procrastinators, but it looks like procrastination is still jua bad habit. That’s okay, I personally like to follow Mark Twain’s advice:

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”