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Boo ya!

I guess you all realize I don’t usually post here, preferring to read your posts instead. However, I installed the WordPress app on my tablet, and thought I would take it for a spin. I also managed to grab and embed one of the free embeddable images from Getty – I thought this was an appropriate one for a post about schwag. Go here to read about that exciting new way to put images into your blog posts.

Keep reading past the image to learn more about the real definition of the word “schwag” which I used in class last week, speaking about your rewards for receiving the most comments on a blog post.

Embed from Getty Images

I googled the meaning of the word “schwag” today. For your edification:

Search Results (from Google):



noun: informal

noun: schwag

1. products given away free, typically for promotional purposes.

“I’ll be showing you the best of the schwag I get my hands on each day”

2. marijuana, typically of a low grade.

“even potheads couldn’t smoke that schwag”


1990s: alteration of swag, perhaps after words of Yiddish origin, such as schlub, schmuck, etc.

I was relieved to find out that my understanding of this word was correct! Ah, the good old 90s!

Regarding the WordPress app for Android: I give it a firm 2 stars. Not an outstanding product, but decent enough for a quick post. However, I had to come to the laptop and a browser to find and embed the image above, as well as edit the post.

Have a good week, everyone!

[NOTE: I edited the post to add the image from Getty and thoughts about the WordPress app]