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Fiber Optic Internet At Last

When I first heard that high-speed fiber optic internet was to be available for a good price to residents in south Minneapolis, I was excited and intrigued. When I found out that the company offering this service was neither Comcast nor CenturyLink, I was completely on board.

Last summer I learned that US Internet was installing optical fiber into the boulevards of streets very near near us, but there were no short-term plans for installation on our street. Over the winter months I checked the status of installation schedules for this summer, but found no information for Wentworth Avenue. Today’s news that US Internet is expanding fiber optic internet service in south Minneapolis made my day. I immediately checked the schedules on the US Internet site and discovered our street will have service sometime this summer.

What does this mean? Faster service for much lower cost. Though our household could stick with the same speed as we have now for less than half the price, we will upgrade to 100 Mbps upload and download speeds and pay $25 less per month than our slower service with Comcast. This chart from the US Internet website shows the savings.

Internet Fiber

In addition to the cost savings, I will be thrilled to break my association with a company that that has a penchant to reduce download speeds of content providers in order to extract extra fees as ransom.

A few months ago CenturyLink also announced a plan to install fiber optic internet in Minneapolis, but the 1 gigabit speed will be $109/month compared to US Internet’s $65/month.

What about customer service?

In Minneapolis, we’re familiar with the dismal customer service of our internet providers, including USI Wireless, which has a contract with the city of Minneapolis to provide residents with wireless internet for $19.95 a month.

USI Wireless is a subsidiary of US Internet. Having read the reviews for the wireless effort, my fingers are crossed for the fiber optics effort. Thus far, as I have been careful to note which service and which “company” is being reviewed, I have found only accolades.

Our household will be signed up for US Internet’s fiber optics internet service as soon as it’s available on our block. And, whatever your preference for ISP, maybe US Internet’s pricing structure will help bring internet costs down for everyone.